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Health and Nutrition

  1. Hiding pain
  2. Just can't get a break :(
  3. Cat bodily fluids
  4. Health Concerns of a "Breeder" cat
  5. Mystery condition
  6. Swelling of cheek area
  7. Saddle Thrombus
  8. Rescue wont get in touch for the cat we want to surrender back?
  9. Why is Evo Turkey&Chicken canned food gone?
  10. Bump under the skin
  11. vomiting from aspirin?
  12. Critical Care/Recovery replacement
  13. Misterious Disease - Please help me!
  14. Do you give milk to your cat?
  15. I LOVE my Vet
  16. Yoghurt Culture Powder
  17. Asia's allergy test results are in
  18. PetMeds
  19. Seperation Anxiety or just needy?!
  20. What is the considered the best food for cats?
  21. Pillow Paw, FIV Questions
  22. Made an appt for a cat only vet... im excited (for asecond opinion)
  23. Worried About Mr Tyrion
  24. New cat really digging at her ears?
  25. FIV in Garage
  26. Freshpet Select - refrigerated
  27. Cats only eat dry food?
  28. Constipated cat help
  29. Sick Kitten
  30. New kitten owner
  31. High moisture canned can't keep UTI away?
  32. Emergeny! Need your experience and suggestions.
  33. 3 month old kitten acting strange
  34. Tinker's bad heart murmur - Improvement in 1 year..
  35. Sunblock
  36. Mystery is hurt...
  37. third eyelid showing
  38. Mat for Kitty Litter
  39. How much to feed the cats?
  40. How much canned food does your active cat eat?
  41. Advice on food change
  42. URI update thread, sick kitties
  43. mixing wet and dry
  44. Shelly has Her First Vet Exam on Saturday
  45. Mitzi is doing great\
  46. Mild limping and quivering foreleg
  47. Red Eye
  48. Update thread. URI, Infections sick kitties
  49. Kitty Cap
  50. Anyone know what this could be? - scratching and black spots
  51. Incredibly smelly urine!
  52. Hi from chicago - question about kitty's behavior after spay
  53. The vet thinks our kitten has FIP
  54. Cat shivering/vibrating
  55. Tremors
  56. Treats that are very easy on the stomach?
  57. Garlic if not eaten but meat seasoned with it
  58. Three Cats Two Diets, How To Manage?
  59. New kitten food
  60. Root Canal Vs. Extraction?
  61. Fostering in carpeted room?
  62. Rest after Neuter?
  63. Is it okay to feed my cat with speical wet food from royal canin everyday?
  64. Is it okay to feed my cat with speical wet food from royal canin everyday?
  65. Cat throws up when we leave?
  66. Did a real stupid thing and feel real bad - Daisy fell in the bathtub
  67. I think Chip has a UTI
  68. Dry, Cracked Paw Pad
  69. Altering kittens. What age?
  70. Scruffy looking kitty. Underlying cause?
  71. help, I may have created a foodie. . .
  72. Persistent URI - Any ideas?
  73. I need advice - picky eater
  74. Do you let your cat eat veggies?
  75. What wet food brands do you feed your cats?
  76. Metacam- very scared
  77. my sweeties - cat with peeing issue
  78. Hi Guys :) cat with Kidney Failure and Hyperthyroidism
  79. Should i keep new kitten with Cat Flu or URI Symptoms?
  80. Cat Callus (Growth on Paw Pad)
  81. Seeking input for grain & poultry-free kibble
  82. Kitty off her food
  83. Need input - cat acting strange after vaccinations
  84. Cat with Diarrhea! Advice needed
  85. Pilling solution!
  86. Update on my hyperthyroid kitty Isaac
  87. Mysterious disease turning cats into living robots (and finally killing them).
  88. My cat only eats terrible cat food
  89. Didn't want to highjack thread on vaccinations
  90. How worried should I be?! cat ate expired butter
  91. Just got a new kitten with upper respiratory infection
  92. Composure Liquid Help
  93. Why won't my kitten eat her wet meaty food?
  94. Keeping Nala off the kitchen table/countertops
  95. vaccinations for an indoor cat living with an outdoor cat?
  96. clueless about ringworm
  97. Henry has a poorly paw
  98. Swollen bum, what do you think?
  99. Both cats not getting their share of dry food
  100. Shelly likes canned!
  101. Flea and Tick control?
  102. Prednisolone dosage and timing
  103. What could it be now? loose stools
  104. Second time threw up in a week
  105. Dry feeding schedule - is it ok to ignore an empty bowl?
  106. Dolly the teeny tiny cat
  107. need some direction for helping my cat with Lantus Insulin
  108. Hi All - cat with heart failure and mitral valve insufficiency
  109. Cat has stuffy nose
  110. Large kitten?
  111. What is the cheapest grain free kibble brand?
  112. I love my vet but I hate the receptionist
  113. Cat hot spot and over-licking, any recomendations for natural remedies?
  114. Not eating, drinking, or playing.
  115. Toxoplasmosis in Beluga whales ... Yikes!
  116. Another beautiful pet fountain site
  117. a new cat...
  118. Gravy?
  119. Vacuum Sealed Bag
  120. Gracie sneezing
  121. age limit for neutering
  122. Hi everyone, need some advice - cat with possible stroke and eyesight loss
  123. Evo 95% black spots
  124. British Shorthair Problem
  125. petco's soulistic cat foods, many not available
  126. Flea Prevention
  127. Mouth ulcers, what coule be causing them?
  128. Spring Naturals - new Cat Food line
  129. Hi, new here and looking for help
  130. Innova Nature's Table. Have you heard of it?
  131. Limited Ingredient Diet food for normal cats?
  132. I think Gordie has acne!
  133. Can you recommend a good humidifier to treat feline asthma?
  134. Symptoms of swallowing something?
  135. Hello everyone - shedding issues
  136. Post Spay Lump
  137. How to reduce or cure gingivitis?
  138. Feline Caviar Venison Indoor Grain Free Cat Dinner
  139. tiny Kitten vomited milk!
  140. Do you think he's overweight?
  141. Mobile Vet
  142. FIV+ Cat with Pancreatitis has stopped eating
  143. Possible Fungal Issue on Kitten?
  144. Flagyl and Budesinode?? Help!
  145. Skinny cat
  146. New member - feline leukemia and vision problems
  147. Please recommend wet food!
  148. Another Constipation Question
  149. Proden Plaqueoff
  150. Moiraine isn't eating... Warm to touch.
  151. sagging gut?
  152. Hi everyone! Question about diet for a cat with many allergies
  153. My cat is sick :(?
  154. HELP! Sick kitty ** update **
  155. Cat Asthma? Allergies? FIV? I'm scared.
  156. Program (Lufenuron) Injectable
  157. Really need advice - new to cat care
  158. Patient is resting comfortably...
  159. Pet food recall...Salmonella
  160. Whats going on with his eye?
  161. Air Filter?
  162. best food to feed to get get two cats on a diet.
  163. Kidney Disease and hypercalcemia
  164. What is the 'normal' poop vs. pee ratio for a cat
  165. cat passed after throwing up in the a.m., not eating/drinking/going to the bathroom
  166. Feeding sick Kitty
  167. Limp
  168. Worried about my Vega.. tapeworm issues
  169. Should I be worried?
  170. Sick Kitty :(
  171. I'm a success!
  172. Neo-Poly-Dex and Goopy eye. Help!
  173. Feeding 5 cats is hard
  174. Cat ate string -Worried
  175. Vasectomy a choice instead of neutering?
  176. Super finicky!
  177. Newly diagnosed with hyperthyroidism
  178. My shelter kitty is sick :(
  179. Clues to the causes of diarrhea in foster kittens
  180. Cat poops in nugget form. Is this constipation?
  181. How much miralax?
  182. Ear Infection Home Remedies?
  183. Accidentally left the gas stove on
  184. Mow down! Mow down!
  185. Adopted a sick kitten?
  186. What food to feed cat with FLUTD
  187. Cat has dirty ears?
  188. Can you ever feel the Microchip?
  189. New! need food recommendations for cat with FLUTD
  190. Matthew
  191. Blockage
  192. Trouble with stool consistency
  193. Royal Canin kitten #34
  194. Blood on outside of stool for months now. :(
  195. How Blizzard worries me
  196. Ellie won't stop trying to lick her spay incision - no E-collar
  197. Orijen cat food
  198. Kidney Disease
  199. Cat is addicted to Wellness Signature Selects
  200. How to pill a cat?
  201. My cat won't eat her new food!
  202. sick kitten is sick
  203. Cat Xrays
  204. Late on the shots - need testing?
  205. hey!
  206. Nutrish
  207. Triumph Wet Food
  208. Advice for caring for an elderly cat from Dr. Michael Fox
  209. 4 yr old cat, No shots, not fixed, where to start?
  210. pretty sure the 3 have URIs
  211. How cold can a cat tolerate?
  212. Newly Diagnosed Diabetes.
  213. Blind foster kitty won't eat
  214. Toronto Humane Society: Beat the Heat - $20 spay
  215. Neuter clinic in Westfield mass??
  216. Carbs in kibble
  217. Cats hardly eating... but they're fine?
  218. Hi There...My Little Guy Has A Big Problem with bumps/scabs on face
  219. Tessie's cancer is back :*(
  220. chicken and rice
  221. How does a cat catch a cold?
  222. Finicky Eater
  223. Benefits of fostering
  224. Asked to foster cat with medical / possible neurological problems...
  225. Pazu's chin! Hair loss?
  226. raw hide like stuff for cats
  227. Rate These Grains/Fillers!
  228. What can I feed these foster cats with severe allergies?
  229. Splitting Evo into feeding portions
  230. Vets group won't say no to jerky treats
  231. Trying to stop free feeding
  232. Kittens fur is flaky and easy to pull out
  233. Getting Ellie spayed... any tips and what to expect?
  234. Time for Gizmos biopsy
  235. CET Toothpaste - Malt Flavour
  236. Keratonized pad....
  237. overweight cat
  238. Surgery? Or euthanize? Or neither (yet)?
  239. Cat Vaccination Protocols
  240. Question about Food
  241. Sheba wet food.
  242. Healthy and tasty snacks for my cats?
  243. Euthanasia Question - is it time?
  244. Inconclusive Feline Leukemia Tests
  245. Just switched to canned food...Questions?
  246. Vet told me it true?? low end wet better than high end dry
  247. Bruno's Operation
  248. Kitten problems that I'm concerned about.
  249. One year later..
  250. How long until retest for FIV/FELV