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Tom Cat
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Thr rollercoaster of feeding two cats. (questions)

Well, Tucker got his first pink yesterday. He LOVED it. It was probably the cutest thing he has ever done, he tossed it around for a minute then set in to eat it, growling softly to himself the whole time.

But don'tcha know, with one success comes three roadblocks. My gerbils have decided they do not want to breed for me, and Alex decided he doesn't want the cats eating whole prey, despite the health benefits. x-x And Kyra is going on strike. She now will eat adult kibble, kitten kibble(had to buy it to shut Alex up. I offered to 100% do their feeding, but he gave me 1000 and one excuses gaah), kitten canned food, and only a bit of her canned food, the juice. x.x

First question; How do I convince Alex to let me whole prey feed? His main concerns are a, he doesn't want his baby eating cute little animals( sigh. ) b, if we ever go out of town and need to board or have friends/family/neighbors take care of the cats(Thats why I would give them canned every now and again) and c, he doesn't want to watch them eat cute little critters(I offered to do all feedings). He says also it is too expensive and he would rather feed kibble with canned as a treat(I offered to raise their food items, would make me very happy to have guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice, rats, hamsters, anoles, goldfish etc in the house ). Honestly, cats live forever and a day on poop food in both our experiences, but that does not mean I want to feed them poop food.

Second question, for a growing 8 1/2 week old kitten weighing around 2.15 lbs, how many pinks a day should he have? (Not just feeding pinks, that is just all I have ATM)

Third question, How many should a 7 lb tub of lard kitty get a day?

So on the off chance I convince him to let me raise food items and feed the kitties whole prey, what should I raise? I was thinking:

1. Guinea Pigs(any babies I grow too attached to will be rehomed, I am a sucker for these squeeky lil buggers, I used to breed american cresteds.)
2. Either Netherland Dwarf or Holland lop bunnies, This wouldn't be until we moved out of our little two bedroom apartment, as I like bunnies and want to spoil them with room to run and play. These I would also rehome any babies I grow too attached to.
3. Gerbils, I already have a pair, but they are refusing to breed. Very cute and friendly lil buggers. Once they do breed I plan to set up another tank or two as they breed best in single male-female setups. two-three pair should be enough to supply meat to my kitties, I think. And again, any particularly pretty and sweet babies will be rehomed.
4. Rats, I have four females, two of which I would not breed. Three of the rats are fosters but if I decide to I can go get a male and keep all five rats. The two I would not breed are my oldest female and her daughter, the second youngest female. My ole' gal was not the best mom("oops" litter, grr petshops!) all but four pups out of a seventeen litter were stillborns, two suffocated because she didn't get them out of the sac soon enough, of the other two, there was Finch and Evo. They were premees and Finch died of birth defects at around 5 weeks. Evo is still with us and going strong, but I do not want to go through that again. Oh, and the mom's milk dried up, we we had to bottle raise Finch and Evo. Not fun. Absolute MIRACLE they lived. My other foster gals are a big part of the reason they lived, as about a week to two weeks later, my roommate's rat gave birth to nine. She let Finch and Evo suckle occasionally(when we removed all her pups) which we did about four times a day. (my roommate skipped out and left her rats, all ten including babies, with me for 'two weeks' grr, they all found homes except the mom and one female baby) wow, went on a bit of a rant there, sorry.
5. some type of easily bred in captivity fish, though this would not be a big part of their diet, so I could prolly get away with just buying feeder fish or something occasionally.
6. Anoles or some other type of lizard, though it would prolly be easier to get them frozen online
7. Chinchillas MAYBE. To care for them proper would involve a lot of money and time, and I will NOT be running a mill for any of these animals. They are alive just like anything else, and they deserve respect; doesn't matter that they are destined to be kitty food.
8. Hamsters, either dwarf or full sized Syrian. I have never had a Syrian hamster, only Roborovskii Dwarf Hamsters.
9. Mice, of course.

I would order day old chicks online. I love birds and do not have the heart to harm them in any way.

Any suggestions on what to raise/how to raise?

Any suggestions on how to sneak whole prey into their diets if he doesnt give in on the subject? I was thinking blender + canned food?
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Tom Cat
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LOL convincing him just became a mute point. He said it is okay after christmas as long as I take care of everything. While we are still in this apartment though the kitties will be limited to mice, gerbils, insects and fish for fresh food items, the rats and other food items will have to be ordered online, but once we move out of here, he is okay with me raising bunnies and guinea pigs and rats and everything else, lol.

So my remaining questions of how much to feed are the only ones still standing. That and advice on raising bunnies and guinea pigs. The pigs I used to raise were for show/pets and thus was a different setup than I will use for food piggies. I am thinking of going to a couple pet shops and getting the biggest moggie boar I can find and maybe three-five females under six months, as pigs that have not had a litter by a year(I try to breed younger than that) cannot successfully birth a litter as their cervix seals up and they will die in labor.
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As an aquarist I would extremely strongly recommend against feeding any fish from a fish store to your cats. Particularly the cheap feeder fish are in horrible condition and likely diseased with bacterial, fungal, viral, and/or parasitic infections. The quality of ornamental fish is most often low due to inbreeding, long shipping times in poor conditions and poor care at the fish store. If you know a reputable breeder then perhaps consider it, however even then I would be very wary.
Good luck with feeding whole prey, I don't think I could stomach it myself hehe.
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Tom Cat
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Mmkay, so fish is out. I was going to do goldfish or something only occasionally, but that is okay.
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