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Originally Posted by chicagopunkie View Post
I was reading the same reviews on Amazon about WBCL. I use it but my cats don't cover their poo with that litter.

I am always smelling something and think one of them went outside of their litter box but they don't. Funky smell.......

Other than the smell, I love it!

I used Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litter before that. I liked it because no dust and no tracking. I may go back to it. At the time, my Serafina was 6-7 months old and she'll be 1 yr old in one week.

I am hoping that Serafina will get better at using the litter box. Her brother, Ozzie, who is a little over 5 1/2 yrs old, is very good with the box but Sera keeps going up against the end of the litter box and then it stuck to it.

With the WBCL litter, that doesn't happen. But it is expensive! Plus the smell......

I have no idea what I am going to do. I've been googling and checking this and other forums for a couple days for cat litter reviews.

Can anyone else suggest a good litter? The ones that say 99% dust free are normally very dusty. Precious Cat is 99.9% dust free and World's Best Cat Litter is not dusty, either.
I was using the Precious cat litter too for awhile. Jake likes to pee on the sides of the box too. It would stick like glue and then the odor would come. I also found that the clumps tended to break apart. Since I use open litter boxes it seemed to always smell like pee. I have 3 litter boxes for 2 cats and scoop at least 2x a day.

I just switched to World's Best. It certainly solves the problem of on the side peeing!! Jake isn't so sure about it yet. I only have it in one box so far and it is getting used. Shadow, my feral will go in anything. I hope to eventually switch all the boxes to World's Best. I love the fact that I can flush it.

We had used Feline Pine Clumping for almost 2 years with just Jake. I loved the superior odor control and it too was flushable. The clumps just always broke apart and since Jake always pees on the sides, it was a mess.
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