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Re: Cat affected by Break in

Thanks for all your support. Monet is still pretty timid but she has started playing and picking on her brother again which we are taking as a good sign. I think she will probably be timid with strangers from now on but she is getting better day by day which is a huge relief. I was advised to give her one of my old night shirts for when I'm not at home and she has taken to carrying it like a safety blanket its pretty cute to see. We found out that they broke in by pushin against a window (shows how great the security was). We have also got dowel in all the windows and are getting secutiry screens so this should prevent it from happening again. The police think it was a group of youth's as the only thing's they took was a pearl and amethyst necklace of mine and a couple of coin jars. More then anything i just hate the whole violation of it all.

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