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Once upon a time I had a bowl of pecan nuts !

We have had an extremly dry winter so far.. but Friday night the heavens opened and down came the rain ... this of course led to all my kitties moving indoors ....they are crazy but not that crazy.

Now of course the other problem being confined indoors causes is boredom ... there arent many mice and blowing leaves and other fun toys for kitties inside.

This doesnt stop Mike and Tyson from finding amusement.

A while back a friend of ours gave us a big packet of pecan nuts, these were put onto a bowl on the counter for those of us HUMANS to have the odd these pecan nuts were minding their own business not interfering with anyone ... this morning I hear a football match in the kitchen ....somehow the little sods were scooping out one nut at a time and swatting it around the kitchen .... I have found a few ...... but heaven only knows where the rest are !

I have visions of pecan nut trees popping up all over my house.

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