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  1. Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract question
  2. Several roaming cats lingering outside, disturbing my cat
  3. Introducing 2 cats-been 3 weeks need help!
  4. My cat is always angry
  5. My Maincoon refuses to go outside
  6. Can a kitten have a mean personality?
  7. Peeing outside of the litter box
  8. Moving With Cats
  9. Scratching and Chortling?
  10. Another one of our cats has gone missing :(
  11. Away for 5 days 4 nights
  12. Owls and cat predation
  13. New Foster is PAINFULLY shy (and I have the clawmarks to prove it)
  14. 14yo Fred--brought bad habit with him
  15. Deciding next feline
  16. Cat fight (new meeting old)
  17. Female doesn't seem scared of other cats
  18. Sad Cat Mom! (Litter Box Mishap)
  19. Just moved and cat unhappy
  20. Will he ever purr? Some questions about my new cat
  21. isolating new cat
  22. Cat puts all her favorite toys in her dry food dish before bedtime?
  23. How To Get The Diva Kitty To Sleep At Night
  24. question about leaving cat alone
  25. Is it true? cats are easier than dogs
  26. Think my two cats will ever get along better?
  27. Cat problem inappropriate peeing
  28. Keeping 2nd in with in/out cat?
  29. New kitten bullying existing cats out of the house.
  30. Kitten biting?
  31. cat won't drink from bowl
  32. Where to buy toy?
  33. Recently blind kitty and some strange habits..??
  34. Exercise cat wheel
  35. meowing followed by hissing
  36. Cat comes home between 10:25-10:35 EVERY night!
  37. How many litter boxes do you have?
  38. Help! Cat newly deaf, I am more upset than he is!
  39. Our two cats don't get along! Tips and Tricks needed
  40. cat went missing
  41. Problem with peeing
  42. Separation anxiety (human, not cat)
  43. Thinking about getting 2nd kitten
  44. New cat not using litter box?
  45. Dad of three + one cats
  46. Need advise about potential relocation and separation.
  47. Is Robin protesting? Litter question
  48. vacation
  49. Moving
  50. I just bought a kitty
  51. Cat may be trapped on balcony upstairs?
  52. Do You Ever Travel With Your Cat?
  53. Biting Issues!
  54. Feliway Diffuser Radius
  55. cat play
  56. cat introduction issues
  57. How long to get used to Collar?
  58. Little kitten mean to older one
  59. New kitten and older cat questions
  60. Rescued 3 week old crying
  61. Will a desexed cat call for a mate?
  62. Cat keeps stealing hair elastics!
  63. Lonely old curmudgeon
  64. Cat Hides Under Bed
  65. Lost my cat in a bizarre place
  66. Runaway risk?
  67. He is getting very fat.
  68. Biting, clawing and needy kitten
  69. A lot of Issues with Tammy..
  70. Hissing at a blanket
  71. How to keep her away from the tv?
  72. Does Your Cat Stick Her Tongue Out?
  73. Introductions to our house kitties
  74. Bird Window - dealing with Redirected Aggression
  75. Curious cat opens doors and some closets. VERY annoying. What can I buy?
  76. Cat eating his litter and peeing on my bed
  77. Having an issue here with the pup
  78. Advice for moving with a cat
  79. Aggression to neighbour's cat
  80. Does Your Cat Like Coconut Oil?
  81. claw proof lap blanket?
  82. Cat in a dorm room?
  83. Collars, yes or no?
  84. Major poop problem
  85. Boom-Boom Day checklist
  86. Aggressive new cat help? (long post)
  87. Reintroduction After Spaying - Advice Needed
  88. Moving with cats, and cats not getting along
  89. ? Introducing cat to grooming
  90. soft paws
  91. Cat(s) Pooping Around The House :(
  92. 1 out of the 9 lives of my cat may be at risk!
  93. Combining cat households
  94. Thinking about a 3rd cat--age/sex/breed thoughts?
  95. Cat Won't Poop in the Litter Box
  96. Should I get a second cat?
  97. Introducing cat to foster kittens
  98. Building Trust between cats
  99. Mine Ran Off :(
  100. brother home from overnight vet visit and
  101. can a cat temporarily live in a tent?
  102. over sharing a litter box
  103. Biting.
  104. Bread?
  105. What's your introing method
  106. New OLD cat joining a family of 3 others
  107. Cat fighting with new sibling
  108. Should I get another cat?
  109. Taking care of little kitty, traveling with pets, etc
  110. Aggression from one cat - no response from the other?
  111. petting aggression?
  112. Blanco a nervous wreck
  113. Looking for suggestions, behavior issues
  114. Alternative sleeping arangement
  115. Sudden Change
  116. Water Bowl Suggestions
  117. Older Cat problem - inappropriate peeing
  118. adding a kitten
  119. OMG they don't chew their kibble!
  120. Kits, cats, dogs and children.
  121. Moving with cat
  122. 1yo not a lap cat but sleeps on my side of the bed
  123. Cat freaks out when carried correctly!
  124. Tips making a long(ish) move with cat?
  125. Handling negative associations?
  126. Auggie's litter box adventures continue...
  127. my cat peed on the bed
  128. Owner of One Cat + Angry dog
  129. Inappropriate urination
  130. Bullying amongst Cats
  131. Kitten is... too calm.
  132. Litter Suggestions
  133. Help, how do I get my 17 week old kitten to use her litter box!
  134. Thinking about getting a pup
  135. New cat changing resident cat's sleep schedule
  136. Success stories of bringing in a third cat to an established 2 cat home?
  137. Friction with new cat
  138. Disposing of the Litter
  139. neutered male spraying everywhere
  140. Anyone elses cat play with their childs toys?
  141. How Do I Keep Cat Off Things
  142. Need advice...
  143. Elderly cat's behavior is ruining the house
  144. Cat isn't taking to new kitten
  145. Rescue cat will not settle at night
  146. Pregnant cat??
  147. Swimming pools
  148. Bringing a New Cat Home
  149. How long does it take till the neutering takes effect?
  150. Meeko and Nova...the struggle
  151. Kitten doesn't groom himself
  152. My cat is destroying everything
  153. New cat - a couple of behaviour questions
  154. introducing my kitten to the rest of the appartment
  155. Relationship btwn my cat and dog needs help!
  156. 9 months old cat roaming behavior problem
  157. Help... sanity fading... nonstop yowling!
  158. Indoor/outdoor cat takes off again
  159. Introduction Aggression
  160. kittens and stairs?
  161. Naughty kitten
  162. Pleasr help with advice or ideas to keep my Cullen calm
  163. Kitty alone for two nights
  164. Proper way to hold a cat?
  165. Kitten Attempting to Nurse on Sibling
  166. Putting on harness/collar
  167. Territory Issues?
  168. voluntary kennel entering
  169. I need a stinky ointment so Toby doesn't bite my feet
  170. new cat spraying
  171. need opinion/tips on introduction of kitten to old cat
  172. Perfect Cat Playmate!
  173. Window blinds vs shutters?
  174. Hello - new cat hiding, not eating
  175. Ouch, my aching hands! aggression questions
  176. tired, sleep deprived and needing advice
  177. Odd behavior all of a sudden
  178. Mystery pee - at wits end!
  179. Kitten Questions
  180. Scratching - is this normal?
  181. Bike basket for kitty?
  182. Cat-on-Cat aggression
  183. Introducing Myself - new cats, introduction questions
  184. Bird Feeder = peeing outside box?
  185. Hissing & Growling after spaying :(
  186. Kitten won't stop meowing & cats meeting kitten
  187. Flying cat between two homes. Potential spraying problems?
  188. When to start the "no biting" education?
  189. Awful Vet trip
  190. Does anyone else's cat randomly "attack" like this?
  191. Cats & Music: Disinterested?
  192. Leash/Harness Training
  193. Russian Blue Companion
  194. anyone else's cat *too* well trained?
  195. Crating a Cat
  196. Privacy, please
  197. Cats are not getting along - Feliway??
  198. Any therapy cats out there?
  199. Bengal Kitten hdiing under bed
  200. Litterbox Re-Training
  201. Hello! question about adding another cat
  202. behavior issues
  203. Copy Cat
  204. Older Cat & Kitten Behavior
  205. Matt From Chicago - new kitten behavior questions
  206. Newbe, cat-dog intro questions
  207. Misty is here!!!
  208. Demanding, Needy Cat
  209. Cat Diego about to jump out the 2nd floor window.
  210. Any suggestions for door rushing?
  211. Correcting Furniture Scratching ?
  212. What do you call this sound?
  213. behavior has my mother thinking about getting rid of him!!
  214. Odd question about constant licking..
  215. Moving and adding a puppy?
  216. Help with spraying
  217. experience with separating kitties?
  218. My cat is grieving his two friends...
  219. Travel Stress
  220. Cat has been missing for 18 hours now :(
  221. Indoor/outdoor semi wild cat
  222. Significance of touching
  223. Hello from Cupp, question about cat's violent behavior
  224. Cat not coming home from the past 15 days
  225. Thinking of getting a 2nd cat
  226. From friendly to attack mode in seconds
  227. Two Cats Suddenly Hate Each Other?!
  228. Cat is depressed?
  229. Kitties playing and puffing their tails up at each other
  230. Harness for escape artist kitty
  231. Cat is afraid of birds/squirrels
  232. What to do with cat when we get married?
  233. Fighting Cats (and dog!)
  234. Food aggression... kind of?
  235. Fast eating
  236. Playing or fighting?
  237. Are hawks a danger?
  238. Cat waking us up at 5:30 every morning
  239. is it bad for cy OK ur cat if you're moving all the to time?
  240. Suckling
  241. Cats using litterbox at night
  242. Cat only cuddles when I'm asleep?
  243. She won't stop biting me!!! Help!
  244. I'd love some advice - cats not getting along
  245. All four paws declawed?
  246. Sit & Stare
  247. Do cats respond to harsh verbal scoldings?
  248. Any advice for walking a cat?
  249. Help with transitioning
  250. Hello, im new and i need advise, cats fighting