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  1. Why is my cat less affectionate all of the sudden?
  2. Cat bites my window blinds. help?
  3. Following up on Cat Pee Issues
  4. Excessive meowing....need help please i need sleep D:
  5. Crying and then pooing outside of litter box
  6. New cat woes
  7. mother cat kind of rough on her kittens
  8. Cat is pooing on the floor in front of the litter box...
  9. Cat Depression and Cleaning Pee
  10. new behavior for nursing mother
  11. Converting indoor/outdoor cat to completely indoor?? Help!!
  12. No longer comes into my lap.
  13. How To Introduce a Kitten to the household
  14. New cat behaviour
  15. Cat chased by a big dog and is now withdrawn
  16. sudden aggression after toilet
  17. Toilet Habits
  18. Cat wanting to escape?
  19. Fighting Foxes
  20. Moved cat into new house, will she come back after roaming??
  21. New cat - odd behavior
  22. Introduction without supervision??
  23. post birthing behavior question.
  24. My cat hates other cats?!
  25. Cat has diarrhea, will not use litter box.
  26. love bites
  27. Varying Behavioral Problems
  28. my cats driving me crazy, i don't know what to do.
  29. My cat saw something? Or is she just acting weird?
  30. Affection or obsession?
  31. Cat eating food off the floor
  32. My Cat is eating EVERYTHING.....
  33. My cat's afraid to go outside! =(
  34. An invitation & a reward
  35. Help me decide on the right course of actions
  36. Cat Biting and other behavior.
  37. Misbehaving Cat
  38. Progress on ¯Runs from me after six months¯
  39. spayed tabby
  40. Cat bringing in creatures
  41. Cat is hair obsessed.
  42. jumping on table and kitchen
  43. Strange Kneading and Eating Behaviour
  44. Pooping in the backyard! :( Help?
  45. New Kitten
  46. Outdoor cats are driving my cat insane. What can I do?
  47. Omega Self-Cleaning Litter Box and clumping litter question
  48. Rescued feral in West Africa - help!
  49. cat attacks other cat after haircut
  50. Yowling and clothes dragging
  51. bad habit
  53. One cat likes to play, the other cat doesn't...
  54. Cat jealous of new baby
  55. Poop Sample
  56. Moving down the street.
  57. Help I dont understand this cat!
  58. first time cat owner... help! scratching/biting
  59. Cat nipping our other cats back
  60. Any suggestions???
  61. can anyone help me out im pretty desperate xx
  62. Two problems: Fighting, and running.
  63. Thanks to Hoofmaiden & Cat Forum Re: Cat runs from me....
  64. Poops in the Hall
  65. at wits end - cat not taking to new litter box....
  66. Cat starts panting b/c meowing too hard
  67. I bought this covered litterbox see....
  68. Need help with a cat and dog!
  69. it's complicated
  70. Cat Having Mental Issues {UPDATED}
  71. Agitated tabby keeps us up all night!
  72. Advice on introducing aggressive cat to new puppy!
  73. Patch of hair missing between shoulder blades.
  74. Escape artist issues.
  75. Alternative Cat-Off methods
  76. Dominance-based aggression
  77. Domestic Kitty acting like a Bengal, driving me nuts
  78. A change in "Monster"
  79. Cat acting jealous of expecting baby.
  80. New Kitten...Not sure what to do
  81. Cat spraying
  82. Cats and a faux-sheepskin rug (it's not a litter tray)
  83. Feliway question
  84. opinions needed regarding moving the little box
  85. Help need with Aggression Issues
  86. my cats are bored, need some opinions.
  87. cat is killing my carpet...
  88. New with a question
  89. my cat is not eating well..
  90. Cats causing problems :)
  91. Cats been outside for two weeks and came back acting strange
  92. Our cat has problems with my fiance
  93. litterbox (covered vs. uncovered)
  94. What more can we do to help them get along?
  95. Kittens in the litterbox.
  96. Cat's going crazy ever since fleas came...
  97. Cat keeping me up at night
  98. Short-term relocation for 2 cats
  99. book?
  100. just when things started to get perfect
  101. I have a biter!
  102. Helping my kitty deal with my upcoming move...
  103. Cat behaving rather odd. Won't go to the toilet outside.
  104. Breaking learned behaviour
  105. 1 yearold daisy is now swiping oscar 9 weeks old :-(
  106. Too soon for a new cat??
  107. Sick or just clingy?
  108. Runs from me after six months
  109. Bathroom Buddies!
  110. Should I get this new cat (Turkish Angora) that is a biter?
  111. Benjamin fell asleep in my arms...
  112. Introducing new young kitten to older kitten
  113. Introduce New Cat
  114. 3 Cats. All fighting now?
  115. Cat is attacking my hair constantly
  116. I'm new hear and would like some info :-)
  117. Final Straw With Urinating Cat
  118. Cat pulling out fur
  119. going insane, kitten won't use litter box, tried everything!
  120. need advise please
  121. 14 month old cat "crying" in her room****update***
  122. So much progress.....gone
  123. Foster Cat Likes Me A Bit Too Much!
  124. Excited kitten.
  125. Maine coon with randomly vicious behaviour
  126. Little Thief!
  127. cat going crazy
  128. Dashing around
  129. moving the litter box
  130. Cat fusses when I touch his left rear side
  131. Meow! Attention please!
  132. Early morning behaviour troublesome
  133. Cat Urinating and meowing loudly
  134. Kitten cleanliness
  135. Lonely Savannah?
  136. Catching Flies
  137. housebreaking?
  138. Cat keeps sneezing... help mucus everywhere!!!
  139. Are they fighting?
  140. My Cat Makes Cookies...
  141. My cats are pestering the neighbours... Invisible Fence?
  142. A nice, yet growling cat
  143. New foster kittens: sleeping in litter box, pooping in food
  144. cat attacks after rubbing on us?
  145. Strange issue with dish...
  146. My cat's behavior is changing, how do I help it?
  147. New Kitty is Terrified
  148. Litter box issues - wit's end
  149. Cats going for dogs?
  150. Training A Bully Cat
  151. Cats gone to a new home
  152. Need Help with new kitten
  153. EDIT: He HATES me now, HELP !!! :(:(:(
  154. help with a very shy new cat.
  155. Inappropriate urination- at the end of our rope!
  156. Spaying.
  157. Tweety toy
  158. me and my cat havent had alone time, now that we do...
  159. Newbie with a scardy cat!
  160. My Cat has 'MEAN DAYS' when I am in contact with other cats
  161. Our cats fighting more and more often.
  162. Biting
  163. 6 month cat
  164. meowing cat ?
  165. 'Grazing' during shedding season
  166. My cat seems to have chronic stinky bum :[
  167. Cat brings home all manner of items
  168. automatic cat dish and scaredy cat
  169. Introducing new cat to existing cat
  170. Preventing separation anxiety...
  171. Silly behaviour?
  172. agressive at innappropriate times
  173. Cats and.... Mineral ice?
  174. Mika mumuring and moaning
  175. Riley and Bladder Infection
  176. My cat keeps licking the window frame!
  177. HElp i am really scared
  178. Kitten Behavior?
  179. cat wanting to go out
  180. HELP! with peeing and pooping!
  181. Why is she doing this?!?!
  182. HELP Cat question about smells!!!!
  183. please help... kitty keeps pooing outside litter tray
  184. Training question
  185. my cat wont shut up at the early hours of morning!
  186. crazy cat!
  187. The Double Swallow - What does it mean?
  188. Funny behaviour!
  189. ET and Lacey "battling"!!
  190. Help! My cat had kittens and is acting crazy!
  191. Are there any risks with this type of situation?
  192. Isabella suddenly acting very friendly.
  193. Lots of wrestling going on.
  194. Need help, getting 3rd cat with behavioral issues!!!
  195. I think Azores is eating their whiskers?!?!?!?!?!?
  196. Cat does not like belly touched.
  197. new cat introducing to old cat...LOTS OF QUESTIONS!
  198. Suprise Attacks while using the Litter Box?
  199. Cat freaking out over new mirror
  200. Stray Cat Behavior
  201. Do your cats miaow while/before relieving themselves too?
  202. Macho obsessed with food
  203. Cat defacates random places
  204. Cats have become too vocal
  205. Can cats sense pregnancy?
  206. My cat
  207. crying cat
  208. Cat still pooping on floor...long
  209. Lying under my rolling computer chair
  210. i need help plzzzzzz
  211. Kitty and Baby
  212. Cat Scratches
  213. Need help with an aggressive cat
  214. Funny tail curly-cue
  215. Cat is driving me crazy
  216. Cat terrified of everything, what to do?
  217. Kitty and an obsession with easter grass!
  218. UTI and/or Inappropriate Urination
  219. Catmalion--My Attempt to Socialize Snowball with Two Cats
  220. Urination problem
  221. Are cats usually unpredictable?
  222. Can someone tell me how to get her to leave the towels alone
  223. A huge behaviour problem between two cats
  224. Male cats, new kittens
  225. Desperate For Adivce, Cat stopped eating/drinking new puppy
  226. We'd need some advice here... please?
  227. Older car + younger cat...
  228. Acclimating New Kitten -- Need help after 4 months
  229. HELP! New kitten not doing too well.
  230. HELP! New kitten not doing too well.
  231. Question About My Recently Found Cat
  233. Blocking Cat View of Outside at Night
  234. Litter EVERYWHERE, poop on the floor, horrible smell, help!
  235. Sounds silly -Is being affectionate anything to worry about?
  236. Getting kitty a friend
  237. Meowing for food constantly
  238. How do I stop my cat biting me?
  239. need help with problem kitty
  240. Skittish cat language
  241. Need Help w/Problematic Cat Introduction!
  242. Worried
  243. Is my cat bored or sick..or experiencing adolescence.
  244. 2 litters at the same time....
  245. 1/3 cats prefer sleepless nights
  246. How to stop Mother hitting its babies?
  247. Cat Burying Motion next to food?
  248. Cat Peeing Outside the Box
  249. Persian with alot of Energy
  250. New Kitty Not Using Litterbox