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I think some places can put ashes in jewelry too if your looking to do something like that.

I had this one done for me with my cat, Mittens DNA. He is still living. I wanted to have something Id remember him by and use. Usually your in such a tail spin when they pass, that it is hard to think of what you want to buy to remember them by. I have it on a necklace. People give me a wierd look when they ask about what it is and I tell them it my cats DNA!

Geri on Cat Forum did a fabulous photo of my cat Tess with a tribute on it when Tess passed suddenly.

My friend Lee surprised me with making a pendant with Tess's fur inside of the pendant. I wear that often. Esp when Im going to help a cat pass to its next life I wear the pendant and ask her to help the cat transition to their new life.

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