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wounded feral help me

i have had numerous feral cats that i have fed for years they dissapear or dogs get them or they get so wounded i can catch them but now im down to three of them and the oldest one was missing for a couple of days until today when i saw him he couldnt walk at all he just kinda dragged his back half and would stop for a second , it appears as he has broke either one or two legs or a hip. problem is he is very scared of us and has been for ever he stays under the porch while im feeding the other feral cats until i shut the door then he joins them to how am i to help this cat i had a **** of a time catching the last one that was wounded and would even let me pet it (i was bleeding on both arms after her). i just have a big heart and feel sorry for its pain. i have called spca and the cops several times before on sick ferals and they never come. if i can catch them then they will take them but i dont think i can.

my friend says animals get hurt every day without humans around to help its just nature but i cant help it i want to help it and i cant kill it myself
if the cops come out and put traps then they will capture the healthy ferals too and prob not they wounded one

i live in tulsa/turley oklahoma
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