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  1. Cat being aggresive towards other 2 cats?
  2. Stray cat hurting Butterboo
  3. Wanting a 3rd kitty
  4. age and chewing?
  5. Ellie eating plastic and getting into things...
  6. How to bond and keep kitten occupied
  7. do cats have road sense?
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  9. pee in the cat dishes (outside) - could it be the kitties?
  10. Advice about cats sharing same garden
  11. Brown stuff on feliway diffuser...
  12. Need bowl recommendations.
  13. The Life of DaBird
  14. What to do about "lampshades"... (cones of shame)
  15. Problems with older cat
  16. Can anyone shed some light on these habits?
  17. Cat harness
  18. Lord Butterboo suckles on everyone
  19. Cupcake is still scratching up the furniture
  20. Hello! missing cat
  21. Kittens are driving me crazy!
  22. Proof Gypsy doesn't wait by the door!
  23. Tips on making both cats feel comfortable inside?
  24. Help a lonely cat
  25. Kitten growling
  26. best way to introduce a new kitty to the resident kitties?
  27. 2nd cat... foster? and a bonding question
  28. Cat won't stop scratching my bed/door
  29. cats and gender
  30. Do your cats know you are sick?
  31. Sadly I must re- home one of my kittys
  32. One lap , two cats
  33. How many toys are too many?
  34. Retiring with a cat
  35. Door cat climber - any experience?
  36. Newly single cat not adjusting well
  37. New Behavior(s)
  38. I need someone to analyse the situation! two cats meeting outside
  39. I need someone to analyse the situation!
  40. Trouble bonding to a kitten?
  41. Teenage kitty boys - change in meows?
  42. Pennies from heaven
  43. My cats are bored
  44. Sign of trust? I sure hope so!
  45. big mouth Tonkinese
  46. Play fight or real fight?
  47. Cat steps on poo inside litter box
  48. Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences
  49. Kitten chasing 5 year old cat. Help!
  50. Cat Tree - the real version - looking for input
  51. clicker training?
  52. Neutering question
  53. Integration progress and setbacks
  54. Water tipping kitten
  55. Cats and crock pots?
  56. I successfully leash walked my cat today
  57. In need of some suggestions and help - adding new cat
  58. Flying with a cat
  59. Kitten likes being static shocked...Is this normal??
  60. Ideas for keeping dog out without making cat jump the gate
  61. New Job Worried about My Boy
  62. Spraying Question...
  63. Lost/Missing Cat
  64. One scratches constantly, the other pees all over
  65. kitten has a strange addiction
  66. meowing problem!
  67. Not love bites, but hunger bites
  68. I'm kind of worried my kitten will hurt herself. Any advice?
  69. Cats learning about what you are
  70. Getting WEIRD
  71. Hey from the Caribbean - cats not getting along
  72. weird behavior by my cat phishy
  73. keep cat off counters, bookshelves, tables
  74. Cat agreed to medical treatment
  75. Fun & games - starting at midnight!
  76. Possibly Adopting Second Cat
  77. New kitten adjustment period?
  78. 6 month kittens peed three times where my son sleeps
  79. One kitten keeps hissing at the other?
  80. How close can a litter box be to their food?
  81. Simba under the sofas
  82. The Lure of Treats? or Habits?
  83. It never ends well
  84. Help adjusting cat to new surroundings while cat sitting.
  85. Rehomed stray very standoffish - long story...
  86. My cat miaows... A LOT.
  87. Siblings cats not getting along... At all.
  88. Any hope of them getting along?
  89. Cute kitty is waking us up!
  90. how to keep her out of his litter?
  91. Suddenly going to the toilet inside...?
  92. Cat Nail Trimming
  93. intense displays of affection
  94. Going on Holidays/Vacation - Advice Needed
  95. 2 kittens and a cat, best litter?
  96. Cat pee smell on the dog
  97. kitten hiding/scared
  98. Kitten not covering her poop in litter box?
  99. Cats and sugar gliders?
  100. advice/opinions on a playmate for Celia
  101. Cat biting and scratching
  102. Morning behavior - changed
  103. Recently adopted second kid Gouda the cat - safe room question
  104. Has "slow blinking" worked for you?
  105. A few questions regarding scaredey-cat behaviour...
  106. Hello and Help needed with introductions
  107. Cat peeing on futon and clothes on ground.
  108. About to have another cat dumped on me
  109. Kitten shaking head a lot and sometimes scratching head/ear.
  110. Can cats adapt to all this
  111. Kitten very hyper after spay surgury
  112. aggression or play?
  113. Oh Man :( Dexter doesn't use the box
  114. Outdoor cat keeps grooming herself when I bring her inside for a while
  115. Difference between play fighting and fighting
  116. Kitten acting like it's covering poop on a hard floor?
  117. Kitty's been pooping on the floor
  118. new kitten, new house, introductions...
  119. My babies Monte and Carlo need help!
  120. I'm failing at integration
  121. Im having difficulty taking my cat for walks
  122. Too much catnip?
  123. Hello everybody - cat spraying
  124. Pepper is acting weird
  125. How can I transition a cat back into the household after surgery?
  126. Vet tells me Calicos are typically independent!
  127. Cat wakes us up at night
  128. Kitten is still crazy
  129. Litter box training
  130. I Think the OddOne has Lost It
  131. Considering a second one
  132. Charli and two new kittens
  133. She likes to sleep under the bed??
  134. Kitten gets very upset when only my mom touches her
  135. Your sentiments towards caged cats
  136. How to know if cat wants to stay or leave?
  137. Help with neighbour's cat
  138. Kat, Oliver and Tino. Advice needed
  139. feline psychogenic alopecia
  140. Two cat toys to recommend
  141. Carrier issues- need suggestions
  142. A cat found me/
  143. New to the forums - one cat hissing at another
  144. Getting cat to be more friendly
  145. Cats and children - how do you cope?
  146. Rescue cat very clingy
  147. Cat keeps peeing on bed
  148. New Cat - New Litter Box ?
  149. Hello - kitten behavior issues
  150. Kitten Growling at other Cat
  151. Blue Boy got out today. (Thankfully I caught him)
  152. Cat doesn't like my face.
  153. kitten wakes up SUPER early
  154. Interpret PLEASE!
  155. Feliway? spray or plug in?
  156. Hello- Paul, Max and Lucie - introduction issues
  157. Cat nips me
  158. Weird Behavior
  159. Cat Has Adopted Hunching Behaviour?
  160. Possible new kitty
  161. Cats not integrating.
  162. How to stop foot attacking night?
  163. Litter box training An 85 Day Old Kitten
  164. Hi, cat has recently started hissing & growling! Help?
  165. Anyone feel like their cat sees you only as food supply
  166. Hi I'm new - question about confining cat to a room for 5 months
  167. Behavior modification fail
  168. How Do I Interpret This?
  169. What are the effects of catnip?
  170. My Bathroom Stalker
  171. questions from a cat lover
  172. Unhappy Cat!
  173. Anyone have a good suggestion on cat toys?
  174. Cat Rescue Vounteering
  175. my cat is missing
  176. VERY bizaare suckling behavior
  177. Completely replace litter regularly?
  178. Countdown til Freyja arrives, last minute tips!
  179. Litter box dilemma - New kitten
  180. Tibby, not fixed but not spraying?
  181. What is this?
  182. Why my cat acting this way?
  183. Stay off work area, and JUMPING!
  184. Aggression? ..
  185. Acclimating Kiki
  186. Nail Clipping
  187. Kitten peeing on soft things
  188. Suddenly licking things
  189. A poop problem
  190. Kitten Litter Box Help!!
  191. Hello! - senior cat, inappropriate peeing
  192. Need advice for bully kitty
  193. Bad Santa!
  194. How to talk to neighbor?
  195. Cats Sensing Bad Thunderstorms
  196. feral cat that attacks itself
  197. kitten play mode
  198. Half Feral Cat Dilemma
  199. Inadvertently started a turf war, and now my cat's taken off! HELP!
  200. Leaving alone - advice
  201. My new Feral cat turning into a indoor cat - clicker training
  202. Can an outdoor cat with a home turn feral?
  203. Sitting On Own POOP!
  204. New negative behaviour
  205. Take Isa or Leave Her at Home
  206. Cat hissing at her brother after his surgery
  207. New to this forum. - behavior issues
  208. Adding another Cat Advice
  209. My cat attacks my legs when I won't let him do what he wants to
  210. Online programming for cats?
  211. new cat bullying our other cat
  212. how kitties grieve after the loss of a buddy
  213. Toys for when you are away
  214. Cat Attacking My Feet....
  215. Road trip!
  216. How long before our adult cats accept our kittens?
  217. cats not getting along
  218. Chronic fecal matter on the floor
  219. Catproofing Balcony
  220. What is He Doing?
  221. We had an awesome affection milestone today!
  222. Omg, I think I've started training the cat
  223. "fostering" a friend's cat
  224. Transporting kitty for the holidays?
  225. Cat Carrier Disaster
  226. Hissing, Growling and Violent after Plastic Bag Incident
  227. How to share yourself?
  228. my review: frolicat hands free lazer pointer
  229. Something interesting your cat does
  230. Spraying my Christmas Tree
  231. Clean litter storage?
  232. Is being a one-person cat a problem?
  233. Aggressive newbie :(
  234. Traveling in a car
  235. This morning he used the litter box!
  236. New kitten and resident cat
  237. How to help 2 cats get along? -temporarily staying together
  238. Scratching furniture
  239. Not using litter box
  240. can a 12 year old cat handle a dog in the house?
  241. Odd Poop Problem
  242. How does cat do with changing home?
  243. Weird behavior... Advice appreciated
  244. Getting a Second Cat
  245. Christmas Tree Defender
  246. How to prevent cat from injury under reclining sofa???
  247. Walking in the winter?
  248. 5 a.m. wake up call
  249. Kitty Biting Problem
  250. A Cat's Demeanor