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hmmm so sasha? I have no idea when her birthday or adoption day is ... sad I know. She was 4 or 5 years old when we got her 11 years ago. I never wrote down the day so she is birthday less

Bentley, we throw a party for and its lots of fun. He has many doggie and human friends. I usually pick the dog themed decorations from birthday express. As this is as much for the humans as the dogs. We have a fenced in yard so I fill up plastic pools as well and they run and play in the backyard.

I have a dog recipe book for birthday cakes. I am not that great at it but I do try. Of course the humans get real cake =p

The kids all get a huge kick out of it and it breaks up the boring weekends. I don't do it so much for him but for friends and family. He has a blast though!!

THE DOG Party Supplies
This is the decoration pack I used last time. I did get the treat bags and placed toys in it for the human kids and a milkbone or 2 for the dogs.
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