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  1. New Kitten Coming
  2. skittish , outdoor cat
  3. Suckling
  4. A few behaviot questions .
  5. Kitty scratching sides of litter box & litter recommendations
  6. cat in different room or same room?
  7. Big brother is a big bully
  8. Toys for cats to play with by themselves
  9. male or female: least likely to roam
  10. What should I do when I have to leave and my cat is sleeping in my room?
  11. Desperate for help, don't want to rehome!!
  12. hey there, question about traveling with cat
  13. do all cats like to play?
  14. Indoor or indoor/outdoor
  15. Spying on kitties
  16. Introducing Cats
  17. Changes In My Life, cat and dog question
  18. When to introduce kitten to old cat
  19. Litterbox placement
  20. HELP! Cat vs door nighttime break-ins!
  21. Help!!! 3 out of 4 cats don't consistently use the litter box
  22. All of a sudden - urination problem
  23. Cross country move!
  24. Is my apartment catified?
  25. Scared and upset
  26. Logistics with a long distance move?
  27. bird feeder on the window
  28. How to get our cat to drink from her water bowl.
  29. Rough housing with dog
  30. Brushing
  31. Russian Blue cat character?
  32. Constantly asking for food
  33. Any tips for preparing an 8yr old cat for a baby???
  34. Cat peeling outside of box
  35. Cat likes to wrestle with my hand
  36. Fat cat pees standing, fur soaked constantly
  37. Can i add 1 more cat?
  38. Cat's ears tilt back during cuddling?
  39. Missing cat ** update - cat found! **
  40. Tried Sssscat to deter cat from scratching at door, but too noisy.
  41. Rescue cats on counters
  42. Cat Tree suggestions.
  43. Does anyone have recommendations for good travel carriers for long distance trips?
  44. Litter scattering
  45. Cattery VS cat sitter ?
  46. Adopted a new cat, old cat is not happy
  47. One cat scratches at bedroom door while other meows incessantly!
  48. Cat bathing
  49. help/advice/tips/tricks for 3 cats moving to new home with dog
  50. How can I stop the clawing of furniture?
  51. Popping on couch
  52. Need advice on stray cats coming in to the house
  53. 8mo takes hours to empty his bowl, my house stinks of cat food!
  54. Need help with cat going to the bathroom
  55. My cat always wants to be up high. Seems nervous
  56. Help me socialize my new rescue
  57. kitten possibly in season
  58. Non-recognition agression
  59. New member - first time cat owner - question about behavior/medicating cat
  60. peeing on the inside wall of the litter box instead of downward into the litter
  61. Need opinions!! aggression and litter box issues
  62. Moving with 2 indoor cars
  63. How long does the kitten stage last?
  64. Dental Surgery Behavior
  65. Angry Biting...?
  66. Traveling Questions
  67. Selling a Home with Cats...
  68. Litter Training
  69. Room with no window
  70. leaving cat inside VS out?
  71. DIY Cat Scratchers / Chemical free products
  72. Cat messing with other animals
  73. Sibling behavior, advice much appreciated.
  74. Kneading kitty
  75. Cat sad or worried
  76. Aggressive kitten
  77. Big changes - dad moving out
  78. New cat just pooped in the closet
  79. 4 month old kitten with sucking behavior
  80. Kitty Biting and mild scratching
  81. I don't want a second cat but does my kitty want a friend?
  82. I just don't know what to do anymore - pooping outside litter box
  83. Ultimate cat deterent
  84. Are two cats better than one?
  85. Fireworks Freaks out my Kittens
  86. Pooping Outside Litter Box?
  87. Cat meowing outside bedroom door every morning.
  88. New aggressive behaviour
  89. Boo & Gotti - behavior issues
  90. Cat Carrier Help
  91. Cat vs Kitten, constant chasing
  92. Hello- question about making friends with cat
  93. Update on Blue Boy and his static problem
  94. Unusual cat attacking behavior
  95. Senior Cat Anti Kitten Protection Vest
  96. Hugo and I.
  97. Behavioral Question
  98. Hi - licking/biting/licking behavior issue
  99. Cat pulling off door stop bumper knob
  100. Moving
  101. Tissues??
  102. Moving Cat indoors to kill mice
  103. Made a serious cat life change lately.
  104. Licking
  105. What toys do your cats go crazy for?
  106. Hello and question about bonding.
  107. Please help: cat pooped on bed :(
  108. water bowl issues...
  109. Fear Aggression
  110. Picked up another one
  111. update on scaredy cat
  112. Trying Soft Paws
  113. Temporary Moving of cats
  114. Excessive Licking of Toy
  115. New here, question about happiness of indoor cat
  116. Hello, litter box issues
  117. Cat won't scratch "refill" scratching box
  118. Could she hate when I'm cleaning?
  119. Milo's gotten his second wind!
  120. Feet biting
  121. Cats and blinds
  122. My kitten wants to eat my food
  123. My Kitten Follows Me EVERYWHERE
  124. keeping cats out of fake xmas tree ??
  125. my room mates cat hates me.
  126. Eating wet food with paws
  127. Peeing cat issue
  128. Adding second cat for our orphan kitty
  129. Nervous about leaving cats while on vacation
  130. Only aggressive towards me?
  131. Cat Acting Scared In Morning
  132. Cat acting weird since coming home after visit
  133. Cats and Christmas trees
  134. Help get 2 cats to use new enclosed litter box
  135. Foster Kittens
  136. Homeagain microchip questions
  137. about my kittens - behavior after being fixed
  138. My Cat Doesn't Like to Be Outside
  139. Love this litter!
  140. spraying
  141. Soft Paws?
  142. Frequent yowling/meowing at night
  143. Adopted A Kitten
  144. Automated Litter Box??
  145. Just moved my eight-year-old cat cross-country
  146. Idea I Had For New Kind of Cat Toy??
  147. Just been adopted by a cat... HELP!
  148. Cat Reunion for next spring
  149. My big cat keeps bullying the new kitten
  150. cat peeing inappropriately - in one room only
  151. Training Not to Chew on Wires
  152. Miyu has figured out up
  153. Is it safe to let a kitten roam?
  154. How to introduce other cats?
  155. Soft paws?
  156. Is getting another cat the right thing for us?
  157. I need help/advice!
  158. Harmful attacks by aggressive cat
  159. Aggressive 3rd cat... losing hope :(
  160. I have a month to train my cat to stop scratching the sofa
  161. Older Cat Doesnt Like Kitten
  162. Encouraging play?
  163. Male or Female and why?
  164. Litter box questions
  165. Litter Box Help Please!!
  166. Catsitter vs Kennel
  167. Are we doing ok?
  168. Possibly a really silly/stupid question
  169. From ornery individual to lap cat
  170. Introduction and question about painful kneading
  171. New to cats - question about new mom/single kitten behavior
  172. How to deter a cat from using you as a scratcher?
  173. My litter box "help" made matters worse...when will it go back to normal?
  174. Cats and loop carpet - can you have one?
  175. Cats won't stop spraying everywhere?
  176. New Cat Question
  177. Redirected Aggression - Will Things Go Back to Normal?
  178. Litter Box Etiquette
  179. Planning for upcoming vacation
  180. Blind and Deaf Kitten Questions
  181. I've started walking Robin...
  182. Cleo's mum - need advice for cat that escaped and came back acting strange
  183. Cats suddenly hate each other?
  184. Essential Oil recommendation
  185. Scratching the walls
  186. Does your cat cover up?
  187. Kitten is possessive of her water dish?
  188. Now Males Are Afraid
  189. Cat refuses to enter cat house/kennel
  190. First cat issues
  191. Cat friendly furniture
  192. Just adopted our first cat...behavior issues
  193. Crisco is a licker
  194. Extremely persistent pee problem
  195. What is the best product to use...
  196. I created a monster!
  197. Help please ... New cat to old cat
  198. Growly Girl
  199. Strays/Outdoor cats (not mine) on my engine block
  200. scratching
  201. Free roaming neighbour kitten keeps bugging my indoor cat
  202. Now have 2 cats and need Behavior advice!
  203. 4 year old cat spraying
  204. Can't let her sleep in my bed
  205. At what point do you give up on trying to change your cat's behavior?
  206. Ocicat fan - cats not getting along
  207. Why must they do these things?!!
  208. Why does a cat stop kneading?
  209. How do cats react to candles?
  210. Weird?... I guess
  211. Belle keeps walking out the front door...
  212. Keeping us up at night. HELP!
  213. Peeing in the Transportbox
  214. Quality of life vs. Companionship
  215. Hello! kitty needs help adjusting to new home
  216. Please help with me with cupcake and banjo's behavior
  217. Cat suddenly terrified of EVERYTHING
  218. Won't pee in litter box!
  219. HELP! Strange behavior.
  220. Anyone's Cat Do or Not Do This.....
  221. Safe toys for an only cat?
  222. Get rid of cat smell? not urine...
  223. Best cat friends suddenly enemies?
  224. How to ge cat urine out of couch?
  225. Cruel to lock one kitten out?
  226. [B]Today Shaza crossed the rainbow bridge, shall we get a companion for Casper?[/B]
  227. Cats fighting -- getting worse
  228. New Cat aggression
  229. How do you keep your cats away from your food?
  230. Female Vs. Male cats...
  231. Just joined to ask a question about kitten sucking on cat's forearm
  232. How to keep my outdoor cats happy in the winter?
  233. Feeding Stray - stray vs. aggressive kittens
  234. hello! cat hides toilet paper
  235. Cated peed on couch
  236. Cat pooping outside of the litter box
  237. Cat won't stop moving her kittens?
  238. Is this just a quirk she has or should I be concerned?
  239. Just Attention-Seeking?
  240. Hi! - intro
  241. House cat went out once, now he only meows
  242. The Abu-Abu Box
  243. new to stairs
  244. cat chews toy, poops out colorful fleece
  245. Help. Kitten continues to attack my hair when back is turned
  246. Olivers Litter Behavior
  247. Newbie - cat attacking guests
  248. Help with Inroduction of a kitten
  249. Sera fears my dad and other "large" men...
  250. My cat pushes his water?