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Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

I wanted to share two of my positive experiences with switching my male cat to a raw diet

1. I started off aiming to feed a prey model diet to my cats. My male cat had chronic diarrhea for YEARS. The vet would just pass it off as a sensitive stomach. So, he told me to feed him Medi-cal hypoallergenic. I fed him this for years but he would continue to have diarrhea off and on. He prescribed medication and the diarrhea would always return. The vet switched him to Royal Canin Sensitivity. Diarrhea would return....Royal Canin Calorie Control (he has always had a weight problem) diarrhea would return. Medications again - diarrhea would return. I started doing alot of research on switching my cats to a grain free canned food. And came across tons of info on a raw diet. Started to speak to people about a raw diet and did tons of research. Within the first 2 weeks of transitioning him to a prey model diet his diarrhea was starting to go away. After his complete transition at a month to the prey model his diarrhea was completely gone. After 6-7 months on a raw diet his diarrhea has NOT returned. His only problem that he started to have on the prey model diet was that he wouldn't pass a stool for 3 days and they were pencil thin and longer. I was afraid that he may be constipated (my female cat has major constipation issues so it is a very touchy subject for me). After researching this a bit more I felt that he was missing fibre in his diet. I found a diet now that I feel confident in feeding him. I have included fresh squash/pumpkin for the fibre content. And he now passes a perfect stool every 1-2 days.

2. My male cat is a DLH and has had a dull, flaky, major shedding problem for as long as I can remember. The vet always said this was because he is overweight. On the prey model diet I was also adding salmon oil every other day and his coat started to become shinier and softer - but still flaky. On the new diet with the added veggies and I also began adding salmon oil daily - his coat has become super soft, shiny and when I brushed him today he barely shed any hair. For years when I brushed him there would be clumps and clumps of hair being combed away. Today it was about a 1/4 of his usual shedding. It still is a bit flaky but he still has about 2-3 lbs left to shed that we are working on Both of my cats have had weekly hairball problems forever. I am happy to say that hairballs have virtually become non existence for both of my cats on the raw diet.

I am curious to know what type of positive experiences everybody else has had with their kitties while feeding a raw diet?
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Re: Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

Tyson's tummy issues have stopped completly.
Gingie the skinny scrounger has gained weight and is no longer scrounging at all .

I have 16 cats with coats like silk... especially tyson ....I see almost no shedding.

Tucker a rather strange cat that only lives outside in a nice kennel always had a rough tatty coat, now he is as sleek as the rest of them.

They were all overweight... the typical "hills" kibble overweight.. they have now all trimmed down .

The daily "vomits" have stopped .. I havent seen a pile of vomit for weeks now.

The only issue I have is keeping an eye on Tyson for constipation ... and now the little twerp wont touch im going to get some fish oil on my next trip to town , that should do the trick . fortunately he has decided the bath is a useful toilet which although its sounds dreadful its perfect for me to keep an eye on his stool.

Ugly has an issue with the raw meat ... but that isnt a problem , she is happily eating kibble.

I also want to see if I can get taurine powder here .

Im very happy with my gang on the RAW diet.. and its thanks to you lot, and the fish I wanted to try... if I hadnt felt so pleased with myself putting them onto a fish diet, I wouldnt have stumbled onto RAW.

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Re: Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

When I got Julian at the age of 3 months he was on dry RC, underweight, had URI, was on antibiotics and according to breeder had sensitive stomache and wouldn't tolerate wet food. I started with just natural food like cottage cheeze, milk, oatmeal, cooked ground meat (the diet was meat-based) etc., then switched to raw diet. In a matter of weeks the cat became healthy, active, energetic and huge but not overweight (well, he is still a kitten anyway).

Then I got Santana who was sick and had eye infection, URI and some other problems. I was told to separate cats but I believed that Julian's immune system was strong enough. He did get eye infection that was cleared in probably 2 days but that's all. Vet prescribed wrong antibiotics for both cats (it was 10 days after Santana got sick and after he was on Clavamox which didn't help him) - those couldn't help Santana and they didn't but Julian had some problems with constipation for a day or so as a side effect from meds. But he never got URI although he licked Santana's face and this greenish discharge, not mentioning they prefer to eat from one plate and spend together 24 hours a day. I was right about Julian's immune system

Now I have Santana 1.5 months and maybe later I'll try to post his pictures (when he came to me and now) so you could see the difference which is significant. You would never guess the cat in those pictures is the same . Off course, I do not say it's just change of his diet (he was on dry food at the breeder) because he got soooo many meds but it seems to me that raw diet helped. Maybe I'm mistaken.
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Re: Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

Well, Gracie's only been eating half raw / half best quality canned for five days, but the quality of her coat has changed already - she is even softer and plushier than before! She is also appearing a little more sculpted somehow...

I notice when I give her raw plus a little canned on the same plate she will always eat all the raw first, and then lick the plate completely clean afterward....

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Re: Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

Regarding hairballs....

A while ago there was a poll on one cats forum on how often your cat has hairballs. The answers were once a month, once a week etc. but there was no answer "never ever" . I couldn't take the poll With one cat on raw diet in the past and 2 cats on raw in present, all 3 cats purebred persians with tons of hair, I can say that I have no idea how hairball looks like.
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Re: Improvements to cats overall health on a raw diet

In my house the hair build up has significantly reduced! Which is saying something in my 4 cat house. We still have tumbleweeds, but mostly because Doran is 11 months and shedding his kitten coat. His adult coat is growing in soft and wonderful, and I think he's almost done the shed. *sighs* however Muffin is just entering the shedding stage, so more tumbleweeds are in the future.

In order to keep this organized I'll do one cat at a time, lol.

Before: LOTS of vomiting. Gross. On NB i had it down to 3-5 times/week, and that was better than previously. Not too much shedding, but her coat would go through times where it was more brittle. Usually those times she also vomited more (i'm thinking she was losing moisture therefore dry coat...). Really grumpy. She'd attack guests, hated having her tummy rubbed, attack me and my SO once in a while. She was unhappy, never played. IMO these things were related to the vomiting...I feel grumpy when I'm sick too!

Now: Greatly reduced vomiting. I can't say never because if she eats her food too fast it comes right back up *sigh*, but maybe once every 2 weeks, and it's going down. IMO her digestive tract is gradually calming down after being so inflamed for years. Little to no shedding, no hairballs.
The biggest difference in Jitzu was her personality. I couldn't believe it, but 1/2 a month into the raw diet she changed. Now she plays occasionally, she cuddles. I've even heard her purr for the first time in 2 years! All our frequent guests have noticed a dramatic change in her attitude, some can even pet her briefly!
I will never switch her back.

Oh, and the vet says she has fantastic teeth

Before: Torri had been sick and lost a lot of weight. She literally weighed less than muffin when he was 4 months. She was skeletal for a long time, and just wasn't gaining on the wet/dry food. She was shedding, but not loads and loads, unless you looked at one of our chairs which was supposed to be blue. It looked like someone had upended a bag of feathers onto it, lol. She was grumpy and didn't want to play, low energy from not gaining weight.

Now: Much more energy. She is still a princess and is very picky about what she eats...but she does eat. She's a a much better weight at 6 lbs, and doesn't shed. No hairballs ever

Before: No much difference honestly. He was 7 months when i switched him to raw, so he hadn't had problems when he was on dry, and no issues on wet either.

Now: He's the most muscular kitten my vet has ever seen! lol, he's a total love, greatly enjoys his raw meals, and has loads of energy.

Before: He was little, 5 months, when I switched. He doesn't think kibble is food, lol.

Now: Lots of muscle. I partly switched to give his immune system all the help it could get since he's my little feline herpes kitty. He has had a flare up when we moved, but is doing much better now. He was the first of my crew to chomp a bone! He's just started losing his baby coat, so he does shed, but his hair was really coarse as a baby and it's much smoother now.

Overall, I love this diet! My litterbox is virtually odor free, my cats don't smell, they're happy and playing, and I wouldn't switch them back if the kibble company paid ME!
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