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  1. Huge Fight!
  2. Izzy's 'foot game'
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  5. 10 week old kitten plays rough, help?
  6. Rejuvination
  7. Could REALLY use some advice - play fighting or not?
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  9. Anyone have recommendations for a good hypoallergenic litter?
  10. I just had this thought... potting soil as litter?
  11. Mother cat attacking her male kitten.
  12. Cat keeps peeing on bed
  13. Have I messed up introduction?
  14. Newly adopted cat viciously attacks Daryl
  15. When cats scrap...
  16. New Member - cat introduction issues
  17. Always rubbing her ear/top of head area against things
  18. Cats attracted to azaleas
  19. 9 Scratch-Free Tips On How To Bathe A Cat
  20. Experience with Ovaban?
  21. Leaving kittens/cats at the vet to be spayed/neutered feeling guilty?
  22. Kitten Questions
  23. cat not covering her BM's
  24. Peeing in the litter box but not in the litter
  25. Not sure about new kitten behavior
  26. Help with inapropiate peeing
  27. Suddenly vicious
  28. Millie won't poop in the litter tray .....
  29. Need advice! cats not getting along after vet visit
  30. Toby likes the "running game"
  31. inappropriate peeing
  32. Fencing solution
  33. Just brought the new kitten home
  34. Shy Kitten
  35. Change in Behaviour
  36. thinking of adopting a cat
  37. Behavior and introduction issues with new kitten
  38. Feral momma Darci is nursing litter #4!
  39. Crisco and Cali introduction thread..
  40. Kitty won't let us sleep at night!
  41. First cat. Is she just shy?
  42. Getting a kitten and have lots of questions
  43. Hello to all, can you help me? cat doesn't like laps or being held
  44. Are Problems Likely With Quiet Cat Friendly Puppy?
  45. Fighting or playing?
  46. Paid the price
  47. Introducing a new kitten
  48. Allie Mc Goos First Bath...Drying Time
  49. Help with safe kitten toys
  50. Why does my cat lie down i...
  51. My cat is a dork - keeps getting minor chin injuries
  52. Mutli-cat Household Problems....
  53. separation anxiety
  54. Need help understanding this specific incident...
  55. Houdini the Cat
  56. Interactive toys
  57. Hello =P - questions about introducting cats
  58. Mia caught a mouse
  59. Cat humping, kneading and purring
  60. walking sideways, just for a second?
  61. New place, new hiding spaces...
  62. Eight week old kitten having litterbox issues.
  63. Viscious Cat
  64. help. new ideas needed for luring a very smart cat into a carrier...
  65. Inconsistent Use Of Litter Box
  66. Looks like I'll have feral momma Darci for awhile longer.
  67. Cat tail biting
  68. Cat in heat ran away!
  69. Hello - need cat introduction help
  70. Adopting a dog?
  71. Moving Twice...Any Tips?
  72. The difference between a pound cat and rescue kitten.
  73. Can Sentry collars promote catnip reception/caring?
  74. Cats Recognize Kitty Babies/Children
  75. cat scaring guinea pig
  76. Getting cat to get used to dog
  77. Why is he so faw away?
  78. Hello All need advice - take cat or not?
  79. Contemplating a Second-A Kitten
  80. Licking and itching problem
  81. peeing problems... where do I get a blacklight?
  82. Siamese behavior or bottle-fed behavior?
  83. Help cat is hiding a lot more
  84. Two grown ladies
  85. Maternal Instinct
  86. How Dare I?! Pheromone Collar
  87. Small Animal Help
  88. New Kittens--Need help/advice/suggestions please!
  89. my little boy will. not. snuggle.
  90. The Cat Whisperer has met his match - cat seems to love everyone except me
  91. How to stop bed time shenanigans
  92. New and need help - cat not accepting new kitten
  93. Water fountain?
  94. Cat grief
  95. 2 Cats went to the vet today
  96. got my little girl back - now hiding
  97. Help With Enemy Cat
  98. I think ive created an actual monster...
  99. Da bird
  100. Getting another cat.. sort of. Will they get along?
  101. Russian Blue acts extremely fickle around me
  102. Musical moggie
  103. I've rescued a stray kitten... Now what?
  104. Jack's favorite times of day vs. his "grumpy" times of day
  105. Leaving your cats
  106. Secure Kitten at Night
  107. Moving out - Leave cat with his friends or take with us?
  108. Worsening cat relationship
  109. Hello! New with a problem! kitten got away
  110. Neutered Male Cat biting Spayed Female
  111. DIY cat furniture, shelves, perches, etc.
  112. Crate size help please
  113. Indoor cat crys to go outside and will try and dart out ever chance he can
  114. Your thoughts on leash walking cats?
  115. My cat is weird, questions on her weird behavior
  116. Thought I adopted a young cat ~ iin reality he's a kitten, with behaviour to match
  117. Getting ready for Crisco, I have questions...
  118. tucker just got neutered...
  119. Restless in Youngstown
  120. Cord Chewing and Hiding in the Dresser
  121. How to Catch a Cat?
  122. Cats like Baskets or Beds
  123. Advice for Senior Cat
  124. Crazy cat
  125. Cat Anxiety
  126. Please help! cats not getting along
  127. OK, so I totally know this is a dumb question about confining a cat to one floor
  128. We need some education about adding kittens
  129. when to leave cats unsupervised
  130. Numlys new habit
  131. adopted a cat and wondering some things
  132. question about acclimating to new location
  133. Strange terrified behavior
  134. Cat Waking You Up at Night
  135. When they want it, they want it MEOW.
  136. Neighbours got a kitten who hisses at my cat
  137. Watching birds out window. Teasing or enjoyable?
  138. Odd question about strange behavior with toy
  139. Patting wardrobes at 3am!
  140. cat is obsessed over my husband
  141. Ceiling Fan
  142. She chews on plastic...
  143. About my cat not liking being touched
  144. my 3 year old rescue will pee in litter box but not poo, any ideas?
  145. Angry Kitty
  146. Tips for Feeding Cats Separately?
  147. Having Cats Outdoors in Enclosures
  148. He doesnt want to be good?
  149. One shy, one not, new home without other cats
  150. Mean feral momma Dani
  151. Da Fur Thing toy
  152. Mixed Signals With New Cat--Help!
  153. cats peeing around home
  154. I think kitty is stressed
  155. Door Darting?
  156. Stop that and play with me!
  157. My feral escaped my trap,now what??
  158. Laser toys recommendation
  159. Ideas for saving window sills!
  160. Playing hurt?
  161. Hi, I'm new. My cat seems depressed.
  162. Indoor cats spooked, took out on each other, HOUSE IS IN CHAOS!
  163. Biting....
  164. Need help with a urine problem
  165. Cat Diapers?
  166. Help with New female and older male
  167. Cat shelves
  168. Having some issues introducing a new cat
  169. cat stairs UK! :)
  170. Counter Surfers Wreaking Havoc!
  171. Full Moon
  172. Recovering From Post Vacation Urination
  173. Cat pens
  174. Cats and window screens
  175. At wit's end...
  176. Is it possible to teach a cat how to bury their poop?
  177. Sisters suddenly not getting along
  178. 2 cats, 2 different foods. Help
  179. Poopy paws
  180. Maple has been dethroned, our lives are difficult.
  181. Determined kitten!
  182. Crazy behavior
  183. great cat toy for $1.99
  184. Progress!
  185. Younger cat bullying older cat
  186. Anybody else have a drooling cat?
  187. First time fostering: Two Feral Cats, help
  188. Scratching everything but her scratching pad
  189. Inside vs outside cat
  190. Cat supposed to pick up on mood?
  191. New Cat - possible litter box issues?
  192. Outside walks or not?!? Torn kitty owner...
  193. Adopted 2nd cat! journal of progress--input needed please!!
  194. Bedroom sleeping and litterbox
  195. A two-fer: a few questions about a foster cat
  196. Mr.Friendly problem peer
  197. Hello - inapppropiate peeing
  198. kitty rebellion - not improving
  199. Longer walks
  200. Cat climbing up legs
  201. Cat pees and poops on floor
  202. Help with neighborhood bully
  203. Introducing 2 female cats
  204. Why won't he stop attacking her?!
  205. poop at the front door
  206. Moving a cat advice, please help!
  207. Tumble toys for larger cats?
  208. Meow - behavior issues
  209. Very nervous cat
  210. cats not getting along after vet visit
  211. Weird momma postion
  212. Cat stopped using toilet... why?
  213. Hello everyone - cat with chronic kidney disease / failure peeing everywhere
  214. Kitten body language question
  215. Kitten aggression advice?
  216. I am new to the Cat Forum - former feral cat still scared
  217. Why do cats cause harm to one another?
  218. Switched Sleeping Spots
  219. rescue has my first foster--many questions please!!
  220. Polly and foster baby Wylie playing.
  221. Is peeing OVER the litterbox a sign of UTI?
  222. Hello everyone - scaredy cat
  223. Luna's "Princess Panties"
  224. Should I break up the fights?
  225. Two resident cats plus 1
  226. Kitten thinks my hair is a toy at 3 a.m.
  227. How old of a cat you can toilet train
  228. Spooked Cat
  229. need help - missing cat
  230. Update on Simba
  231. Cupcake begs for treats
  232. aggresive resident male
  233. Polly and Foster Baby Wylie Playing....
  234. female spayed but Toms still chasing her all day?
  235. moving the litter box?
  236. Need Help with Scaredy Cat
  237. Sera seems to be unaffected by Tsukis passing
  238. New member - blending cats
  239. Robin had seasonal depression.
  240. please help with introduction setback :(
  241. Thinking of adopting a 2nd cat
  242. does your cat watch tv!?
  243. Newb needs some advice please - cat wants outside
  244. How bad is cat spray?
  245. Neutered male spraying people
  246. Are vet trip disasters worth it?
  247. Insight into Strange potty habits
  248. head bunting (playful or fight?)
  249. how much litter is enough
  250. Maya x 3 pairs of my socks