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Tired of Criticism about going raw!

I am tired of people criticizing how I feed my cat. I can't begin to understand how people who feed their cats whiskas and fancy feast can begin to tell ME what to feed my cat. They actually presume that they're doing a better job than me feeding their cats $5 dry food from the grocery store. They trust the petfood companies so readily, even when I talk about cat biology and science. I don't understand it! I don't have anything against people who feed their cats that stuff, but I still don't think they're in a position to tell me what I'm doing is wrong...

My cat has severe FLUTD and almost died on commercial pet foods. Things did not improve on prescription diets, so I obviously decided to take matters into my own hands. Why am I made to feel bad over this?

I am also criticized by fellow vegans (I am a vegan!) telling me that I need to feed my cat the vegan cat food. Cats are OBLIGATE carnivores, if you are going to get one you need to make sacrifices. Why impose our human ethics on a non human animal that CANNOT possibly understand them? They try to be ethical but in my eyes they are being very unethical. Would we force a cow to eat bacon? Why then should we force a carnivore to eat vegetables or stuff that has been completely synthesized? Not one of them has found proof yet that meat is not what's in a cat's best interest.

Boo is doing wonderfully on the raw meat diet. She has a thick coat, strong teeth and is having ZERO bathroom issues. This is the longest she's ever gone in years without having to go to the vet's to get her bladder drained.

I am tired of being criticized for trying to improve my cat's wellbeing!

Sorry for the rant I am just sick to death of being insulted for this! I think I am doing what nature intended for her and I only do the BEST I can do. Why is that not enough for these people?


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Well said, Tiffany, no complaint from me. Yes, cats each meat. Probably what we should all be doing is raising a colony of mice to feed our cats!
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People are taught by their vets and the pet food industry that feeding anything like raw meat will kill your cat. Somehow they forgot that a cat is an obligate carnivore...

If a can or bag is labeled as meeting AAFCO standards, all that means is that animals donít DIE when fed only that food for six months and donít lose more than 15 percent of body weight. If people knew that would they feel as safe feeding just any cat food?

I have some that would not be nearly as healthy if I hadn't switched to raw. I don't think Panther would have lived to be 2 years old...and Jack and Jill probably would have had to have their eyes surgically removed. Amiga would still be a very small 5 lb cat (who is now ~10 lbs). Clover who never could keep up her wieght on commercial food would still be a very skinny cat...instead of being her perfect wieght now. So many of mine would not be nearly as good off as they are today...
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Jr. Cat
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Thank you for your answers!

furryfriends, my cat was actually obese before going raw but has lost so much weight since then. She is now at a perfect, healthy weight and looks and feels better than ever! I think raw balances them out to their natural weight, which is a great thing!
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A lot of times people mean well, but the execution is not so good. Other times people like to criticize others because it makes them feel good. The next time someone starts on a rant you would rather not get into...let them finish a few sentences and say thanks for your input, but I can manage from here. Most of the time it shuts them up because if they keep going, it's pretty clear they are just seeking a confrontation.
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<<<Hugs>>>, Zhondriela, I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Naturally, you want to share your happiness over your kitty's improvement. Unfortunately though, if you want to retain that joy unspoiled, you can't share it indiscriminately. I'm sorry!

I've struggled with this myself for several years. Even my own brother mocked me. *shakes head sadly*

I think people do this mostly out of self-defense. Moving from "Nooo!!! Raw food kills!!! Kibble is the best!!!!" is a major conceptual change, and that is never easy. Not to mention the overwhelmingly attractive convenience factor of dumping "food that never goes bad" into a bowl and walking away.

The PFI has the public convinced that kibble is healthy and nonperishable (which, if you really think about it, is a total oxymoron); without their resources and working one person at a time, changing that perspective is going to be a long, drawn-out battle.

Keep your chin up! Come talk to us whenever you need a like-minded audience.


PS. After many years watching one of his two cats vomit half her meals and spending lots of money on vet visits and tests that only terrified the poor kitty, he finally took my advice, stopped feeding dry food and started purchasing primarily grain, veggie and fruit-free canned foods. His kitty hasn't been sick in MONTHS.
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It's absurd how humans know what's best for themselves (not trusting and not buying from companies who make billions selling crap like Kraft Dinner and frozen meals) but don't bother educating themselves about what's best for their pets.
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If I hear one more, "But their teeth! They need kibble!" argument, I'm going to scream... At that point I usually just change the subject.

"Good Kitty, Samhainy."
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Oh, yeah, that one makes me grind my teeth.

'Cause, you know, cookies and crackers do such an awesome job cleaning OUR teeth!! Arghhhh.

You have to admire the amazing success of the PFI's marketing efforts. They have literally turned logic on it's head: pushing grains as a healthy product for obligate carnivores, a dry product as healthy for an animal that gets it's life-giving moisture from its food, and cookies as teeth cleaners!!!!!

Actually, that brings up two more reasons for the resistance to raw (and, to a lesser extent, canned) - 1) No one likes to admit they've been conned, it's painful and embarrassing; and 2) Most people really do love their cats and it HURTS to think, all of a sudden, that they could have done better by them. That, in fact, their beloved furbabies debilitating disease may have been THEIR fault.

That kind of guilt leaves a heck of a scar.

Hmmm, I think I just talked myself into being more understanding!
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Don't let the people that say that bother you. You sound like a great cat owner.
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