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Kitty wants raw, started himself

I started raw feeding the dogs a short time ago and ever since our kitten (almost a year old) has decided this is his food of choice. You probably don't remember when I first posted about him he adores our dogs, well this has not changed, he plays with them like any other dog out there but still not really into the cats, wants to be top cat, isn't afraid of anything. Well one dog in particular has no problems sharing her food with the kitty and they often chew on the same piece of meat. I've often thrown the kitty some of his own meat just to get him to leave the dogs alone to eat theirs. As far as himself he is given Wellness Core kibble and Wellness can (when not fed kitty crack for my hyperthryoid cat who sometimes goes off feed). As far as raw he has been given turkey neck (never gotten chicken because my dogs are large), chicken wings, lots of chicken hearts (his favorite), small bits of beef heart, just what falls off while cutting it in half for the dogs, sardines and chicken liver. I may be missing some but this is the basics. I would normally not give him the organ meats but he steals them and will eat a whole entire liver and heart in no time flat. Not had poopie problems in all this time.

The only thing is that he will wipe the bone clean when he eats anything with bone. He will NOT eat the bone. Probably doesn't have the jaw strength. How do I get him started eating this? Also, I have 2 other cats that have no interest in it, both closing in at end-of-life, and I want their last bit of time comfortable. I have no interest in changing their diets from anything they feel comfortable with. One enjoys some small pieces of cut up raw chicken and all enjoy sardines and that is the most of their raw experience.

So, how does it go over if he ends up eating some of their food that they leave over? I feed them in the evenings and morning time while I work and while I sleep with the dogs to keep the dogs away from their food. The kitten is obviously fed raw when the dogs eat. So far he is far from obese, very lean and very active. I do think though that more raw he would be less interested in the other foods. Are they like dogs in that you don't want to mix as they digest at different rates and can cause stomach upset? If anything he would be fed raw in the evenings and then much on some dry that I leave for the other cats so the raw would be the first thing out in this case I'm thinking?

Sorry so winded. Any ideas on these questions would be appreciated.
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Tom Cat
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Why don't you just completely switch him to a raw diet? It's better than the kibble and he loves it so why not? It's not a good idea to go from kibble and then feed raw later on. I believe it will cause stomach upset. Every single time I leave out dry food that I feed homeless animals and my cats get to it, they often have stinky diarrhea later on. If you want, you can feed grain-free Wellness canned and then raw later on. But I believe in order to achieve the benefits of a raw diet you must completely switch over.

I think chicken wings are still too big for some cats (esp. newbies). Have you tried quail or cornish game hen? My cats are extremely lazy about chewing bones and using up their jaw strength but they do fairly well with quail bones. I get mine from the asian supermarket.

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I have a question about the wings, since it's in this thread - how do you guys feed them? Do you just hack off a wing or leg and set it on a plate for them to go to town, or do you cut off the meat in pieces and put it, with the bone, on a plate?
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Cat Addict
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The Asian Market Rocks...

I find everything the Stop n Shop does not carry and at great prices. I am so happy I am in a primarily Asian neighborhood and can find all the foods my cats need...sorry just had to chime in when I saw someone else shops at the Asian market as well.
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Hi, hbwright!

So, I saw three questions in your post. To the first, how does a partial raw diet affect a cat, I'd say - every bite of healthy food is a bite of healthy food. If the raw food becomes three quarters or more of your kitty's diet, however (and this would be a good thing) you might want to start tweaking it to ensure he receives an appropriate balance of meat/bone/liver/organ (usually defined as the 80/10/5/5 rule).

To the second - dry food does take longer to process than raw, so feed them as far apart as possible. I understand your desire to keep things normal for your older kitties, but if you can, gently and without upsetting anyone, I'd ditch the dry altogether... it's just such an unhealthy "food" product.

And to your third question - I think the reason your cat eats around the bone is most likely because the bones you seem to feed are sized for the dogs and are, therefore, too big for the cat to break. He's come to realize this and now doesn't even try.

Start offering him very small bones, like quail ribs. Leave some meat on it and coat it with something he really likes to tempt him. After he's successful eating it once, he's likely to be more willing to try again.

- - - -

StormChaser, I feed only the wing tips and the middle pieces of chicken wings, and I cut the middle pieces in half between the two bones, not across them - and I leave all the meat on. I save the largest part of the wing for my own plate (barbecue wings, mmmmm).

I don't offer bones any bigger than chicken wings.

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I do usually give him the wings from the dogs chicken. I have some hens in the freezer that I'll go ahead and get the wings off of for him. How is smelt for him? He mostly plays with it but does end up eating some. It is probably larger than what I would give him but I could cut some in half and it might entice him to eat mor of it if I cut it lengthwise. I don't think they are supposed to get a lot of fish thoug. I only give it to the dogs once at most twice a week. He eats dinner with the dogs and then eats a half can wet at night and then I fill the bowl of dry around 1:00 in the morning to keep the dogs away from it. He has at least 5 before he eats the cats food. Do you think this is enoug time. I've thought about trying the elders on meat in a processor and trying chunks of heart for taurine. Don't know if they would be interested but worth a try.
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