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  1. Not my cat...but....
  2. Do you think male or female littermates pair better?
  3. Cat peeing standing up (but only sometimes)
  4. Environmental Enrichment at the Shelter
  5. Mac is kind of scaring me...
  6. Food allergy & pooping outside of litter box
  7. Regaining household peace
  8. Is there any hope? - inappropriate peeing
  9. Do my cats hate each other or not?
  10. Hi I'm New and Nervous - naughty kitty behavior
  11. Emotional Support Kitties?
  12. Problems with outside cat, please help!
  13. Do cats recognize/respond to their names?
  14. 12 week old Kitten peeing the bed?
  15. Door dashing....
  16. Fostering siblings cats for a little bit need advice.
  17. Best escape proof cat harness/should I even consider it?
  18. Mystery bite; annoyance? love? warning?
  19. Is my cat a bully?
  20. Trimming nails/claws
  21. Fire Engines, Vacuums and other loud things
  22. Microchip tracker - Such a thing?
  23. New Kitten or New Cat?
  24. Recliner Chairs and Chairs that Rock?
  25. Agressive new cat - will he change?
  26. Cats acting weird at 4:00 AM
  27. What to do... moving and behavior issues
  28. I'm opening the book on what Munch'll do
  29. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop Munch from using me as a launching pad?
  30. Looking of advise on my stray cat
  31. Can I put my kitten in a mesh playpen over night?
  32. My cat is in love with "Da Bird"
  33. New litter box?
  34. Weird smell
  35. Do your cats purr?
  36. Trying to introduce my new cat to my other cat and rooms
  37. Do your cats gallop around like horses?
  38. New Foster Kitty Mom
  39. Recent aggression??
  40. Having trouble with a bit of aggression suddenly
  41. Catch 22
  42. Attacked by my own cat :o(
  43. Should I keep my cat? Please help!!!!
  44. Cats stealing each other lounge area
  45. Brat cat!
  46. Cat biting through wires
  47. Cat won't stop biting!
  48. New here -- hello! - need help with fighting cats
  49. Litter box placement
  50. Shelter cat is obsessively cuddly to the point of aggression
  51. Litterbox location in the beginning and then later
  52. What do your cats do when you're gone?
  53. New Here--Please Help! Cats keep peeing everywhere!!!
  54. My cat is antisocial to the point of worrisome
  55. Cat-sitter dvds
  56. A cat that doesn't need affection
  57. Life changing move for Pete and Fred
  58. Why does this other cat keep visiting my cat?
  59. Airplane Travel
  60. Breakaway collar that doesn't need tags
  61. Leash training?
  62. Cat Toys!!!
  63. Roommate moved out, Ellie acting odd and not eating much?
  64. Funny cat story
  65. Cat Standing on me
  66. Tips for food-obsessed cat?
  67. Love bites?
  68. HELP! Litter box issues
  69. Life with Casey.
  70. Six tons of advice needed for cat chaos - long story
  71. Introduction advice needed
  72. Am I cruel?
  73. Does anyone have a cat containment fence?
  74. Hello - cat-to-dog introduction advice needed
  75. Cat loves rolling in dirt for no apparent reason
  76. Advice needed - cat misses brother
  77. Tail movements
  78. Establishing Yourself as Dominant Cat
  79. Tosca is incredible!
  80. Can my emotions effect my cat?
  81. The Cat Stare
  82. Need advice on older cat
  83. Hi from Canada - Counter surfing,meowing,attention demanding
  84. Hi, I'm here for a health issue and some questions about the raw food diet
  85. Eating to fast
  86. Neutering Side Effects
  87. Peeing on counters?
  88. Pees on my Sofa and Love Seat. What am I missing?
  89. Typical Cat Behavior?
  90. Feliway and neutering - will it stop spraying?
  91. Senile cat?
  92. Will a mother cat intentionally throws out her healthy baby?
  93. Cat has no interest in toys?
  94. Munch doesn't rub?
  95. Trouble with the Third Cat
  96. Why do my cats like sititng on my arm?
  97. Clawed Furniture
  98. Peeing in an electrical outlet
  99. Mr. Marty is getting a new kitten friend tomorrow. Advice?
  100. Daddy cat being helpful or harmful?
  101. Do your cats just tolerate each other?
  102. Cat wont use litter box!
  103. How to stop destructive behavior?
  104. Mornng feeding time behaviour puzzle
  105. Sleeping under the couch.
  106. Need help with kitten who keeps jumping behind stove
  107. Teaching "kisses" ?
  108. Hissing and growling
  109. Ill dog making cat odd?
  110. Kitten that likes to eat everything?
  111. Problems with Introducing Cat #4
  112. Shelter cat is hot and cold towards me?
  113. Dreaming
  114. I might die in my sleep tonight (cat bath)
  115. Do cats dislike certain people?
  116. Sucking on the sheets
  117. Cat Trying to Sleep On My Head
  118. Cat urinating on brand new carpets, need help!
  119. Which product is best for toliet training?
  120. Do cats know fire/candles are dangerous?
  121. inappropriate peeing
  122. Choosing a Companion Cat?
  123. Older cat acting out for the first time (detailed)
  124. Rotating beds
  125. The Adventures of Jack and Coco
  126. trouble with blizzard
  127. Air freshener-WWYD?
  128. A Couple of Questions About Our New Kitten - claws and teeth during play
  129. Both my guy and gal like rough play
  130. Indoor and indoor/outdoor
  131. the. new toy
  132. Catfishing!
  133. Boarding cat while on vacation
  134. Mystique can't make up her mind!
  135. My required Intro. - young kitten behavior question
  136. Sunny Doesn't Like to be Patted
  137. Siamese plays too rough?
  138. Did i catch him about to do something bad?
  139. Question for Socks - unpredictable batting/biting behavior and not eating wet food
  140. Kitty treat at 3AM!!!
  141. Change in habits - should I worry
  142. Super hyperactive cat... Help!!!!
  143. Help keeping kitty away from cords/tubes of breathing machine
  144. Cat bite sent me to Urgent Care tonight!
  145. What are work arounds for cats who pee in corners of litter boxes?
  146. Best way to train my cats to pull open a door?
  147. Does yours cat sleep with you?
  148. Scratching
  149. My Feliway Experiment
  150. How to help Buffy adjust before / after moving into a new home?
  151. will it get better than this
  152. Kitten poops when scared?
  153. Do I need to start over
  154. Cats pooping in neighbors side of yard.
  155. First Successful Nail Trim!!
  156. HELP! Cat sniff attack!
  157. grooming tips
  158. Cat trees
  159. Snowflake and Biscuit!!
  160. Robin's shook up!
  161. Cat scratching
  162. Catty Stacks?
  163. Taking in a stray
  164. Cat shelves- thoughts?
  165. Feeding Time Advice-We need help please
  166. Arwen brought me a present this morning :(
  167. Kitten not using scratch pad
  168. Playing til panting, still wants more?
  169. Just brought a new kitty home and they are not getting along!
  170. Two cats that got along, now fighting after meeting a new cat??
  171. casper loves me maybe too much¯ major licking problem!
  172. A loss
  173. Pazu's spirit is healing!
  174. Cats dipping paw in water/moving food dish
  175. Street cat gets aggressive when I try to feed it
  176. Helping my cat cope with PTSD
  177. How to teach kitten not to bite?
  178. New cat owners - Annie settling in
  179. A Ghost? Insanity? What's going on with my cat?
  180. Seamus is depriving us from sleep... :(
  181. kitten sleeping habits
  182. My invention - cat tracking system
  183. Aurora is always dragging down wife¯s clothes
  184. Moving with a cat?
  185. Needing advice on introductions
  186. Marshall got out....
  187. New cat will stop at nothing to get at our old cat.
  188. Arwen, spoiled, sweet little manipulator
  189. Resident Cat Scared Of Smaller New Cat
  190. Perry isn't eating much
  191. What's "enough" space...
  192. Chewing Problems
  193. kitty-proofing
  194. Cat tree covering
  195. Attacks - separating cats
  196. Henry settling in!
  197. Older cats swatting at new kitten
  198. New Member Troubles - scared cat
  199. cat likes to shred paper
  200. How good are you as prey?
  201. Playful Kitten Keeps Biting
  202. Kitten has separation anxiety from puppy
  203. The Great Catsby - wants back in
  204. New cat VS old Cat
  205. Ran out of Feliway
  206. Playful state question
  207. Kitten won't stay off reptile cage
  208. Help?! Do we let our kitty out?
  209. Cats peeing in the corners and sides of the litter box :(
  210. Lost cat (?) Need help.
  211. Can someone explain his tail puffiness in the morning?
  212. Litterbox behavior
  213. Senior cat going senile
  214. Female cat peeing on carpet
  215. Catgrass madness!
  216. Really in a quandry about my inside feral cat
  217. Fireworks and explosives
  218. Clipping my cat's nails
  219. Cat trees
  220. Do you have a cat that's TOO quiet?
  221. Funny and odd habits of your cats?
  222. Behavioral Litter box issues.. Help!!
  223. Cats are treating new litter box as a playpen!
  224. New cat's bad bathroom habits
  225. Sunny Man Meets 'The Girls'
  226. Excessive Vocalization
  227. sibling drama
  228. Cat lives in fear
  229. 20 Week old kitten eating plants
  230. hi all
  231. Kitten attacking older cat
  232. Does this consitute cuddling?
  233. Do most of you really know what your cat wants?
  234. Mommy cat hisses then grooms kitten
  235. When is you cat the most cuddly?
  236. My kitten is now scared of my puppy!
  237. Getting Casey used to a bunny.
  238. Pounce and strut
  239. Did I get a bunny?
  240. Peacemaker by Spirit essence
  241. Cat sounds
  242. Unneutered adult male stray suddenly attacking 3+ month old unneutered male
  243. Casey doesn't know what to do.
  244. Kittens playing rough
  245. Seniorsgirl - biting issues
  246. Cat Scratching Door in the Morning
  247. Cat scratching help!
  248. Pooping issues
  249. Nutrivet - similar to feliway. Put some water in to stretch it out?
  250. Aggressive 4 Months Old Siamese