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OK for Kittens to chew on chicken thigh bones?

I think Abigail is teething - she has taken to chewing on anything hard she can work out how to get into her mouth.

She has been trying to chew on the edge of her ceramic feeding bowl - looks like she is forcing it as far back into her mouth as she can and using the very back teeth.

I was deboning some chicken thighs, and one of the bones fell on the floor.

Needless to say, she jumped on this and started chewing it with her back teeth. She is also stripping all the meat remnants from it too, she looks as though she is having a whale of a time - she will stand up on her back two legs, then jump up and pounce on it before resuming her chewing attack.

Is this OK for me to let her do, or should I take it away?

She is coming up on 16 weeks old.
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Raw bones are generally okay.....cooked bones are a definite no!
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I imagine that as long as you supervise her while eating and make sure she doesn't drag it all around the house, (got salmonella from my dog doing that once when we first started RAW. 'Twas not fun) you'll be a-okay!

Raw bones are actually very good for the teeth. Maybe this is your kitty giving you a sign that she wouldn't mind having a RAW diet?

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Thanks for the replies all. I have been watching her whilst she chews, and so far she hasnt tried to take the bones out of the kitchen, nor is she really doing any damage to the bones themselves.

Augustine - yes, that is what I am trying to transition her to!

The rest of this post probably belongs in the raw forum, but hey ho!

I have found she likes chicken and ribeye beef so far. She hasnt really gone for any of the commercial raw foods ive tried her on.

I've given her a chicken wing, which she stripped bare, but didnt try any of the bone.

I have bought some lamb hearts and liver today, along with some beef, and will see how she takes to that.

Once she is happy with the meat side of things, I can try to work in some bone - I am looking for a suitable grinder here in the UK, so may need to wait till that search is successful!
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Persuading kittens to eat bone?


For the past few days, I have been putting down a bowl of chopped raw meat (beef, chicken thighs (w/ skin), hearts and liver) - chopped into about 1-2cm cubes for Abigail, along with a seperate bowl containing a small portion of the wet food she is used to.

I also add in about 1cm deep of water to the bowl, which gets all bloody from the meat.

She loves the bloody water, and laps this all up right away.

She has ignored the bowl of wet food now, and waits for me to give her some more real meat.

She really seems to love getting her teeth into the chunks of meat, and having a good old chew.

So, now I know she likes and is happy to eat this, I can work on getting it properly balanced for her.

My issue now, is getting her to eat bones.

I have given her a chicken wing, segmented out into its 3 main parts, and she strips those to the bone, but shows no interest in actually eating the bone.

I have ground up some bones in a pestle along with some thigh meat, and she wont eat it. She licks it occassionally and pokes it with her paws - but I think now she likes eating chunks of meat, then the paste just has no appeal.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try - or is just a matter of given her some time and eventually she may try to eat the bones?

She will happily chew on a thigh bone, but again, she only strips the meat, and then gives her teeth a work out on the bone, but doesnt really do any noticeable damage to it.
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The ONLY time I've gotten my old lady to eat bone is when I feed her pinkie mice. And I've been trying for 3 years since I got her on the raw diet! XD

I've got my cat on commercial ground raw though - everything all ground together - so she gets her bone that way, although she doesn't get the good "chewing" action that is so great for their teeth!

Best bet is to try the small bones - wings like you have, chicken necks, backs/ribs if you can find them. If you can find them cheap, chicks/baby quail/baby mice/rats are also a delicious option.

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