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living up to my handle-name.. just my luck.

So my best friend from high school is getting married tomorrow, Saturday, and I am the Maid of Honor. I'm so excited!


Wouldn't you know, this morning before my shower, I'm wrapped in my towel, and I pick up Lumen to put her on the window-sill. She leaps from my arms, and in pushing her back legs off my chest, she SCRATCHES THE $%#! out of my chest/bust line. I now have three, 2-inch-long scratches on my chest, one of them bleeding.

Guess who has a gorgeous low-cut bridesmaid dress to wear IN 24 HOURS.

I am furious.. with myself, for not thinking and picking up a cat in a towel. The day before my best friend's wedding.

The swelling is going down, and I'm dousing it in rubbing alcohol to keep it clean.. Lumen has no clue what she did or why I screamed bloody murder as she jumped. She's sitting about 10 feet away from me now, looking at me pensively.

Okay, I'll be fine. Nothing a spray-tan won't fix, I hope. What, I'm from Jersey.


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