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A Cat's idea for an Olympic Game

My cat Cutie has decided to introduce a new Olympic sport (played indoors so it can be either winter or summer games). This sport is called Kitchen Floor Skidding, it does require linoleum or some slippery surface, rugs won't work; it also requires a marble or ball.

There are three main objectives in this sport, that are each part of the scoring process:
1. Have your human kick or roll a ball across the kitchen floor. Run after it at break neck speed. (speed actually counts for about 1/5th of the score)
2. Slam on the brakes and see who skids the furthest (2/5th of the score)
3. Finally, measure the size of the tail and he (or she) who has the smallest one wins (big tails are only for fraidy cats) 2/5
4. Perfect scores are only given to a cat who can appear to materialize all their fluff into another room and come over to see what all the fuss was about. The idea is they're terribly embarrassed by whoever made the commotion in the kitchen, and try to convince you that it wasn't them.

Two or more cats can play the game in which case it becomes Kitchen Floor Hockey. Here the goal is the same as above only to score one needs to put the marble (or small ball) under any kitchen appliance. Then further points are rewarded to the one who stays the longest watching under the stove (or appliance), as if they're going to intimidate the object into coming out.

Personally, I'd sit glued to my TV set for a game like that. Does anyone else have a cat with ideas for a Cat Olympic Games?

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