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  1. Adult Cats and Kittens, a reality?
  2. This cat does not like me.
  3. Has this behavior happen to their cat before?
  4. Aggressive kittens
  5. strange behaviour
  6. Hi from OZ. Adult Cat Problem - bath question
  7. Another Pee on Carpet issue
  8. Adventures in Harness Training
  9. Harrassment at night
  10. Gypsy my little garbage disposal
  11. Guarding
  12. Toileting problems. Help
  13. Please Help! My cat with our new puppy
  14. Litter Box Use
  15. Very Aggressive Cat after Vet Visit
  16. How do you coax your kitties?
  17. Confusing stimuli
  18. Most popular scratcher
  19. I have a question about my cat hissing at me
  20. Are your cats nurse kitties?
  21. Litter boxes in different rooms
  22. Cool article on Cats and Catnip
  23. Pooping on bed in "her" room?
  24. unspoken rules of cat play
  25. Cat's sensing death?
  26. Cat destroying sofa
  27. Adopted 3 month old "Princess" from local shelter. She is scared. HELP!
  28. Pooping and Peeing in Tub
  29. Cat only loves my boyfriend T_T (cat pics)
  30. Progress! then setback
  31. Cat exiting litter box too quickly
  32. New Kitten worries/questions/advice needed
  33. Hello! & please help me with cat introductions :(
  34. One cat avoiding main living area
  35. Shy kitty progress!!! Torri was playing.....
  36. Wondering if i should be alarmed - cat lethargic after vaccines
  37. Question!
  38. male or female kitten best
  39. Help with my mouthy cat.....
  40. Should I break up play fights?
  41. Moving my kitties
  42. Self entertaining toys?
  43. Clingy or nervous cat?
  44. Neelix freaked me out!
  45. Cat won't bury business
  46. Kitten uses litter box to play in
  47. Creating a Bond and Confidence
  48. Persistent door-dashing
  49. Frequent sucking of her coat?
  50. Frequent meowing
  51. Wire chewer PLEASE HELP!
  52. What kind of cat scratchers do you have?
  53. Routine Change
  54. Indoor Cat Staring At The Front Door?
  55. Walkin' Robin
  56. Need spray help soon of we will have to rehome :(
  57. Safe to let cat on balcony?
  58. What about a pair of kittens that have never met?
  59. Command training for your kitty
  60. Scratching Furniture
  61. Leaving Kittens Together Unsupervised
  62. Odd Behavior After Death in Family
  63. Kitty caps
  64. Recommendation for boarding in Detroit area?
  65. Please interpret cat behavior
  66. Stopped using litter box?
  67. Blocking behavior (cat gets in your way)
  68. Four Month Old and New Owner Questions
  69. Does anyone elses kittens drop toys in their water
  70. Clicker training?
  71. Klugs needs a special cat tree
  72. Merlin is Peeing in My Bed
  73. Kittens and laptops
  74. still, wild behaviour
  75. Favorite cat tree color
  76. Nocturnal cat.. Driving me crazy!
  77. Hello - cat won't use litter box
  78. Playtime with two cats
  79. Best way to make vet visits less stressful
  80. Chirping Sound
  81. Are there any no chew sprays that actually work?
  82. How many cat "issues" do you typically deal with in a week/month?
  83. Catio
  84. Introducing Timid Kitten to Dogs
  85. Getting new kittens used to the dog?
  86. Problems with Puss
  87. Playful or not?
  88. Needy Cat?
  89. Body Language Between 2 Kittens
  90. Did I make a mistake bringing in a 3rd cat?
  91. Kitten behavior
  92. How long to get used to water fountain?
  93. How much re-introduction do I need to do with my kittens
  94. How to stop cat from hard biting other cat
  95. Incontinence or something?
  96. thinking of getting another cat with ???
  97. Wire Chewing Kittens!!!!!
  98. Cat Testing a Dog
  99. Time for number 2... (fostering!!)
  100. Sleeping, resting on plastic.
  101. Worried. Kinda. about leaving cats alone
  102. Kitten nibbles
  103. How to get stray to vet
  104. Need some litter box tips..
  105. old outdoor cat needs indoor litter training
  106. Letting Your Cat Sleep On The Bed With You?
  107. My puppy is scaring my cat
  108. Anyone toilet train?
  109. Your Experience with Having Multiple Cats
  110. STILL going through introduction process
  111. Endless Energy
  112. Best Ways to Get Cat Used to New Person
  113. Lilly Mae and Abbey
  114. Attacking my feet
  115. What would you have done or should I have done?
  116. Both of my kittens are napping together¯.
  117. Neelix's first outing...
  118. Cat at the Door...
  119. Climbing the walls
  120. The Kittyo
  121. Stumped on socialization
  122. kitty proof wall/floor covering
  123. Kitten or It's Mom?
  124. Puzzle toys for cats
  125. What gift should I get a cat?
  126. Explain how cats fight or flight
  127. I was just trying to eat some shrimp
  128. Behavioral issues with bottle raised kittens
  129. Kitten that bites
  130. Roaming cat(s) causing major issues :(
  131. Instant bond?
  132. Inner beast released!
  133. new kitten "separation anxiety"
  134. Anyone have a cottage or a second home?
  135. How to socialize my cat? long..
  136. Hello and advice needed
  137. Older cat problems
  138. Two Year Old Cat's Behavior Changing
  139. Introducing an adult cat to two slightly younger adult cats...
  140. Behaviour Different when with Other Cats- Stress? Normal?
  141. Should I feel guilty about wanting cat to live with me
  142. Growling while eating
  143. What age should kittens be let outside, and what kind of litter should I use?
  144. Cat trackers
  145. Kittens and just cleaned litter boxes
  146. Kitten Scooting, Took To Vet
  147. Curing a Ravenous Cat
  148. Cat agression
  149. Newspaper training
  150. Kitten afraid of litter box?
  151. Rough Play-Should I be worried??
  152. Hello - cat got out, can't get him back inside
  153. Cat jumping like a meerkat war dancing and like a snake with hes tail high
  154. Do cats cry?
  155. Cat grieving and peeing on the walls
  156. How young is too young to introduce to adult cats?
  157. newbie with Bengal kitty litter box issues
  158. Cat daddy track?
  159. Introducing a New Kitten
  160. Should I begin litter box training?
  161. The BEST new toy!!
  162. Suddenly no eating/drinking/using litter.
  163. Momo and Tempest problems?
  164. Kitten kept in bathroom
  165. Artemis won't let me sleep!
  166. Need help with aggressive kitten!
  167. Kitten Lying in Litter Box
  168. 'Discipline' question
  169. Choosing a Harness
  170. Introductions to family pets.
  171. Cats in flats and going outside
  172. Cat Chattering At Birds?
  173. Random bursts of vicious behavior
  174. Help! Trouble with standard advice for reintegrating two cats after a move
  175. My turn.. moving!
  176. Sunny Hissed at Me...
  177. New to forum, looking for advice regarding introductions
  178. Introducing myself - hi (: intro and behavior questions
  179. Aggressive Behavior *only* when on top of cat tree?
  180. Cat signs of love
  181. The Name Game, Question?
  182. Thinking of taking my old cat back.
  183. Cats hate each other after a long vet visit.
  184. Strange Behavior
  185. Kittens funny & strange behavior
  186. Rehoming Tyrion ...
  187. Biting/Wrestling
  188. Cat Magnet needs advice on bringing cat inside
  189. Apartment Carpet cleaning help
  190. Advice on introducing kittens please!
  191. Playing about, chews hand, then licks hand, repeat.
  192. Cats and mice (eeek!)
  193. move paw back and forth before drinking?
  194. sit or hunch when eating?
  195. Odd behaviour
  196. Socializing orphan kitten with other cats?
  197. inappropriate peeing
  198. Anyone elses cat behave more like a dog?
  199. Adopting...
  200. Numly is not happy about her diet
  201. What is a good scratcher for a cat that likes to scratch the undersides of things?
  202. Robin caught another mouse!
  203. Very Special Hello :) new strange behavior
  204. Night calling, help with Skye!
  205. 3-year-old cat pooping on bed in spare bedroom
  206. Explorer outdoor cats, any way to keep them close by?
  207. How to win love.....
  208. Whats up with this? - meowing at the door when I'm home
  209. Cat Furniture for Declawed Kitty
  210. About cats tails...
  211. Advances in Understanding and Treatment of Feline Inappropriate Elimination
  212. Peeing out of box and meowing at 3am - help!
  213. Strategy for Getting Along with New Cat
  214. Helping Prim adjust to new kitten
  215. Our female cat is stressed
  216. hide + seek with Pitter
  217. Do your cats greet you?
  218. Is there a way to get a cat to socilize?
  219. Cat REALLY lazy about cleaning herself
  220. Litter Box Training
  221. Cuddles!
  222. Today - Artie gave the "I Love You' sign
  223. Trying to understand cat's behaviour!
  224. A new kitten sis for Lily!
  225. Rocky pulls his fur out when I'm not paying attention to him...
  226. Kittens having a hard time with litter training. They play in Cat Attract!
  227. cat help - behavior after moving
  228. Help with an older cat peeing/pooing around the house
  229. I scared Shadow >_<
  230. Talkative boy :)
  231. New and Having Problems Already!!
  232. How do cats get trapped in cellars?
  233. Drinking from taps
  234. Cat Peeing Outside of Box, Can't Determine Why
  235. Dirty Claws
  236. Cat Vocalizing Loudly!!!!
  237. Jj Humping His Brother?
  238. What does this mean?
  239. Chattering at birds
  240. My Cat Acting Extremely Loving
  241. and now I'm the piggy in the middle lol!
  242. Hello and I need help with cat who chews
  243. Newt eliminated large clump of grass, but not sure if it's poop or vomit?
  244. Do you have a MEOW mouth?
  245. is this nomral after the vet visit?
  246. Does your kitty try to trick you about mealtimes?
  247. Sibling rivalry over food bowls
  248. Help with Neighbours cat
  249. Luka is noisey and it's night time!
  250. Feel like dysfunctional household at times