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Health and Nutrition

  1. My cat hasn't pooped in 24 hours but eats,drinks,urinate ok
  2. Is Goodlife cat food safe for cats?
  3. Hey guys, Anyone using prednisone for pillow foot?
  4. Allergies & Coughing?
  5. Nutrition for 5 week old kittens
  6. Clumps of hair on back...
  7. My cat has tonsilitis
  8. Can I feed this wet food?
  9. UTI: Needle draw Vs. Clean Catch?
  10. I'm so worried!
  11. Kitten or Adult formula for my 6.5 month old?
  12. Is it safe to occasionally clip my cat's nails?
  13. Hello! Just brought a second cat into my family - with heart murmur
  14. ticks
  15. Robin got stung... He's O.K.
  16. Famotidine alternatives
  17. Just Dropped Holly Off for a Dental...
  18. Won't eat wet food anymore
  19. Moosey is acting very strange after shot
  20. Help please with feeding
  21. Asthma Symptoms or normal?
  22. Cat not eating
  23. Puss has lymphoma
  24. Dave's new wet food
  25. Diarrhea and Vomiting
  26. Diagnosis after 15 months!
  27. Gizmo has allergies
  28. Gracie has a stiff back leg
  29. question about protein content wet vs dry
  30. Cat Got Into Dry Food
  31. Loss of Appetite during change of food
  32. Don't know if these two will make it
  33. Trying to find product?
  34. Bad diet while away on vacation/Coconut oil
  35. My 2 Week Old Orphaned Kitten Died
  36. Trying to find good wet food
  37. what is this rash on her chin?
  38. Cats Won't Touch New Dry Food
  39. Can a vet determine why a cat is missing its tail?
  40. Obese foster cat
  41. Ant Traps and Cats
  42. Full clean of litter to know when?
  43. Applaws wet flavors
  44. cat sneezes
  45. Supplement Question?
  46. Is This Food Good?
  47. Can cats outgrow food intolerances?
  48. Understanding pill pockets
  49. pure white, runny stool
  50. Stitch left from Neutering
  51. Hairballs galore
  52. Barnaby needs to gain weight
  53. Male Blockage and Chin Twitching?
  54. Less expensive rabbit- I and Love and You pate
  55. Feeding schedule while owner is away
  56. Could this be tape worm segments?
  57. how often should deworming be done
  58. my strange cat
  59. Yet more bad news about pet foods
  60. hair/fur ball question
  61. Poppy seems sick
  62. Hey guys, need a bit of advice. Lameness in 8 year old cat?
  63. Eating only the syrup?
  64. Help with a very picky eater
  65. Heavy Metals in petfood
  66. Non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine not available
  67. Does panting require H20?
  68. Do kittens need wet food specifically made for kittens?
  69. Canidae Cat Food
  70. Got really bad news today. ** updated **
  71. Cats seem to be peeing a lot since switching to wet food....
  72. Do your cats eat cooked chicken?
  73. Bare spot, hair missing, not sure why
  74. Homemade cat treats?
  75. New here .. cat at E.R. with blockage (UTI)
  76. Crusty kitty nose! Is this normal?
  77. BG and now Merricks new line
  78. Is Dr Elsey's Kitten Attract Litter Safe for Kittens?
  79. need to stop the weight loss
  80. Keep cat from jumping?
  81. Applying topical fles treatment
  82. Can cats have ADHD?
  83. Hyperthyroidism
  84. (pics) After a Deep Scratch from a Shelter Kitty last night
  85. Chronic Congestion
  86. Reducing costs of topical flea treatment
  87. Canned food with quail or rabbit?
  88. Advantage II
  89. Things just keep getting worse...
  90. Purina One Beyond?
  91. Hello cat people - cat with interstitial cystitis
  92. Urgent: cat without food
  93. Hello from the Middle East - cat with FIP
  94. Cat panting after minimal play
  95. Regrowing Fur
  96. Incontinent 3 days after neutering
  97. Cat food for lots of cats
  98. Pill Pockets
  99. Penny's Vet Visit
  100. diarrhea?
  101. Dental extractions
  102. Putting one cat on diet in multi cat household
  103. Help! Chicken Liver To kitties?
  104. Cat attacking other cat
  105. Fur health
  106. Ticks real bad in my area this year.
  107. patches on Lulu's ears
  108. Psyllium husks how thick is too thick?
  109. Sick cats- possibly from food?
  110. Abady Cat Food Recall
  111. Wet biscuits? IS there such a thing?
  112. I have cats. One needs some help.
  113. Winston is at the clinic!
  114. Treats for cat on limited ingredient diet
  115. Rabies Vaccination Question
  116. Mars acquires P&G Pet Food lines (EVO etc.)
  117. Dry food suggestions
  118. Excellent quality dry food
  119. Vaccine Reaction
  120. Spay/Neuter Effects On Coat?
  121. Optrex
  122. Sneezing
  123. squinting...
  124. Good, yet cheap, brands of cat food?
  125. Sardines as one meal a week?
  126. Where do you keep your water fountain?
  127. Metamucil Vs. MiraLax
  128. Persistent Cat Flu
  129. Left Hind Leg Issue
  130. Duck meat
  131. Winston ripped a nail! :(
  132. Optimal age for separating a kitten from its mom?
  133. Diet for senior cat
  134. Super Spyro - CRF diagnosis and results don't add up
  135. How to vets analyze stomach upset?
  136. Expecting the 4 month old bengal kitten to arrive tomorrow
  137. Do your cats always cry for food?
  138. rodent ulcers
  139. What IS THIS? Sparkling pee
  140. Cat has broken leg-surgeons in Phoenix options?
  141. visine or murine for cat allergies?
  142. Fish Oil vs Fish?
  143. hello. feeling horrible. need help with newborn kittens
  144. Choosing a new vet
  145. Flowering Quince poisonous to cats?
  146. gizmo not eating...blockage?
  147. Weird sound
  148. Snoring
  149. Bloody stool?
  150. Switching vets?
  151. Wellness causing problems...?
  152. Feeding one food causing allergies?
  153. 6 Year old male with FLUTD
  154. Other cat w/ constipation
  155. gassy cat, new problem
  156. Possible allergy?
  157. A really bad day :o(
  158. Eye Ducts
  159. Mme Coco has Arthritis
  160. RUN for your lives!! Pet cats infect humans with TB!
  161. dumb question about sexing kittens
  162. Salutations - questions about health of neighbor's cat
  163. cat treats?
  164. kittens, worms + fleas
  165. 6yo cat stricken with jaundice
  166. How to properly reheat canned and suggestions
  167. just found worms in boo-boo's poop
  168. Dental cleaning cost in Southern California?
  169. Is it possible to over feed a kitten?
  170. Feline viral rhinotracheitis
  171. When to get Mama Cat spayed
  172. Had enough trying to feed Tessie wet food!
  173. PetPlan Insurance
  174. Hello, any advice? - cat allergies
  175. Newbie - ideas needed or homemade kitten formula
  176. When to Wean Kittens?
  177. Cats always throw up when we bring things from outdoors for them?
  178. My 12 year old cat HATES the vet, hasn't been to one in 5 years.
  179. Tuna question
  180. Leaving poo streaks on the carpet, weight loss issues
  181. Need cat food suggestions
  182. Natural Pet Teeth and Gums
  183. How Old Is My Cat?
  184. carbs in kibble
  185. Cat feeders
  186. Scabby patches & sores
  187. I may have to go back to dry food
  188. Mr T has the Big C :( Multiple Myeloma
  189. Hello - more sores on his body now than he did before
  190. Stinky Poop!
  191. Probiotic, fiber, and good food.
  192. Blood in cat's poop...
  193. 6 wk old not doing well
  194. sweet Lucy isn't well
  195. Poop danglers
  196. feeding question
  197. Help - My cat's milk is not dropping for Kittens
  198. Smudge gone off wet food...
  199. Elevated creatinine and normal BUN question
  200. soon-to-be "humom" of 2 kittens - food question
  201. Innova cat and kitten ok?
  202. questions on claws + cat trees
  203. Cat dx-ed HyperT:
  204. My kitten was just spayed...
  205. Flea and Tick
  206. So, Arya ate a piece of yarn...
  207. I don't know if this is even health! Its creepy!
  208. Artie again-sigh
  209. Question... cat with hairballs, and others who puke up their meals!
  210. Hello! cat with tummy trouble
  211. Cat wont eat canned....
  212. Conehead kitty
  213. First timer - cats with feline distemperment
  214. Tips on getting a sick cat to eat??
  215. litter box trouble
  216. cat has possible Ibd?
  217. Doxycycline HYC, Onsior (robenacoxib) and Buprenorphine
  218. Concerns about lethargic cat
  219. Meet Jack the Kat - cat at home with an open catheter
  220. Welts all over my kittens body
  221. pet insurance company recommendations?
  222. Making sure a cat eats
  223. Feline Pine shortage??
  224. To Test or Not To Test?
  225. Grain free v. vegetable free?
  226. Bald patches - flea or food allergy?
  227. help with Paige - another t4 test that was low
  228. Webinar - Critical Care for Kittens
  229. White discharge from Kittens eye
  230. Artie sick...scared
  231. Cheeeeeese
  232. Feline Stomatitis
  233. The boys are getting neutered today
  234. Vaccination jitters
  235. Runny consistency of Wellness canned?
  236. Typical life of a barn cat?
  237. Friskies pate or high fat?
  238. Neutered- big change in behavior?
  239. Anyone's cats have watery eyes
  240. Estimating age
  241. I need to be the only one shopping for cat food
  242. Mysterious hair loss
  243. 3 week pregnant LAZY cat?
  244. I am truly at a loss... how to hide medication?
  245. My Cat's Yearly Vet Visit
  246. New Kitten Owner to Be Needs Advice
  247. getting smoke out of fur?
  248. And the shedding begins.
  249. Constantly hungry cat
  250. Urgent: Help for Cat with Severe Liver Problems.