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Health and Nutrition

  1. Probably my WORST foster vet visit ever...
  2. Gluten in cat food
  3. Swollen pads of feet?
  4. Kitten Has Diarrhea
  5. Hi all...advise needed for assist feeding stubborn kitty!
  6. Trouble administering worm medication
  7. Constipation
  8. Cat won't eat or drink, I'm going crazy
  9. Exaggerated swallowing at times?
  10. diet change and soft stool - how long before it corrects?
  11. Anyone Try Ultra Monthly Monitor?
  12. Canned food with dry treats?
  13. Refused Food
  14. Water bowl yuckies
  15. Not good news on my foster babies
  16. Feeding Tube
  17. worried about fabric softner
  18. Leaving can food out room temp
  19. cat vomiting HELP
  20. Worried about gunky eye
  21. diatomaceous earth
  22. Hello my name is sam, cat has Hemangiosarcoma
  23. help with pet food label
  24. New baby kittens - no mom! need feeding advice
  25. nurtition anxiety, am I doing the right stuff??
  26. Stronghold + Profender
  27. FELV cat had seizure and not doing well (Elmira,NY)
  28. Rabies Certificate for Vaccination?
  29. "Rotational diet" on Wild Calling label.
  30. Flea Treatment
  31. Faeces half in half out!
  32. Fresh Pet pet food
  33. Inconsistency in Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain Free Canned
  34. ImmuneIQ
  35. Home Veterinary Handbook Recommendations?
  36. Gritty vomit?
  37. Flea Control
  38. Bathing a Himalayan
  39. How long cat scratch and nail puncture heal?
  40. Wild Calling cat food canned
  41. Clavamox no bueno!
  42. fur not growing back and "missing" in areas
  43. Peter Parker's ear infections
  44. Switching food - Advice?
  45. Hi, cat with itching issues
  46. Dave's canned food 95% line
  47. Making sure I dot all of the "i"s and cross all of the "t"s for my new kittens
  48. Vet hunting
  49. Do Old Cats Lose Sense of Taste?
  50. Ugh! Treating fleas with multiple cats?
  51. Canned Food Question
  52. My cat is coughing
  53. Charli has a fever
  54. I am new to the group, cat with birth defect
  55. Looking for Tips on Helping a Cat Gain Weight
  56. Watery Stools
  57. Strange looking whiskers
  58. Worried about Ringworm
  59. Spay/Neuter clinic deny kittens before 4 months?
  60. Quarantine for fleas?
  61. Is yogurt okay for cats?
  62. Weaning to cat food
  63. Cat peeing on rug
  64. Strong Seperation Anxiety in Kitten
  65. Parasites
  66. My cat is struggling... HELP!
  67. Kitten size and weight
  68. How much fish is too much fish?
  69. Take him in or wait and see?
  70. Change in eating pattern as they age?
  71. Mama not Feeling Well
  72. Best product to remove olive oil from Peter?
  73. Cat hiding?
  74. drooling
  75. My kitty LOVES whipped cream is a little bad for her?
  76. Lump on left side of face
  77. Anyone tried Miglior gatto (Morando) canned food for their cats?
  78. Caught cat nibbling at plastic fake fir garland
  79. FIV description
  80. Slippery Elm Bark
  81. Stella's 1 year check up question
  82. Introducing wet food
  83. Scrambled eggs?
  84. Atopica Cyclosporine for Cats
  85. Good flavorable Senior Wet Food?
  86. Bump/bulge thing on nose?
  87. Incense burning, or aromatherapy mist vaporizers
  88. Is it just me, or is UNscented Scoopaway now very scented?
  89. Cant get simba to take his miralax anymore...
  90. Help! Cat Won't Let Me Apply "Frontline Plus"
  91. Not so clean bottoms
  92. PREVENTING arthritis?
  93. Starting cat on Blue Buffalo Wilderness
  94. "Mangey" looking fur
  95. Do you take your pets to the vet annually?
  96. Help with diarrhea
  97. When can she go outside again?
  98. Nature's Variety Instinct dry food - formula change?
  99. Wellness - confused
  100. Cats & Stink bugs?
  101. Check ups every 6 months?
  102. 4 month old kitten's right eye is more watery than normal. Should I take her to vet?
  103. Cat Sitting in One Place
  104. Talk of bad food - Blue Buffalo
  105. kitten with bloody poop
  106. My cat coughs up a lot of hairballs
  107. Leaving cat alone with canned food
  108. Tapeworms and Drowsiness after Vaccination and Deworming?
  109. Hello! newly adopted cat-daddy 2 to awesome cats - question about injury
  110. Vomiting clear liquid
  111. Ear Yeast
  112. Tommy needs your help!
  113. Anal Gland Questions
  114. My favourite cat is dying and I don't know why
  115. Dry food choices
  116. Clavamox and loss of appetite
  117. Loose stool?
  118. after neutering care? newspaper in litter box?
  119. feeding an old cat
  120. Hot water bottles or pet heating pads for kittens?
  121. Help regarding food
  122. Cat overeating
  123. Orphaned Feral Kitten? flea and other advice needed
  124. Water Fountain
  125. Possible coccidia / Giardia. Help with Dosage please!
  126. can someone confirm about nature's variety...
  127. GI Issues
  128. Spay - Vaccinations
  129. Tessie update thread
  130. Kitten doesn't eat as much
  131. Bubbles and the Poop
  132. Cat living in dark room? Does he need nightlight?
  133. Cat refuses to eat bone meal
  134. Inner ear scalp
  135. Self cleaning litter boxes
  136. another Q about vaccinations
  137. how are various diseases transmitted?
  138. Cat Anemic / Vet wants to use human hormone
  139. 4-week-old orphans with severe cerebellar hypoplasia
  140. Sudden increase in water intake.
  141. Understanding FIP
  142. Hello! Introducing myself and 3 rambunctious cats - need help with anemic cat
  143. Hello. Looking for help with cat bald spots.
  144. Cat having sneezing fits
  145. Need help with my sick cat please
  146. Does my cat have melanosis?
  147. do cats change color as they age?
  148. Is there such a thing as low-cal, non-vomity cat food?
  149. How much chicken to feed cat a day?
  150. Kitten vaccination
  151. Does he appear to be limping? - Terror
  152. Bravo Raw Recall - Salmonella
  153. Brownish spots on/around male genitals
  154. Avoid food with fish?
  155. kenji is fat
  156. New kitten, please help
  157. Cutaneous Horn Formation
  158. quick question about dental
  159. Micro Dosing
  160. Small bones in Weruva?
  161. I Want to Switch Four Cats from Kibble to Canned Food - Questions About Brands
  162. What's the best heslthiest cat food?
  163. Weight Management
  164. What do your kitties eat out of?
  165. Cat drinking a lot of water
  166. Speaking of cat treats...
  167. 1 skinny cat 1 more to love cat
  168. Vet Visit Left Me Feeling Unsure
  169. How many ounces of meat needed per day?
  170. Flea and Tick Control...?
  171. Food Suggestions - Dry, Wet & Dehydrated
  172. Cat caught nail in screen - please advise
  173. Automatic feeder recommendations
  174. Healthy cat treats?
  175. Highest Calorie Nutrient Dense Foods Available ???
  176. My cat won't let me clean her....
  177. Harness question for kitten with leg issue
  178. Reaction to new food or something else?
  179. Old-time remedy? Karo
  180. Red eyes
  181. Ear Help! I Need a New Ear Wash!
  182. Pet safe cleaners, pet insurance, and bug sprays?
  183. My cat hates exercise?!?!
  184. Neko's starting to feel...old
  185. VCA Animal Hospitals
  186. Anyone have experience with spaying a cat a second time due to ovarian remnants?
  187. Kittens may have eaten foam
  188. Best way to prepare for vet exam
  189. Allergies and desensitization
  190. What to feed new Kitten?
  191. Healthy/best brands to feed my 3 month old kitty? High protein/low carbs diet! Help!
  192. Okay to feed an elderly cat a canned food with fish in it?
  193. Flea baths
  194. Hello everyone! need advice for two 4-week old kittens
  195. Canadians- Buying Cat Food Online
  196. Grandma Callie, Eyeball Issue??
  197. Post Neuter
  198. Picky Picky Picky!
  199. Prednisolone and diarrhea
  200. By Products
  201. Freshpet Select
  202. Feeding Kittens Together
  203. eureka!! I think i finally found a treat that my picky little girl likes!
  204. Cat getting overfed
  205. Losing Large Amounts Of Fur
  206. 100% fish diet okay for kittens? And I'm a vegan?
  207. Miss him already :( - cat at the vet
  208. Purevax Rabies 3 year
  209. Chino is sneezing
  210. Has anyone used Tylan
  211. spayed kitty with discharge
  212. The boys are getting big!
  213. How hot is too hot
  214. Does Anyone Here Give Your Own Shots?
  215. Questions To Ask the Vet
  216. Too much weight gain?
  217. Question about litter and tiny kittens
  218. Seizures in Cats with Kidney / Renal Failure
  219. How to trim nails...
  220. Help! Cat wound and hair loss
  221. new rescue - REALLY underweight!
  222. Can a cat safely intake dog food?
  223. When to Alter?
  224. Clostridium perifringens
  225. hi - one cat not eating
  226. New to the Forum, trying to find my cats underlying condition.
  227. How can I get my one kitten to eat prescription food
  228. Clear vomiting--Very Worried!
  229. Fibrosarcoma has returned :(
  230. Sick, not eating,vomiting.
  231. Ronidazle
  232. Alternative to Hill's Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution ?
  233. Toby doesn't drink water. Concerned about future health.
  234. Worms??
  235. clicking/cracking noise
  236. Blue Wilderness dry vs Nature's Variety dry
  237. My new to me 5 month old cat - food questions
  238. How do you tell if a cat is fixed?
  239. Jackpot food
  240. Pork as a novel protein
  241. Cleaning Polly's ears - is this a foretelling of future problems?
  242. Looking for feedback: Kittie threw up right before pooping
  243. Rabies Vaccine
  244. Separating Cats after flea treatment?
  245. Transitioning to Wet Food
  246. My 4 week orphaned kitten is!
  247. Should Luka be eating more?
  248. Kitten having diarrhea on Blue Wilderness, should I switch dry food? Help
  249. Runny poop with a bit of blood/mucus at the end??
  250. How much to feed overweight cat