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Welcome to the forum! I am owned by four cats too. And we have no plans to add another member to the family either (that's what they all say...but that ginger kitty is waiting for me somewhere I know)

I think Smoosh is not trying anything sexual with Dakota it is just a dominance thing some cats do. My alpha cat Gatito does it sometimes, same thing, neck biting, trying to get on top of the other cat (and they're all male) and it ends when the other cat has had enough and bats back. I guess he wants everybody to "remember" he's Don Corleone in this house, but the truth is it pisses me off so much to see one of my other cats being "abused" that I break them apart with a distracting toy or I just go and get Gatito and take him away from the other cat. Yeah I know I shouldn't do that...

...or maybe it is sexual. I've never seen a group of cats with a girl cat among them where the girl is not the alpha. Unless she's a kitten or a tiny girl...

Anyways, beautiful cats, and welcome again
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