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  1. Not happy with new kitty not using litterbox
  2. Using a water gun on a kitten.
  3. Multi cats and litter boxes
  4. Introducing 3rd Cat??
  5. Hello! First time cat owner concerns - scratching furniture
  6. Newbie - 1st Posting
  7. Not covering litter?
  8. Do you have a dominant cat?
  9. Three half wild fosters....Frusated!
  10. Kitten is overly hyper
  11. Adopted 2nd cat - question
  12. questions on losing a friend
  13. Play Question
  14. I dont get it...cats don't like gracie
  15. Jordie beats up my dog
  16. Trimming those claws...
  17. Sore lip???
  18. funny Jordie
  19. Successful introductions!
  20. Kitten Food Too Cold?
  21. Hierarchy Harmony
  22. Will my cats miss my foster kitties.
  23. Question about my cat's facial expression
  24. Such love & joy from my old "RJ"
  25. my princess bit my face
  26. Moving... again. Advice on kitties' reaction
  27. Adopting a cat who has lived whole life at a shelter?
  28. Am I making things worse? cats not getting along
  29. Burying droppings
  30. Hi there
  31. Can cats be overprotective?
  32. Cat gate, diy
  33. so I wanted a playful cat...
  34. vocal senior late at night/wee hours
  35. Ways to massage a cat?
  36. 2 adults.. 1 kitten?
  37. switching litter boxes
  38. My cat hardly plays?
  39. Sleeping training of kittens?
  40. New kitten after old cat? smell affecting new cat?
  41. I feel awful! Poor kitty! wrong brush!
  42. please pray for me - trying to give Marshall a bath
  43. Need help with two cats!
  44. Chewing on everything plastic..? And other strange things..
  45. Is sharing litters normal?
  46. Not giving up on le chat deux
  47. How does your cat tell you "No"?
  48. Cat is hiding, never used to :-(
  49. Female Cat pees outside the litter box for no obvious reason
  50. More of a desperate intro than I usually like!
  51. Hello from Minnesota
  52. HELP - my cat peed on the couch!
  53. Female kitten loves me but won't let anyone else touch her
  54. litter flicker
  55. New fosters,have a few questions
  56. Purring While Sleeping
  57. Trash in my bed
  58. 5-6 week old kitten keeps hissing at me.
  59. Problem: Two cats vs Kitten
  60. I need help/advice with hissing issues
  61. Male cat poops on the floor at night?
  62. Allowing a cat to run free outdoors?
  63. What causes a cat to suddenly attack its owner? (friends cat)
  64. Cat pooping outside the litter box after furniture rearrangement
  65. Laser light
  66. Feral still hates me
  67. Curious about the reason why cat meows so much
  68. Robin has a new 'baby'!
  69. Need Help - Cat Fear/Territorial Aggression, Hissing
  70. Random Nipping?
  71. Routine
  72. "But I don't wanna take a nap
  73. Socializing a new cat with an old one.
  74. The social lives of cats
  75. Going outside the box, help!
  76. Kitten Weaning Issues
  77. Bad to keep kitties in room?
  78. I haven't slept a full night since adopting Munch
  79. ministry of silly walks
  80. new here need advice on introduction
  81. House coming down nextdoor, problems!
  82. Do cats miss their owners when they go on vacation?
  83. Strange Kitties?
  84. 2-week-old kitten fell out of hiding in front of two tomcats and her mother...
  85. Cat family dynamic changing quickly
  86. Do I need to start litterbox bootcamp? Am I a bad kitty mommy?
  87. Hello!! first kitty ever!
  88. How did your kitten change?
  89. Kitten peeing on me ANY advice welcome!
  90. Two Cats; One House.
  91. Cat Furniture on Etsy
  92. Arty scratching posts would you buy one?
  93. Does your cat squeal?
  94. Face licking hurts
  95. Pouncing and biting big kitten (long)
  96. Toys for Kicking
  97. Cat fights
  98. How to get cats to accept new kitten?
  99. Zoe shakes her paws at food she doesn't like
  100. Kitty arched and tail all puffed up
  101. Do cats pee themselves when scared?
  102. Cat pawing - can it hurt us?
  103. Neko Flies and Wand
  104. Games & Toys, Which ones does your kitty likes the most?
  105. Cat furniture and scratchers!
  106. Helping kittens and cats bond, also getting kitten at ease with dogs advice needed
  107. How can I accept/like new cat?
  108. Why does cat bite my face???
  109. Adding a new kitten & having problems
  110. Planning to get a 2nd cat
  111. Cat and Kitten Suddenly aren't Friends
  112. Advice on raising a kitten
  113. Messy cat, Gets poop everywhere!
  114. Can your cat read your mind?
  115. I Need To Know What These Actions Mean
  116. The secret life of cats
  117. Cat sometimes poops on floor, sometimes in box
  118. semi-outdoor on holiday!
  119. Your cat and music -- likes and dislikes?
  120. Cats understand what you say? How much?
  121. Cat is displaying obsessive, overprotective behavior
  122. Cat defecating outside the box
  123. Bringing a stray cat home
  124. Cats
  125. Post Surgery Woes: Siblings Attack
  126. Inappropriate Pooping
  127. Hi there! From Ky! In desperate need of help - won't user litter box
  128. Were thinking about getting him
  129. Graveyard of toys
  130. Can you raise a cat almost like a dog?
  131. New Kitten ... so very tired
  132. Robin growled!
  133. Why love bites?
  134. Scratching dinner matt?
  135. Dominance Issue
  136. Could cats get jelous of each other?
  137. my cat won't go downstairs
  138. I got da da bird
  139. Hissing during playtime
  140. Has this Happened to Anyone Else?
  141. Friends to Foes in One night!
  142. Is this normal? Any tips?
  143. Kitten rolling in litter!
  144. Cat Integration Frustration
  145. Kitty poops on floor
  146. hello everyone!
  147. Sick or not to be sick.. It is the question..
  148. Litter help!!
  149. Behavior - cat hiding
  150. has anyone's cat picked a new place to pee
  151. Kitten suckling
  152. Completely changed cat
  153. Aggression Directed Towards Visitors
  154. is this odd behavior? - staring at nothing
  155. Thomas brought me some "presents"
  156. Hi from South Florida
  157. trying to get him to explore?
  158. Help.. My kitten licks me...
  159. Input needed on stray cat (and taking her inside)
  160. Stopping the kitten eating the puppy's food - any ideas?
  161. New litter box problem
  162. Do cats use their claws when running?
  163. litter box liners?
  164. Bullies
  165. Took the plunge I'M A FOSTER CARER
  166. Blind Kitten Dexter
  167. Cat is using me
  168. My cat is not accepting our puppy, please help
  169. What would describe my cat?
  170. Outdoor cat enclosure
  171. Do any of your cats have anti anxiety meds?
  172. Do you have a secret eater?
  173. Jumbo-sized litter box to replace two smaller ones
  174. How do you know if your cat doesn't like other cats?
  175. Do you know your cat?
  176. He Must Lead with his Right
  177. She Pees in His Litterbox. WHY????
  178. She knew I was sick???
  179. Toe biting......
  180. Scaredy cat
  181. Acting different
  182. Having a senior cat that isn't really senior
  183. Kitten tormenting the old girl
  184. Cat and kids
  185. Can anyone point me to a good resource for intro of adult cat into home?
  186. When a cat runs away...
  187. Cat keeps coming by
  188. Do you permit/tolerate play-biting?
  189. Cat attacking me unprovoked - help!
  190. Anyone else's cat use the human toilet?
  191. Cat trees yes or no
  192. Kitten
  193. cat stroller opinion
  194. My cat just peed on the little kitchen rug...
  195. Toy hogging
  196. Individual play time for each cat
  197. Living with two agressive cats which I hate. What do I do?
  198. Cat stopped using Litter Robot
  199. I found a right grooming tool?
  200. is this normal?
  201. puppy pad holder
  202. New Kittie Finding It Hard to Settle
  203. Munchkin mania
  204. Outdoor made indoor won't adjust
  205. Hello there. Adopted a new cat yesterday
  206. Which size crate should I use for transport?
  207. Foot fetish or Mom crazy??
  208. Calico Behavior
  209. First time I've seen raised hackles
  210. Advice for friend separating and rehoming kitten?
  211. Is my kitteh lonely?
  212. What a stinker!
  213. Introducing a cat to the rest of the house- escape worries
  214. Training the cat to use the human toilet
  215. What are your experiences with Feliway?
  216. My spirits are very low cats-wise
  217. Hello - need help with cat fighting outside
  218. Peeing Issues- need some advice/help
  219. Frustrated new cat
  220. Trashy kitty
  221. Centipedes in the cat litter???
  222. Introducing a Siamese kitten to a resident tabby
  223. Introducing Multiple cats while moving??
  224. Is it possible to make cat stop crawling on the curtains?
  225. Hello, New Member!
  226. Bach Rescue Remedy
  227. I don't need a tall cat tree
  228. Cat @ adoption agency doesn't pur or meow?
  229. I think I'm doing this wrong
  230. The Fynn Saga...
  231. Collars for indoor cats
  232. Your feline alarm
  233. Decompression techniques? Off button?
  234. Funny Kitten Behavior
  235. Won't drink water out of water bowl, but will drink with food....
  236. storms brewing!
  237. looking for advice on correcting some behaviours
  238. At first they loved their cat tree but now they are scared of it?
  239. Will they become more cuddly?
  240. My cat sensed my headache
  241. My cat's don't get along!
  242. Hello!
  243. Cat shelves
  244. Looking for advice on a couple issues! Help!
  245. Hi, I'm New :-) - cat won't sit on my lap
  246. My cat hates my grandma
  247. Kitty loves being rubbed... on eyes?
  248. Sudden Biting
  249. Need advice for Cat Pee Issue
  250. Have you tried playing in the dark?