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Re: Cat affected by Break in

My place got broken into back in May of last year. I was at work. My cousin was living with me at the time and she got out of the shower and noticed that my boy, Teddy, instead of trying to pull her clothes and bathmat out from under the bathroom door he was hiding around the corner in her bedroom looking as though he had seen a ghost. She gets the hebie-gebies and starts looking around and notices that her laptop is missing from the livingroom. She also notices that her purse is missing from the kitchen. She runs to get her phone but it was charging on her laptop. Long story short. She calls the cops. They come we make a report. She eventually gets her purse and everything in it back because a good samaritian saw the thief rooting through it and called the cops. They never caught him though

Anyway, Teddy hid for the next 2 weeks. Although when I was home he would hide as close to me as he could possibly get. He slowly got more settled. Although he would hide whenever a stranger came in the house for 3 months.

Don't worry, your kitty will come around.
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