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Tom Cat
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Feral cats don't like raw meat

Apparently the feral cats in my area aren't very fond of raw meat. They are so picky. All they want is smelly wet food like 9 Lives, Fancy Feast and other cheap canned food brands I feed them. They don't even like dry food. I can't really afford Wellness canned food for over 10 cats in the neighborhood so I figured raw would be better since it's cheaper. It's not as easy to try to transition feral cats to raw food because well, you can't even get close enough to watch them eat. I just know they don't like it because they sniff it and walk away and there's always raw meat left over. So what I did was I bought a whole bunch of chicken livers. I am going to try to boil just for 3 or 4 minutes (so that there's still some taurine in them) and add some halfway boiled chicken, with some canned food. Hopefully they'll eat that? It'd be awesome if they ate it because then I'd be saving a lot of money.

My only concern is, will they be getting all of the nutrients they need (like taurine) if I'm boiling the meat for a few minutes? They won't eat it if it's raw so I kind of have to and I also don't have the time or resources to transition feral cats to raw. I mean I will be adding quite a bit canned food to their boiled liver and chicken so that they do get the vitamins and nutrients they need. If I can add in a little bit of boiled liver and chicken to their canned meals everyday then that will be cheaper for me as I do need to spend the rest of the money TNR'ing them. Giving more than 10 different cats, one can of cat food a day can get a little expensive. I'm already spending close to $200 feeding them every month
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Re: Feral cats don't like raw meat

ALL cats are cautious about new things. They'll get used to it!

Cooking meat kills nutrients--that's why pet foods have all sorts of supplements added. So that's the risk there.
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Jr. Cat
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Re: Feral cats don't like raw meat

What did the ferals eat before you started feeding them??
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Tom Cat
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Re: Feral cats don't like raw meat

We have a lot of good neighbors here who feed the cats whatever they have. There is always a few neighbors in a neighborhood that will ALWAYS feed cats. These cats go around begging for food. They are always looking for food in dumpsters and eating whatever they can find. I live in a city where there's probably no rats/mice. I mean i have lived here ALL my life and have never once seen a rat or anything, anywhere in my neighborhood.
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No mice in your nbh? Could be some of those cats doing a great job!
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Hey there CatLady, ~~ Three of the six strays I feed love raw chicken livers; they'll pass up anything else to eat them first. I get raw beef liver too as it's cheaper. One of them doesn't care, the other two will go for the chicken liver if there's a choice. The other three out of the six won't touch them. (One used to, but then stopped long ago.) I then discovered that one of those three will eat the raw meat from chicken thighs. I decided maybe it's a visual dark versus light thing or something for that cat. There's a 7th cat that showed up about a month & a half ago. Lots of fighting etc, the other's couldn't stand him! (Only one not TNR'd.) Things have started to mellow out between them all a bit now. That cat eats both the chicken livers & thigh meat, much prefering the thigh meat. I did chop that up recently & mixed it with wet food for all of them. They ate it, though I had too much wet food. Need to use less. They all eat dry food too, which is what everyone else feeds them. I wish they'd find mice or something. Saw one with a mouse the other day--first time I'd seen that in the 8 months or so I've been feeding them.

As to whether they're strays or ferals, (going by what you wrote), 4 of them (that includes the new one) are most definitely strays--very loved pets I'm sure at one time. Three are feral, though I can hold one of them before he eats. One swats at me, but just cute little swats; the other rolls over on her back & stares at me. All of them eat with me right in the middle of them.

I've also tried raw chicken giblets--not to their liking. Also not to their liking is any other beef. I tried cooking the giblets & chicken meat before--they wouldn't touch it. Yep... kitties are very finicky--no matter where they live.

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Tom Cat
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Belgarath, I am not sure about that. Every single time I leave raw meat in the feeding station, no one ever touches it. And up to 10-15 cats use that feeding station overnight.

SweetiePie, you're so lucky the cats let you get that close to you and let you feed them a raw diet. I have thought about making a raw meal, mixed with wet food and leaving that out but I'm always afraid that they might not come to their feeding station for a long time and by then the food would get spoiled. A raw diet would be very nutritious for them and also inexpensive. It's so funny how they're so picky sometimes! Most of my ferals/strays won't eat dry food unless that's ALL i leave out when I'm out of wet food. There's a mean cat in my neighborhood too, he is like the boss of all of them. Sometimes he just lounges around the feeding station which can scare away any other cat from approaching. But he just recently got TNR'd. The cats in your neighborhood are definitely very lucky I wish they'd be catching mice too but like I said, in my 20 years of living here, I've never ever seen a mice or any type of rodent. And they obviously aren't very fond of raw meat.
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