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Re: Carrier - advice

I have a fail-safe every time.

First, the easy way.
Leave the carrier out. Put her food in it. Tada! Lol, that usually does it within a week.
Since I feed raw I always feed them in kennels, then wipe them out.

I also have a few small ones about for kitty hides. If you put them in darker corners with a comfy blanket in it it works pretty good.

Jitzu hated kennels when I got her. Now she regularly goes in to sleep by herself. I just leave them out and completely ignore them. If you make a big deal out of it they get suspicious.

If you don't have time to do it the 'nice' way there's a trick. But be warned, if you use it once it gets MUCH harder the second time.

1. Pick up and pacify kitty facing away from the carrier (with you back to it.)
2. Hold kitty's front feet in one hand, and support their bum, preferably while holding the back paws with the other.
3. Turn around and swiftly put them in headfirst.
4. Withdraw your hands and close the door.

If someone's in trouble here I do a less pleasant more 'corrective' version. Instead of grabbing the front paws I grab the scruff. But I still hold the back paws. That's only for very naughty kitties though.

I've only had one cat that I couldn't get in a carrier like that, and that was Jitzu once I'd done it 4-5 times. I used to have to catch her in a big towel and just dump her in...towel and all. It works, but you don't get them near the carrier for months!

Currently, Jitzu not only loves her sleeping kennel, but is also learning a 'kennel' cue. to teach her to go into the kennel when I want her to. The purpose of this is so if she's being naughty and I'm not home the other people in the house can still lock her up. So far she'll 'kennel' for me, and we're working on doing it for everyone else.
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