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I've never heard of a cat trying to mimic the sound of anything or anyone else, but I wouldn't be surprised if this kitty is in heat. Cats who are in heat can make the strangest noises.

A woman with five cats moved into my neighborhood a few months after I did. Two of her girls are not spayed, unfortunately, and one of them screams like nothing I have ever heard in my whole darn life. EVER. I initially thought it was a baby being abused and left to cry for hours on end, but when I tracked the noise back to its source - cell phone in hand ready to dial 911 - I found the poor cat. It was a profoundly disturbing incident.

The cat's crying keeps me awake at night, wakes me up when I do get to sleep, and routinely upsets my own kitties. Not to mention how unhealthy it is for the poor girl herself. By the time her heats end, her voice is reduced to a bare whisper, as painful to listen to as the screaming was annoying.

rant/ I can't STAND people who don't care for their animals!!! GRRRRR...... /rant

Two weeks ago, I offered to pay for the cat's spay, and since she just got out of her latest heat, we'll see if the family takes me up on it.


P.S. I heart LOLCats in the biggest way.
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