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Oh sure, I'll introduce myself, but if I were a cat, I'd say nothing and stare at you

Hello all!

We currently are a furmily of four! Of course, their official names on record at the vet are nothing like the more commonly used nicknames that evolved over the years, to which they actually respond when they so choose, however, if one uses their originally given names, they don't even know those, anymore.

Leia - the oldest at around 16 years old, orange tabby, is for the most part now, Baby, or even Ba, as I guess, being a nightowl, sometimes two syllables is too hard for me to verbalize prior to 11:00 AM. She had brief stints of being called, "Leia-roundanddonothing" or "Leia-stinkbomb" and even, "Land of the Rising Bun" as like clockwork, her tushy would always faithfully rise upon her back being pet.

Harry - the 6 year old Persian, who now answers to Smoosh. He is for the most part a fool who believes he can be a bully, despite the fact that he consistently gets the beat-down from the others, however, it does not stop him from trying, and it became very clear to me how over the years, the Persian developed the flat face, after getting batted by other paws, frequently.

Max - the 4 year old black-ish tabby. He is not entirely black, so I nixed the name Midnight and opted to call him 11:30 (Eleven-Thirty), much to my wife's dismay. She only allowed two days worth of me saying, "Come here, Eleven-Thirty! Good Eleven-Thirty!" before her eye rolls became more aggressively vocal and she couldn't stand hearing it anymore. Of course, this just made it that much more hilarious for me, however, now he responds to Maxie, with the stress on the -ie, Mammy, or anything that rhymes with Mammy. He is the cuddler, to the point of almost being like velcro, and the inspiration for my proudly accepted Urban Dictionary entry.

The final addition was Dakota, who is going to be 3 years old in August, and is a calico that keeps getting more and more humongous by the day. She had started off as a kitten with digestive problems, leaving these lovely brown puddles of icky pudding everywhere on the carpet, inspiring the names South Dakota and Swiss Miss. Thankfully, over time, she grew out of that phase, and now she just keeps on growing, eating most everything in sight, inspiring the name Omni, short for Omnivore, and occasionally, Miss Vore. For the most part, however, she answers to Kot (Coat), but it was clear, after her, we had no plans of adding other feline members to the bunch. Okay well, this reply was embarrassing and probably TMI - Too Meowch Information, but you did ask for it! It is nice to be here and I look forward to meeting everyone.

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