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Health and Nutrition

  1. Is guar gum bad?
  2. found a tiny kitten today
  3. Cat has sort of stopped eating...?
  4. One pink toe
  5. Feeding Cat Elevated
  6. Hello From Australia - question about rice milk
  7. Kitten displayed odd behavior
  8. cat flu
  9. Swollen tender belly in female barn cat
  10. front legs a little wobbly and hesitating before jumping - arthritis?
  11. Broken tail tip?
  12. Artie ate something...
  13. Unexplained temperature? Any ideas/experiences?
  14. Amateur taking cat's temperature?
  15. Mouth ulcers?
  16. Experiences of bladder unblocking? My anxiety is through the roof!
  17. What was the youngest cat you have known to get diabetes?
  18. Cat possibly has UTI?
  19. Spot of blood on the floor?
  20. Kitty toothpaste?
  21. What %'s?
  22. Eye discoloration
  23. And now....tapeworms!
  24. I need advice - overweight IBD cat
  25. FCV Kitty and Metacam
  26. Revolution for Lymes? for internal parasites?
  27. Meet Rocco and Roma :) - Also support on struvite crystals... x
  28. Hamlet - UTI, other issues
  29. 4.5 year old not wanting to eat?
  30. Why do they always need a vet visit at the same time!?
  31. Cat coughs after trying to meow
  32. Less pee
  33. New kitty, possible swollen lymph node.
  34. Is marijuana toxic to cats?
  35. Cat refusing to eat, is suddenly fading
  36. licking lips, opening mouth - symptoms of illness?
  37. Oral bacteria in cats article
  38. Cats and Mice/Rats
  39. Help! Nose problem...
  40. cat's eye completely dilated!
  41. Wet food on restricted budget?
  42. Need advice for tooth extraction
  43. Choosing a pet dentist?
  44. Heavy Metal Poisoning-Silent killer in Pets
  45. Audibly straining when pooping. Pain?
  46. Is copper toxic to cats?
  47. How often are we supposed to be cleaning our cat's teeth?
  48. Ahhh! Ringworm!
  49. Kitten has chronic diarrhea... HELP
  50. Training treats?
  51. New kitten... Should I be worried - new kitten eating much less
  52. Loki the grass muncher
  53. Sudden diarrhea
  54. Cancer in cats? what do you do?
  55. CKD cat blood works fluctuations?
  56. Okay to space initial kitten vaccines further apart than 4 weeks?
  57. Did EVO change their ingredients?
  58. Weirdest Foods your Cats Like to Eat?
  59. Cat drinking stock
  60. cat's saliva - unpleasant smell ?
  61. Wednesday is Dental Day
  62. New...Mauri Canned Cat Food
  63. One Year Old Cat Growling and Hiding Suddenly
  64. Sneezy
  65. My feral is in health trouble - opinions please
  66. I need some food recommendations.
  67. Transdermal gel prednisone
  68. DE instead of Drontal
  69. Feeding and caring for cats when away
  70. High cholesterol
  71. Hello New to Forum and need advice for stomach issue
  72. Is sour cream ok for cats?
  73. Hi from the 3 of us. - cat throwing up plastic
  74. Hello from my Red tabby and I! - food allergy issue
  75. Vomiting cat
  76. Skinny kitty!
  77. Food for kitty with diarhee
  78. Cat bit into under eye concealer
  79. What should kittens absolutely have done at their first vet visit?
  80. cat diagnosed with P.D.A. Shunt
  81. Chronic Conjunctivitis
  82. best food that helps with diarrhea?
  83. Hi everyone - question about asthma
  84. Moving to Florida - immunization question
  85. Curious about drug store bought flea treatment
  86. Little foster Sal is feeling pretty miserable!
  87. 3YO cat throwing up constantly, vets have been no help!
  88. Hi there, new to forums in general. feeding question
  89. Cat with URI
  90. First wellness visit. Any questions I should ask?
  91. 2/3 solid, 1/3 patty poo
  92. Food portion question
  93. Upset tummy?
  94. complications after surgery to remove obstruction
  95. Haven't seen Mabel drink in WEEKS
  96. Could use some advice regarding feeding Jasper!
  97. My 2 Cats
  98. Cat has more black eye gunk than usual
  99. Oats?
  100. Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Hyperthyroidism
  101. Feeding my kitten
  102. Carbos and Cats
  103. ack, flea treatment questions
  104. Vet visit
  105. Lightweight litter
  106. Chronic cat cough
  107. Old Cat Wont Eat When Hungry
  108. How long before cats bowels back to normal
  109. Christmas Trees
  110. Noticing a lump at incision site two weeks after spay.
  111. Runny stool
  112. Need urgent advice - spay area issues
  113. Wet/Kibble/supplement regimen for my cats, and bad nerves (opinons?)
  114. Slight possibility that my cat could have eaten exedrin?
  115. Teeth Problems
  116. It's been a bad year for U.R.I.!
  117. How do you store dry food after opening? How good is it after expiration date?
  118. Huge Pee
  119. Low white blood cell count...
  120. I feel like crying, possible FIP?
  121. Kitty Eye issues
  122. pet-safe ice melter?
  123. Weird sound. Going to schedule a vet appointment for asap but...
  124. how long before swelling subsides after fluids and B12?
  125. Link to FDA Food Recall History
  126. Cut cat with scissors.
  127. Another EVO recall
  128. Rapid breathing
  129. Vet fees? What do you pay?
  130. Suppliments to prevent tooth tartar
  131. Kitten food to adult food
  132. Beating the heat
  133. Cat food to a kitten?
  134. washing my cat face
  135. Mrs. - cat ate Moses in the Bullrushes plant.
  136. Late night feeding?
  137. Do you microwave wet food?
  138. Sick cat, vet visit 11/24, what to expect?
  139. Gingivitis
  140. Question for Those Who Buy Canned in Bulk
  141. Acute and chronic pain in cats.
  142. Runny poop, once a day
  143. Questions about Cat It fountain assembly
  144. Sneezing and sniffling a lot today
  145. Feline Herpes Virus
  146. My Fancy Feast addict ate another food!!!
  147. Need Some Food Advice...
  148. Moving kitten from free feeding to scheduled meals?
  149. Teeth Removal
  150. Bone Marrow not producing red blood cells
  151. FROMM - Game Bird Recipe
  152. Storm gets spayed tomorrow, and I'm nervous.
  153. Should 5 month kitten get heartworm test, anal gland expression?
  154. Giving Wet and Dry Food
  155. Eye Issue
  156. Why is my cat getting uti's more often now...very frustrating
  157. Is Lysol bad for cats?!
  158. High quality dry and wet foods? Suggestions?
  159. Blue eyed cats and night vision?
  160. cat with weight and self-cleaning issues
  161. Ulcers in cat mouth
  162. Wellness Core and poo problems...
  163. Foster babies Illness account
  164. Cat had perineal urethrostomy. Still licks and growls.
  165. Cat covered in anti-vandal grease!
  166. throwing up meal
  167. The Kitty Garden
  168. Grooming Himalayans/Persians
  169. Status epilepticus
  170. L-lysine Question?
  171. How Should I Go About Getting My Roommate to Bring Her New Cat to the Vet?
  172. How to choose a wet food?
  173. Tootsie throwing up liquid?
  174. Hi from Germany - cat has Apathetic Hyperthyroidism
  175. Fish oil supplements for the kitty?
  176. Red dot on kittens paw pad?
  177. Favorite Cat Foods
  178. Help!!! How much canned food to feed my overweight cat who needs to lose weight
  179. Tick After Frost
  180. Is it ok to feed cats ground beef????
  181. Dry food they can't resist?
  182. Kitten won't stop shivering and feels warm to the touch
  183. Bright red blood and mucous in stool
  184. Pepcid for IBD?
  185. The poops again
  186. High Quality Dry Food
  187. E-vet for G today...
  188. New kitten exceeding weight milestones - does it matter?
  189. stud tail
  190. Fabreze spray on litter?
  191. Overweight Cat
  192. Nightmare in 2 parts (teeth, now eyes)
  193. This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do... taking care of sick kitten
  194. Switching to 2 feedings per day
  195. Post-surgery issues; neck cone issues - alternative?
  196. Polly and chronic sneezing
  197. '-' how to remove dye stain from cat's fur?
  198. Sneezing.
  199. Tests your vet does
  200. Picking Tootsie up from her spay...
  201. Could this be ringworm?
  202. Excessive cat vomiting
  203. cats with sensitive stomachs
  204. Vet Foods
  205. How old before we spay/neuter our kittens?
  206. Advice about feeding cats jerky??
  207. Flea treatment for kittens?
  208. Shadow Must Go To The Rainbow Bridge Today
  209. kitten in shelter had some sort of eye birth defect. Anyone know the term?
  210. Took Robin to the vet, today!
  211. Tessie Update
  212. So fed up with allergies!
  213. Is canned duck food a good choice?
  214. Kitty gets spayed next week, anything else I should get her while she is there?
  215. Cat tested positive for corona virus
  216. Need prayers :( Midnight at Vet's
  217. about kittens teeth - crunching sound while eating wet food.
  218. Feline Herpes Virus
  219. Bald spot and scabs on tail?
  220. Internal alarm siren too loud for cats?
  221. Help-FIP in a kitten!! scared
  222. Cat with eye issue, broken tail, swollen jaw
  223. Advantages & disadvantages of mobile vet
  224. Help With Possible Change In Food
  225. Ear Mites or Something Else?
  226. Throwing Up Fully Formed Food
  227. Kitten sick from clumping litter
  228. . Is the normal? Cat has a tremor/jerking movement?
  229. Spay heal time
  230. Lack of proper labeling on pet food.
  231. I think Robin's trying to 'bulk up'!
  232. How Often Does Your Kitten go to the Bathroom and Food?
  233. Hello! - questions about coccidia
  234. hello
  235. kittens eye color
  236. Opinions And Help Please
  237. Hello - feeding advice needed for 1 month old kitten
  238. Cats and Mineral Oil
  239. Little bald spot under eye
  240. Hi from Arizona! cat with skin/ facial issue
  241. Cat with Earwax HATES getting drops
  242. SAFE Pain Med for Urinary Issues!
  243. Hello From Texas - help with possible sprain
  244. Poor Stella has the runs :(
  245. Allergy to collars?
  246. Easiest way to pill a cat~
  247. Smell
  248. Blaize got spayed - Advice?
  249. Cats & Head lice?
  250. Cat hair-allergies and brushing