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Hi there,

I have 3 cats currently, but I've had a long history with cats.

About 5 or 6 years ago my little sister was going to get her first cat. We tried visiting our local humane society, but all of the cats were huge, so we ended up going to our local "pound" and found a tortoiseshell kitten, which we still have today. Her full name is "Princess Goldensplash", haha, but we just call her Goldie.

After that, I wanted to get my first cat, so we went back and picked one from the same litter, who we named "Spicer". She was a plain tabby, but she had such great personality. After having her for a year or two, we were moving into our new house, and she started to get distressed. It was hard to find her, and when we finally did, she wouldn't follow us. What eventually happened was that she hopped into the bottom of our car as we were driving to our grandparents' house, and she hopped out and ran away. I miss her.

A little while after that, we got a kitten who we named "Bizzy". She was another normal tabby, but she had such a great personality that we couldn't pass up. She was so sweet and tiny, and we all loved her. Sadly though, after a week or so of having her, she started to have problems. She would randomly have diarrhea, and eventually she ran away, presumably to die. R.I.P

We were so shaken up after losing her that we got a sort of "grief" kitten. She turned out to be a really funny cat. She was an orange tabby with really unique markings who we named "Tag" - short for "Antagonize". My mom figured after a few days that she didn't really want her and only got her because she was so upset after losing Bizzy. She wanted to get rid of her because she was also sick, so my dad was going to take her back... but there was no sight of her! We searched all over and she was nowhere to be found, yet sure enough, right after the pound closed, and I'm talking minutes, she came waltzing out of the garage. After seeing that we fell in love with her and had to keep her. She was with us through so much - she had become my cat as she always seemed to love me the most and I spent so much time with her. However, a few months ago back in March of this year, my family and I went upstate to visit my grandparents for my grandfather's birthday. There had been some stray cats (one male) around our house, and with us leaving, we're assuming she was run off by that male. We found her on the side of the road a few days later. This was the most devastating pet loss I had ever experienced, and one of the most devastating losses in general. I was so shaken up by it - even to this day I still miss hearing her sweet meow and her gentle nature. I miss you, Tag. R.I.P

After having Tag for a while, we decided to buy a third cat. (Tag was still alive at this time) She was a Tuxedo who was so tiny! We loved her to death. She would cuddle right up to you and was a great lap cat. We named her "Pixel" due to her tiny size and it being a great cat name. After only having her for a few weeks, she started wobbling and seemed really dizzy. She would fall over every time she took a step. We immediately took her to the vet and he said that she would have to stay the night. The next morning we received a call saying that she was ready to come home and that she would need to stay another day just to make sure that she was alright. However, the next day, we received another call saying she had not made it through the night. Our experience with her, albeit short, was a great one. R.I.P Pixel.

We waited a while, but after seeing her go away, we adopted another Tuxedo named "Max" from a shelter. He was such a great cat - he was probably the calmest cat you've ever seen! He would go limp when you turned him over on his back and was so, so sweet. We only had him from May - August though. We don't know what happened to him. He just disappeared! We don't think he would ever run away, so we think that a hawk might have picked him up. He was such a sweet, sweet cat. It was such an unfortunate loss. We miss you, Max.

We waited for a while after losing Max. He was such a great cat that we didn't want to just go out and replace him right away. My mom had been wanting a Sealpoint Siamese for a long time, and all of a sudden, one just showed up at our pound. From the first sight, we knew she was the perfect cat. Her name is "Twigg" because her coloration looks like that of a twig, and it's a unique name. (No, the extra g is not a typo ) She likes to "play" and will claw and bite a lot, but she's not a mean cat - it's just her nature. She is still with us today and she is absolutely great.

Just yesterday we decided it was time for another kitten and picked up what we think is a Maine Coon. She is so cute and fluffy! She is very sweet and acts kind of like Max. She just goes limp in your arms and will stay like that for as long as you want. She fulfills one of the things I've always wanted - a nice lap cat! She will cuddle up and take a nap practically anywhere you set her down. Her name is Zelda, and she is a great kitten.

Well, I know we may seem like the worse cat owners ever, but I assure you this was not our fault! We love our cats very much, and would never intentionally do anything to hurt them. I hope my long intro didn't bore you. I'm looking forward to being on this forum!


(I play the saxophone if you didn't notice from my name)

I've attached photos of Twigg and Tag (R.I.P), however I don't have photos of the others. I could get photos of Goldie and Zelda if you'd like though!
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