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  1. Kitten driving me bonkers!!!
  2. New to forum - new cat behavior issues
  3. Climbing people like trees
  4. it's getting cold
  5. Kitten won't snuggle?
  6. When you see your cat see a stray cat, what should you do?
  7. Help: My Cat's Unhappiness and What to Do
  8. Mischevious Kitten Behavior
  9. Feeling like something is just off about Ellie?
  10. Guests in the house, tips for calming a kitty?
  11. I feel terrible but..
  12. Christmas decorating...
  13. Thinking of getting a puppy...
  14. Introduction went bad - help please!
  15. Artifical Christmas Tree
  16. Kittens not getting along
  17. Food obsession?
  18. Aggression after the groomer
  19. My dog is intimidated by Daryl's rubbing
  20. Introducing Dog to Cat
  21. Yowling Cat
  22. Cat sitting down in litter box when using it
  23. cat bed
  24. Aggressive Cat
  25. Bathing kittens . . .
  26. Perhaps a larger litter box?
  27. Help please with our female cat.
  28. Chasing Tails
  29. Kitty problem
  30. 7 Month old baby.. and cat poop!
  31. Cat jackets?
  32. My kitten grooms my face
  33. Poop outside the litter box?
  34. tips for an hour ride to the vet
  35. Getting cats to stop sleeping inside box springs
  36. Cat door?
  37. Biting Out Hair
  38. purring without sound
  39. Sibling for Charli?
  40. Third wheel - cats not getting along
  41. Introduction issues
  42. Shaking head constantly - Ear problems?
  43. Too many choices! - match for cat
  44. Weird noises while grooming
  45. My baby girl follows me...EVERYWHERE!
  46. indoor cat got out
  47. Cat hates people
  48. I've been reading about feliway this mOrning....
  49. Hello. New member in need of help - cat assaulting own tail
  50. Would feliway combined with calming collar be a waste of money?
  51. Fussy kitten during grooming...
  52. Why do my cat nip me?
  53. My cat's tail hurts me
  54. I have a crazy cat
  55. Cats & Christmas trees!! Advice?
  56. Thoughts on leather furniture/cats
  57. Outdoor litter boxes?
  58. My cat is boss. Question on spray bottle
  59. Using straw as litter?
  60. New to this sight! Hope I can find some advise - introduction issues
  61. Do cats grieve?
  62. New Kitten and Old Dog
  63. Feral Mama Cat & Baby
  64. Cats 'n boxes
  65. Getting cats to use a cat tree?
  66. Please Help! New Cat Person
  67. Winter walks
  68. Grieving Kitty
  69. my cat likes to pee on my bed only.
  70. 'Tis the Season - Holiday travel
  71. Hmm who is the real villian?
  72. Christmas Trees & Cats
  73. Need help - integrating cats
  74. Where do I start..... litter box issues
  75. Trying to escape
  76. Oliver stole my bacon!!!!!!
  77. They Hate Each Other...
  78. Special milestone for Daryl - Lap!
  79. Munch goes nuts at the smell of bleach
  80. Is it weird that my cat doesn't EVER rub her face on things?
  81. Adopting brothers/sisters as opposed to cats from different litters
  82. Little monster!
  83. Deterring crazy acrobat cat!
  84. I've created a monster?
  85. How long do you leave a kitten for?
  86. Kneading
  87. Cat attacking my other cat and puppy
  88. Litterbox issues defecation
  89. Chill cat at the vet's?
  90. Maine Coon attacking his "buddy"
  91. Daryl goes spastic at 6 am
  92. What is this crazy behavior?
  93. Can't even open doors
  94. Hissing after the vet?
  95. Confident vs not so confident kittens
  96. Any Maine Coon people out there? Give me hope. :)
  97. Confused by sibling behavior
  98. Overwhelmed - can cats be inside?
  99. Cat stopped using litter box after getting puppy!
  100. Another litter box post :/
  101. Reintroducing cats after agression
  102. To collar or not to collar?
  103. Tail Flicking & Purring
  104. Uncovered litter and bad odor
  105. How Can I Keep Stray Tomcat From Bothering My Female (Spayed)
  106. cat pooping in the bath
  107. 4 month old kitten biting issue
  108. Do cats get less affectionate as they grow older?
  109. Odd litter box problem
  110. Cat had kittens years ago... Does this mean she will like kittens?
  111. Did i take the right approach?? - more litterbox issues
  112. My cat Whizzer is not using the litter box
  113. Introduction - litter box issues after neutering
  114. I take back all the nice things I said......
  115. Kind of embarassed - cat peeing on neighbor's house
  116. Stealing our heat
  117. Nail clipping suggestions!
  118. inappropriate voiding-behavioral
  119. Cat Headache
  120. Halloween Howling
  121. out of control playing!
  122. Moving again- Should I bring kitty?
  123. How do I get my 11 month old kitten interested in playing?
  124. Mabel the Himalayan's socialization is regressing
  125. I'm New - question about cat's behavior
  126. sleeping under bushes all day...
  127. scratching our TV
  128. Cat and Computer
  129. Hi, and please help! - inappropriate peeing
  130. experience with Jackson Galaxy wands?
  131. Newbie Here From NYC
  132. "Safe" Box
  133. Severe Storm Reactions
  134. allow my momma cat walk in the yard?
  135. Stanley is...digging his litter out of his box..?
  136. momma cat moving kittens to my bed
  137. Check car for animals before starting.
  138. Very strange behavior this morning in one kitten
  139. Very Squirmy Kitten
  140. Social Cat
  141. Boy or girl
  142. Playing in the litterbox...
  143. Too old for indoors?
  144. Behavior towards my dog (positive, I think?)
  145. Easily Over-Stimulated
  146. Question about Teething/Gnawing
  147. cat and kitten introduction issues
  148. Looking for a cat toy....
  149. Midnight got herself into trouble
  150. Type of Collar
  151. Cat jumping up on the kitchen countertop when i say no
  152. Preventing lost toys
  153. Sick or Scardy Cat???
  154. Why does the stapler terrorize my cat? (or any clicky sound)
  155. Stray cat terrorizing my daughter's tuxie
  156. A miracle just occurred - Caspain asked for affection
  157. My kitten seems to like my roommate better
  158. Socializing cats with rabbit/other people's cats
  159. Jumping at food bowl...
  160. Biting hair off
  161. Peeing outside of litter box
  162. Glad I saved the pee pads!
  163. Keeping kitty off the kitchen counter tops
  164. Inventory of Items for Owning a Kitten/Cat - activity question
  165. Peeing
  166. Eye Contact and Nipping
  167. Curious snuggle patterns
  168. Who needs a guard dog...
  169. Bella - helping outdoor cat become indoor
  170. Need help socializing my newly adopted cat (first time cat guardian!)
  171. Outside Cat to Indoor? Yes!!
  172. Foster Cat Love Husband Post-Neuter
  173. Carpet Scratching
  174. Indoor kitty wants out!!
  175. Ideas for litter training two adult stray kitties?
  176. Cat wakes me up every night
  177. Missing Cat
  178. 6 month old kitten can't seem to get home
  179. Owners with shy cat - when you have visitors
  180. Thinking of adding a third cat
  181. Breakaway kitten collars
  182. When Do You Worry About Missing Outdoor Cat
  183. Love Bites from kitty?
  184. good toy choices for declawed kitties?
  185. Random question on behaviour
  186. Hello/Silent Apartment
  187. Cat Poop smell but nothing in the litterboxes
  188. Marsiglia's soap
  189. Gypsy using my new bed for a scratching post
  190. Can someone explain this kneading behavior?
  191. Help Needed - cats not getting along
  192. Squirts is becoming more clingy for lack of better word
  193. A Star brag!!
  194. Newly adopted cat just wants to sleep
  195. Max is home! & smells like pee.
  196. Is cat love limited?
  197. How your cats recognize you
  198. Males and Their Activity Level
  199. Would Gypsy like a friend?
  200. Tough decision
  201. Behavior of a once abandoned cat
  202. Orphan kitten paci
  203. How do teach a cat not to do things?
  204. Hello + Introduction Question (kitten + 1 yr old cat)
  205. Odd query!
  206. Rehoming my kitty, mixed feelings
  207. Keeping Litter In
  208. Difficult decisions
  209. Curious about explanation for behavior-babies
  210. Kitten rough playing
  211. Howdy, need some advice - litterbox issues
  212. Reintroducing cats that were chums in a shelter?
  213. New cat is a bully!
  214. Lessening Rehoming stress
  215. Getting cats to be closer with each other again
  216. Advice needed! Sisters fighting!
  217. 14 y/o male cat and kitten
  218. How to do a reno?
  219. Favourite toys.
  220. Hello everyone. Question - timid cat, introductions
  221. Strange pet peeve
  222. Help, My cat is scared of me.
  223. The problem with Da Bird
  224. 2 New Kittens - One keeps peeing.
  225. New & In Need of answers about leaving cat in heat home alone
  226. Hello all! behavior help needed for stressed cat
  227. Introduce myself - behavior issues
  228. Introducing in small spaces- Tips?
  229. Chasing during dish washes??
  230. Newton pawing beside MY food
  231. Does anyone elses cat scratch the wall?
  232. Spontaneous... aggression??
  233. Teaching kitty behavior
  234. Former Stray, litterbox issues
  235. Kasey is home!
  236. Can't touch her belly
  237. Claws
  238. Crinkle tube and peeing!
  239. Help with cat attacking me while I sleep, please.
  240. Adding a second cat, behavior and affection
  241. Moved litterbox, accidents!
  242. kitty doesn't seem to like me much now
  243. Please help with Luna
  244. Ugh, WHY did she start peeing on the bed again?
  245. Lack of Affection
  246. Two new cats---which one is peeing??
  247. Kitten doesn't meow this normal?
  248. Clingy After Neutering
  249. Artie's new behavior
  250. Couldn't find my gypsy