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  36. do you sleep with your cats
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  69. Skittish Cat
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  89. Tips for helping newly blinded cat adjust
  90. Lazy while gone active when return?
  91. When eating her wet food, kitty will move it to the floor next to the bowl?
  92. I'm going away on holidays...what should I do?
  93. New member from San Francisco, thinking of adding new cat
  94. does it tickle?
  95. What is she doing?
  96. Cat nipping?
  97. Chelsea acting weird when hubby returns from hospital stay
  98. Aggressive Cat
  99. My kitty started grooming me!
  100. How do your cats act if you've left them home alone for a while?
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  104. Kneading/Pawing
  105. Agression in female towards other females
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  108. Owned by Odin, Peg from Oregon - need help with cat that got out
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  110. Need advice.. Am I being irrational?
  111. Boarding my cat or having her stay with a friend?
  112. Following Me Around
  113. Is growling during play ever OK/harmless?
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  115. Are my cats actually fighting?
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  117. Cat's Bedtime Ritual?
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  119. Hissing?
  120. Let's play? Maybe.
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  122. Sudden chewing and perching?
  123. Playtime meets night time
  124. Hello! help need with aggressive cat
  125. Cat won't let me brush her, clip her nails, check her gums...
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  127. Hi, here for litter box issue help!
  128. Panicking Attention-seeker
  129. How to break adopted cat of scratching?
  130. Do cats reconize their own dog versus a strange one
  131. Litter Strategy
  132. Litter box question
  133. 1st Collars
  134. He's definitely my cat
  135. Sleeping with a kitten around
  136. Lynx Point Siamese Kitten Questions
  137. Best cat toy ever!!
  138. Yikes Allie Dashed the Catio Door
  139. hello! foster mom of 2 fighting bbs :(
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  145. New & looking for advice - moving with cats
  146. Cat Trying To Cover Up Food Bowls
  147. What's the youngest you've seen a kitten go into heat?
  148. feeding boxes
  149. Male cat won't groom female cat and makes her do all the grooming?
  150. Child toys and cats?
  151. Making My Apartment Cat-Friendly?
  152. Looking for a little help - cats not getting along
  153. Transitioning cat to indoors only
  154. Battle Royale on the stairs - why???
  155. When is the right time to get another after a loss?
  156. New kitten hiding, hissing
  157. Nervous Cats - Cattery, Travel, Sedation?
  158. Taking the cats out! Harness?
  159. Cat starts crying whenever a Bird Feeder is refilled
  160. New to CatForum! Looking for advise for peace in my house - in appropriate peeing
  161. Spirit/Midnight intro day 9
  162. Rebelious acts!
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  164. Soft Claws?
  165. Strange meow?
  166. Kitties and Thunder
  167. Why is she hissing?
  168. Games!
  169. Preparing healthy cats for the death of a friend & How to open hearts for a new cat?
  170. boy cats fighting
  171. Update on Delta
  172. cats destroying a cat tree
  173. Traumatized cat?
  174. Introducing Kash to Dali
  175. Splash!
  176. My kitten is going to meet my cat!
  177. Has anyones cat snatched a bird out of mid air?
  178. Introducing a New cat to resident cat.
  179. pet stairs and ramps
  180. New and desperate! inappropriate peeing
  181. Litter between toes
  182. My cat gets bored at about 4:30AM every night...
  183. behavior issues with orphaned cat
  184. overprotective new kitten
  185. Cats Interesting Way Of Getting My Attention
  186. stepping on poop when burying his business in the box
  187. Cat thinks my hands and feet are toys
  188. Game of Boxes
  189. A spraying cat - am I missing something?
  190. My cat seems so sad all the time
  191. My older adopted cat
  192. Butt Scooting? Is She Back in Heat Already?
  193. Advice on cat walk
  194. Treats for training?
  195. More skittish?
  196. Stop the domination of ME!
  197. adopted third cat
  198. Mood swings. Time to change type of litter?
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  200. Will my cat get lonely when the other cat leaves?
  201. Theories on my neurotic Siamese.
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  205. Territorial Aggression- can it be stopped?
  206. Neck pouncing
  207. Feliway question
  208. Am I being teased?
  209. Female cat grooms male cat. Then he gets up and smacks her?
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  211. best combinations?
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  213. Cat Room Music
  214. injuries after fights
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