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New and need advice

Hi I'm new here but so glad to find a place to talk about my babies!
My cat Bella is going to give birth to her/my first litter. I'm getting nervous and don't know what to expect! The only place I think she would go to have them is under my bed (we have no closets or anything else) If she does have them under there how soon can I move them to a safer place? I have a crate with blankets and towels for her and them ready by my bed. The biggest worry is the father. Will he try to hurt them? Bella and Zach are both indoor cats and have always been, they are also brother and sister. Zach has an apt to be nutered on Tuesday. Anyway thanks for listening and I would love any and all advice! I am so excited and can't wait but it is also kind of scary.....will she handle it ok if it is under the bed where I can't get to her/do I need to help her??
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