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  25. Hello all. My cat is acting funny.
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  37. Looking for guidance
  38. Sudden loss of confidence
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  42. Two breakthroughs with Ebony :D
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  47. What to expect from a mixed breed kitten?
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  49. Spraying
  50. Should I get a cat or wait? (Law school and extenuating circumstances)
  51. Moving cross country -- flying vs. driving
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  59. Tom bullying females
  60. Meowing
  61. Help with reintroduction and moving out
  62. Cat issues
  63. Persian Kitten questions
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  65. Hello/Problem with clingy cat
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  67. Spraying cats.
  68. Hiding away behind the curtain
  69. Litter box issues
  70. Hey :) question about cats and new stray behavior
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  78. Cat Bags
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  89. Going away for two weeks
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  122. inappropriate peeing
  123. inappropriate peeing
  124. Sneak attacks - at my wits end
  125. Male crying out at night
  126. A dog with 2 cats - bad idea?
  127. Anyone have good luck with calming collars?
  128. Urinating on door step
  129. Interesting feeding behavior
  130. These Aren't Love-Bites!
  131. Pretend You Are A Cat Play Sessions?
  132. If I adopt this stray - introducing to new territory?
  133. Bathing my cat...
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  135. biting/jumping issues
  136. Night time fretting
  137. Feliway use
  138. Problem with rescue cat biting
  139. About to lose my mind from lack of sleep due to our cat!
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  141. My cat now stays in my yard all day!
  142. Done with Door Dashing--Please help!
  143. Safe cat restraints
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  145. trimming nails while pinching cats neck?
  146. Why is my cat so aloof
  147. Bad mood
  148. Skittish Cross-Eyed Kitten?
  149. Litter everywhere!
  150. Anal Secretions?
  151. Nibbling bare skin
  152. How to get cat to use scratching post?
  153. Excessive meowing
  154. Fear of literally everything outside
  155. Giving A Cat Away
  156. Do cats pee when they smell human pee?
  157. aggression slowly getting worse
  158. Hello - question about new cat's behavior
  159. Worried for cyrus
  160. Sudden change in behavior
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  169. night time howling
  170. stray cats
  171. Stuck on the "let cats see each other" part of introductions
  172. Name too similar?
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  174. Should I separate them?
  175. To rehome or not?
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  179. Trimmer for fur on the feet- what is good search terms
  180. One of my worst fears... kitty missing and we are away **UPDATE** He's back!
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  185. Know of a sturdy carpet scratching post
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  188. My husband and I don't see eye to eye with letting our cats out.
  189. Love bites?
  190. Luna and her Smell obsession
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  193. Is ArmaKat an okay cat tree?
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  195. sleeping excessively?
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  197. Reintegration After Injury
  198. litter box question
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  200. Aggressive Cat
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  209. he stopped sleeping with me
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  212. Running Out Of Options
  213. Formerly (possibly) abused cat
  214. Help! They used to be best friends.
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  222. softpaws
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  235. Lily has been through so much, I think she's depressed.
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  249. Attacks
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