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  1. Aggressive 4 Months Old Siamese
  2. Surprise gift from Perry outside his litter bowel habits
  3. Adult queen meets adult chickens
  4. Help! He lives inside but won't let us touch him
  5. Excessive meowing after new upstairs neighbours moved in?
  6. Still using litter tray?
  7. Bigger cat steals food from other cat's bowl!
  8. Rearranging litter boxes - questions about placement
  9. I knew it! Just as I was feeling comfortable...
  10. hello from new member - with introduction issues
  11. Hi, new cat owner. new cat is scared
  12. Is it Natural for some cats to be stand-offish?
  13. armarkat
  14. Cat growling while eating....
  15. Help - biting kitten
  16. Winston, the velcro kitty
  17. Weird litterbox habit...
  18. 3 Cats, 3 questions
  19. Another cat fighting thread: littermates/sisters
  20. Dog person needing cat advice
  21. How attached are cats to their owners?
  22. Harness training my kits
  23. My kits nab each other's food
  24. Introducing Porsche and Mary - intro problems
  25. How do I teach Hendon to clean his bum?
  26. How tough is my kitty?
  27. Need Advice About Kittens Begging for People Food
  28. Hello happy Holidays - cat escaped
  29. Why is he doing this? Seems hard food isnt tolerated well
  30. Do I dare set up the tree with 6 cats?!
  31. Cat Stressors
  32. Does your cat lick your face?
  33. Did my cat pee on the floor because she was mad at me?
  34. "Good Cat Handler" or "Cats Calling the Shot"?
  35. Christmas tree went up yesterday--no cat-astrophes... yet.
  36. Cat in a Studio Apartment
  37. Need Help - cat pulling out hair
  38. New Cat Peeing on the bed.
  39. "Happy" the kitten
  40. Kitten Sleeping Alot
  41. sneaking suspicion of cat abuse
  42. Device for segregated feeding?
  43. Part snow leopard!?
  44. Seamus bit my face!
  45. Big changes coming up for Marty, Need Advice - long car trip
  46. inappropriate peeing
  47. Heartbroken and seeking help for new cat peeing on the couch
  48. foster dog
  49. scared under bed by low battery alert?
  50. Does cat behaviour change at night due to different light levels?
  51. Vet Shaved my cat
  52. My cat keeping me awake at night
  53. Smudge not eating?
  54. Question about other cat that used to live in same house
  55. Stopping sexual motivated humping?
  56. My cat is bullied by neighbour's cat - please help
  57. Kitten to Cat Introduction: Unsure how to proceed
  58. I'm going crazy (and not in the good way...) -- cat peeing everywhere
  59. Kitten won't leave me alone!
  60. Need advice- Just brought outdoor cat indoors
  61. Why is my Cat so Clingy?
  62. Moosey found her a mousey
  63. My cat is acting strange
  64. Lucky going on vacation?????
  65. Advise please: Christmas visits just after a house move
  66. Introduction Need Reassurance
  67. Youngest of Three Cats Will Not Play
  68. Chin Bangs
  69. Bell collars
  70. Eating behavior
  71. runnin around the room drooling?
  72. Has anybody ever tried to use extremely rough sand paper...
  73. Numly doesn't understand her toy
  74. Hi - question about getting a visitor cat to use a litter box
  75. Frustrated with inside/outside cat
  76. Do kittens/ cats sleep together?
  77. Dog door
  78. Anybody's kitty tear their flat screen off the wall?
  79. Stay off the counter!!
  80. Odd potty question....
  81. bum wiggle (almost like spraying)
  82. Passive-aggressive cat?
  83. Is kneading ever a learned behavior caused by frustration?
  84. Talent show for cats
  85. RVing with Pete
  86. Teen cat behavior
  87. Kneading: leads to 'odd' behavior.
  88. New shy cat won't stop meowing
  89. I just saw what looked like the meanest muzzle on amazon
  90. Oh...poor moth
  91. Play-fight or real fight???
  92. Christmas is coming... tips on behaving around Christmas tree?
  93. Friendly cat can help socialize?
  94. cats will not eat wet food
  95. Thoughts or Ideas
  96. Blanket licking
  97. Feliway diffuser helpful or waste of money?
  98. 2 cats 1 food formula
  99. What does this mean
  100. Kitten is giving me a hard time - crying
  101. Cat waking me up
  102. Purrfect Arch
  103. Love Biting
  104. Cat Feels Trapped?
  105. At My Wits End!
  106. Clicker Training
  107. My kit, Raven, bites my ear
  108. What Toy Does Your Cat Absolutely Love?
  109. Howling!
  110. Will my cats ever get along?
  111. Scratching Rugs
  112. Second cat ??
  113. Hello - serious behavior issues
  114. Worried owner - behavior and exposed tailbone
  115. Help making a lap kitty
  116. Scooting
  117. New Cat's Odd Behavior
  118. Sharing a litter box
  119. Honeysuckle
  120. Obsessive grooming
  121. Thinking of getting two kittens need advice please.
  122. Older kitten attacking new kitten
  123. Introducing kitten to kitten, huge weight difference
  124. Kits interested in everything I do, including changing the litter box
  125. Is getting new kitten a good idea?
  126. Siamese Cat Aggresive Towards Strangers all of a Sudden?
  127. Meet Mittens :-) behavior issues
  128. Tellington T touch with cats
  129. cat doesn't go to the bathroom often
  130. Matrix isn't a Happy Kitty Right Meow.
  131. Urination/Behavior Frustration
  132. Epic quote
  133. Going potty away from litterbox for attention?
  134. When your cat has litterbox issues... (about you, the owner)
  135. Is this normal behavior or am I doing something wrong??
  136. Does your cat bring you toys?
  137. Urinary issue??
  138. New cat trouble
  139. Is it normal for cats to sniff the feliway diffuser?
  140. A third cat to Tiger and Loona - kitten or adult?
  141. Nail caps? And new pictures of Mu!
  142. Personality changes after spaying?
  143. Link is peeing on my bed
  144. Lap Cats - Born or Made?
  145. here bc after spaying sibling hissing
  146. I got bit!
  147. New rescue kitten, and older cat.
  148. Rocky has been missing for almost 24hours
  149. I can't win
  150. Sorry, but: bum/poo problems
  151. Alternative to cardboard boxes?
  152. Do you have to hide and lock up food in the kitchen?
  153. Do you eat in front of your cats?
  154. What else can we do to reduce stress (housecat)?
  155. I thought cats remember past experiences
  156. Gave in and bought a feliway diffuser
  157. Cats make excessive mess when eating wet food.
  158. Traveling with Kittens?
  159. "Your cat is fierce"
  160. Kitty foams at the mouth when I clean her ears.
  161. Does my new cat need a cat bed?
  162. My cats hate each other. Advice please??
  163. Do Calming Treats Work?
  164. cat and bird
  165. Hello - cat not using litter box
  166. Please Help!!!!
  167. Cat has thistle stuck around his rear
  168. Salivation from Kitten
  169. Is there any hope to make it work?
  170. Possibly dumb cat flap question...
  171. spraying with water for unwanted behaviour
  172. Scaredy cat
  173. Long time, no chat, CatForum! Dilemma here - litter box issues
  174. Saving Sophie
  175. Need Help Introducing New Cat to Household
  176. heavily grooming the other cat
  177. Raising kittens and a piglet together?
  178. Danger of adopting stray kitten
  179. I'm fed up and frustrated!! UTI/litter box issues
  180. My 5 month old baby
  181. What is playing too rough?
  182. Lamb Chop is in the terrible teens does time-out work?
  183. Wild antics in the morning
  184. Depressed Cat?
  185. Static Electricity may be my petting problem
  186. Playing way to hard..
  187. Afraid of the dark
  188. Outdoor cat - I just don't get it
  189. Getting a new cat? Need help.
  190. I'm accused of starving my cat
  191. Second cat help!
  192. Cat sucking on tail - photos
  193. Hello! -behavior/litter box problems
  194. Intercat Defensive Aggression - Resolution Solidifying
  195. How do you stop a kitten from running out the door?
  196. Two new kittens: I need help!
  197. Book: The Cat who Cried for Help
  198. Need help with new cat!
  199. ? Adopting a declawed cat.
  200. Will I make it throughthe night
  201. Sir.tomas got a banana peal from the trash and was eating it.
  202. Do all cats destroy furniture?
  203. need advice on active cats, 1BR apartment
  204. Cat eating little wild animals!? (Caution: not for faint of heart)
  205. Help!!!!!! Inappropriate peeing
  206. ?s Selecting a New Cat - vocalization questions
  207. Skittish cats and their hiding places
  208. staying off the counters ??
  209. Training Munch to stay off my Alarm Clock... step by step.
  210. Introducing myself - cat intro problems
  211. Introduction Plan for Five Kitties
  212. Sweet one minute and biting the next
  213. Kitten fighting
  214. Cat's butt in the face
  215. Do cats get jealous?
  216. My 11 year old cat has suddenly become a lap cat?
  217. Cat absolutely REFUSES to take liquid medicine. HELP!
  218. My cat is very mean to my husband
  219. Bored Indoor cat.. Game suggestions needed
  220. So sad, had to throw away a new bag of cat food :(
  221. Munch, the deaf cat, learns 'leave-it'
  222. Potential Fostertunity
  223. My cat will not accept new kitten
  224. Not sure there really is an answer?
  225. Need suggestions for cat toys
  226. I know intros take time but holy moly the hissing!!!
  227. Two questions I have
  228. New (normal, but difficult to handle) kitten owner
  229. My adolescent kitten starts friendly, but then goes in hiding
  230. Adjusting to home after stay at kennel
  231. Brushing New Cat
  232. My kitten is turning mean!
  233. Socializing my cat
  234. Question about Cleaning products
  235. Ghost in the house.
  236. Kitty sticking tounge out like licking air
  237. New kitten HELP - Pee in cat bed.
  238. I'm New, Could Use Some Opinions - kittens got out, won't come back in
  239. Best options for a scratching post?
  240. Mr. Marshall has finally...
  241. Behavior Issues Kitty with Cancer
  242. Please tell me they will stop eating my hair
  243. YES! I did it - carrier training
  244. Lickorish won't eat unless I feed her
  245. Help and advice needed - need to rehome aggressive cat
  246. Introducing a Kitten
  247. Adjusting Anxious Older Cat
  248. Hello all from Mayhem - questions about night time behavior
  249. New kitty just cries and wanders around
  250. hissing cats