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Health and Nutrition

  1. Difficult dilemma with old cat. need advice.
  2. FVRCP reaction
  3. Something stuck in nose?
  4. Is This Food Good?
  5. Wide variety of health issues. Need advice on comforting ailments.
  6. How much wet food should I be feeding my kittens per day
  7. FDA issues warning for tear stain products
  8. upset stomach
  9. Cat hair
  10. Help - cat with injured paw
  11. Mystery Illness- Runny eyes/nose, diarrhea, etc.
  12. dewormers
  13. small poops - questions
  14. Di-Methox?
  15. Kittens Getting Fixed Today - Post-Surgical Precautions?
  16. Cat Pooping outside the box
  17. Anyone ever use diatomaceous earth?
  18. Pilling
  19. Cat Throwing Up Daily +
  20. Planning ahead (food help)
  21. Grain Free in Australia & boosting calorie intake
  22. PCR Fecal test
  23. How long does your vet take to prepare medication?
  24. Has anyone tried Simply Nourish Source High Protein Grain Free Kitten Food
  25. Taffy is not OK
  26. Yeah Dora and Olivia get to come home from the vets tomorrow
  27. Do cats shed in clumps?
  28. Orbax for UTI?
  29. Neuter
  30. Hi - feeding cat my food
  31. What in the world could this be? (nasopharyngeal polyp)
  32. Non-septic Mastitis in older spayed female
  33. Feeding two kittens - one missing out?
  34. Fall cleaning in the near future: Cleaners?
  35. Is testing for feline leukemia necessary in kittens?
  36. Picky Eater/Sensitive Stomach
  37. Kitten vaccines
  38. Coronavirus
  39. Elevated CPK??
  40. Appetite encourager
  41. Neutered cats pee smells like intact males
  42. Using scented gel-based air freshener around pets?
  43. Cats always hungry
  44. possible problem with my 12 years old cat
  45. Opinions on a toxic plant that's well out of reach?
  46. DL-methionine
  47. Getting back to normal after UT issues
  48. New Kittens!! Cerebellar Hypoplasia?
  49. IBD again
  50. Pride by Instinct canned food
  51. Anal glands
  52. Tessie had another vet visit today
  53. Fleas: advantage II, frontline, comfortis?
  54. Eye irritation
  55. Shadow wont open his left eye
  56. Fleet Farm brand food Sprout
  57. Mouth Ulcer
  58. (Almost) a miracle drug!
  59. Water
  60. Hello - cat needs to lose weight
  61. Terro Outdoor liquid ant baits
  62. Mystique is Constipated
  63. HELP cat constantly hungry, begging for food
  64. transition to wet food tips needed.
  65. Spidey's not doing so hot
  66. Hi There - questions about cat with pancreatitis
  67. Rubbing nose raw
  68. Skin stripped from leg - treatment options?
  69. A little blood and plastic in vomit?
  70. Any one give Murr wet pouch food to their kitty?
  71. Canidae Grain free canned
  72. Hairball issues
  73. Kitties with red wees :(
  74. Loose stools, etc.
  75. Actipet hairball formula for cats
  76. What to feed my kittens
  77. Feel horrible, stepped on Dora's tail
  78. Kotya, sick gray cat
  79. Try dry food? Always vomiting wet food.
  80. Eye problems
  81. Under-feeding?
  82. Possible UTI
  83. Wet/dry diet; how much of each?
  84. What does your vet do at a checkup?
  85. Thinning hair patch
  86. Penny's BP and the bad cat dad
  87. Vomiting Kitten Ate Feathers
  88. Banfield "Kitten Wellness Plan"... worth it, or no?
  89. New kitten - feeding questions
  90. Blad spot on hind leg?
  91. Cat with possible URI
  92. Neutering male kittens.
  93. Sick Mystik
  94. Bizarre Eye Condition
  95. Cats on boats?
  96. Teeth cleaning question...Simple.
  97. Smart feeding solution (if I do think so myself)!
  98. Vit B12 shots
  99. Weaning questions
  100. What to expect from vet
  101. Robin's sick.
  102. Nature's Miracle - making cat sick?
  103. Fer-in-sol For Kitty Anemia ?
  104. Cats & Hot Weather
  105. Question - kind of long - about dirty ears
  106. I want to give her a bath
  107. Trichomonas felis
  108. same symptoms, same time of year
  109. For how long is a URI contagious?
  110. rabies and distemper question
  111. New with stray questions - health and safety
  112. Lyme disease
  113. Cat with CKD
  114. Help - urinary tract blockage
  115. sir. Tomas has a cancer lump.....
  116. What is the minimum amount of food a sick cat needs?
  117. Neutering and clumping litter?
  118. New here - kitty with serious health issues
  119. I stopped by a pet shop
  120. as much as she wants...for how long?
  121. PetValu no longer selling Evo
  122. Excema - possible causes?
  123. Help! Possible UTI/Stress/Diabetes?
  124. Am I doing All I Can ???
  125. Watery eyes and had a croaky meow
  126. Slimming down nicely
  127. Taffy is sick :(
  128. Chronic difficult issues
  129. unusual freckles on cat's ears and nipples
  130. Rabies Question
  131. Would you wake your cat up when its meal time?
  132. Hi - new member with injured cat
  133. Best flea medicine?
  134. Scratch, puncture, Reaction?
  135. Sneezing.
  136. Not eating?
  137. Revolution while on pain meds and antibiotics?
  138. How long should a cat be fed dry kitten food?
  139. Soy in tuna for cats?
  140. Wet Food Help
  141. In desperate need of support.
  142. Where to buy wellness canned for good price
  143. Using D-Mannose proactively ie regularly?
  144. Sick cat, rabies possibility?
  145. Kitten leg issue
  146. New Member, Four Cats - flea and food questions
  147. 16 yr old cat with very bloated stomach
  148. best cat brush for MATTED fur?
  149. Stray kitten boy or girl?
  150. Dave's Cat Food!
  151. Kitten still sleeping 30 hours after spay
  152. Hot garage - canned cat food?
  153. Does this spay site look normal?
  154. New here - question about kitten with vision issues
  155. Lysol wipes are toxic??!!
  156. Bowl with ice?
  157. Switching from Novolin N to Vetsulin? Has anyone tried this?
  158. Keep caged after spay?
  159. PawBiotics, Mercola or Animal Essentials?
  160. Wellness - canned cat food
  161. How far in advance can vaccines be administered?
  162. Had to take an adopted kitten to emergency!
  163. Foster kitten gave me a scare yesterday!
  164. A couple questions regarding judgment, crying in sleep
  165. Boogers
  166. 8 month old sneezes and wheezing?
  167. Chip is drooling
  168. Here for help
  169. gizmo lost hair on back of both ears :(
  170. Cat has bad cold - please help
  171. Best cat foods, wet and dry
  172. Stray cat diseased? Odd eyes
  173. General Kitten Care
  174. My Kitten is sick....
  175. Help Me Pick a Food
  176. Does "Calico itch" exist?
  177. Very bad reaction to internal stitches :(
  178. Bronchitis - help!
  179. Feline Herpes Questions
  180. Blue Buffalo Class Action Lawsuit
  181. Are knowledgeable vets for felines the norm?
  182. My cat has a red wound looking thing? on hes head, what is it?
  183. What are essential for a kitty first aid kit
  184. 15 year old cat fat but......
  185. Cat supplements
  186. Probiotic Recommendations?
  187. U100 syringes for My Diabetic Cat Zoey
  188. A crate on standby?
  189. Food
  190. 6 Year Old Kitty in the Hospital for Kidney Infection--Possible Acute Kidney Failure
  191. 19yr old cat with 334 BUN, & 11.6 creatinine level
  192. weird eating schedule
  193. Recommendations for an all life stages food
  194. Metabolism change?
  195. I think I broke my kitten's foot.:(
  196. ?Snuffles - cat sneezing, coughing
  197. Nature's Dentist
  198. Anyone used Hartz recently? Anyone have natural cat toothpase suggestions?
  199. Help choosing cat food
  200. Anorexic cat
  201. Paws & Claws can food from Tractor Supply
  202. The dreaded Menadione Sodium Bisulfate & Carrageenan
  203. Flea Treats?
  204. Introducing New Cat with Some Symptoms of Illness
  205. For Cats Who Gobble Food or Need New Toy
  206. Acting differently after flea treatment
  207. Bad teeth, but not sure how he'll handle the vet
  208. White poop
  209. Angel update
  210. Onions affecting cats eyes?
  211. loose skin on belly
  212. Skye is suddenly kicking all the litter out of the pan.
  213. How to apply eye ointment to my cat's eye
  214. Duck Pate and maybe gamey foods?
  215. Kitties not feeling well after shots
  216. Bee Sting
  217. Wellness is good food, right? And how do I switch her to it if I get it?
  218. Head cone question
  219. Pathologist Report
  220. Infected eyes
  221. Easily my most favorite purchase - the furminator
  222. Kitty nightmares
  223. My boy is a bad aim!
  224. update on Darcy
  225. Homeopathic Rabies?
  226. Best age for spaying/neutering?
  227. Substitute For Pet-Tinic ?
  228. Hi from Pam and Jake - kitty's appetite off
  229. Best way to remove dingleberries from butt?
  230. New Member - cat with ringworm issues
  231. Flying with a cat.
  232. little black dots at base of nostrils
  233. cat with red, watery eye
  234. Please help! Cat symptoms
  235. Final FVRCPC and Rabies - Timing
  236. Problem?? 5 Year Old Cat Making Weird New Noise
  237. natural balance chicken and pumpkin :)
  238. Feeding while out of town
  239. What is going on with Wellness??
  240. Interesting articles on Vaccinations
  241. I need help with wet food.
  242. Food similar to en gastro wet food
  243. Kittens getting fixed soon
  244. So afraid I'm going to lose a baby....
  245. Has anyone tried Almo Nature 100% canned?
  246. Ouchie on back from microchip?
  247. cortisone for the itch
  248. Cat sudden swelling on left side of face, not feeling well
  249. Kitty keeps picking a scab on the back of his ear.
  250. Nutramax Cosequin for Older Cats?