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Health and Nutrition

  1. Cat in litter box every 15 minutes, after vet visit...
  2. Paws crossed for Missy's recheck
  3. i am in need of urgent help please! Hartz ear mite medication
  4. Article on How to Examine Your Cat for Illnesses
  5. Trouble switching our cats from dry
  6. Fostering strays with health issues
  7. advice from people who have cats with ibd.please
  8. Early morning woes from nowhere...
  9. Possible UTI or???
  10. Fear kidney disease is progressing, pain and heart ache
  11. Ugh, results from the urinalysis
  12. Fish oil
  13. Feline calicivirus - any one ever dealt with this?
  14. Rocks in Natural Balance Cat Food?
  15. Weight discrepancy causes
  16. Newbie with some aging cat health questions
  17. cats only vet
  18. Dirty dirty ears
  19. Arya is sick, and I'm scared...
  20. Tubby Tucker
  21. sneezing and snot..marshall
  22. Worming failure :( and then some
  23. BFF Canned Foods
  24. Litterbox and Litter suggestions!
  25. Dog Slow Food Feeder
  26. How Much Food?
  27. Cat vomited and is now a bit odd
  28. Pet Food Industry Revolution/Evolution
  29. Are bugs safe?
  30. Kitten with greasy fur
  31. Post spay advice - playing, running, hyperactivity. :(
  32. You know when you think your cat has health issues... Yeah I'm doing that :(
  33. Giardia questions
  34. Senior cat who had diarrhea
  35. New Lotus Line "Just Juicy"
  36. What is this? bump on wrist
  37. Any way to tell if a cat has been spayed?
  38. Tux - may be hyperthyroid. May have been untreated for 6 months? Please advise!
  39. Other cats with hip dysplasia or osteoarthritis?
  40. Help! My cat is a bag of bones
  41. behavior after vaccinations
  42. Ear mites
  43. Dave's
  44. How long after a meal before play
  45. Smokey is getting nuetered wednesday
  46. If cats throw up
  47. Vaccination
  48. Automatic/Gravity cat feeders
  49. How long does dry food stay good for
  50. is fish really that bad?
  51. Sutures after spay
  52. Finally a cat litter my nose can deal with!
  53. has 25% off pet food! (max discount per order $20)
  54. DIY cat fountain
  55. Neck scrape
  56. Best *inexpensive* grain-free dry food?
  57. Taurine Solubility
  58. Need some input on buying cans online
  59. Senior cat bone thin
  60. FIV + Stray What to do.
  61. How much should he eat?
  62. Deworming
  63. L-lysine
  64. Vitamin E
  65. Kitten drank milk, now has diarrhea
  66. Flexi-joints
  67. Orijen - new formula
  68. Haven't been able to post... question about fumigation
  69. UK biopsy cost
  70. eye cleaning tips
  71. Need a solution to Remy's diet
  72. Check up
  73. How to collect urine?
  74. Kitty's third eyelid shows when he's sleepy
  75. I feel so bad for stopping wet food
  76. cats getting sick on Purina Gourmet Gold wet pate
  77. Itchy Skin?
  78. Diarrhea and itchy neck/head
  79. Frustrated and worried - did my cats get poisoned?! :(
  80. 4 Months old hunting and eating crickets...
  81. Treating a minor scrape?
  82. Wet food transition question
  83. Wellness canned
  84. # of litter boxes/best litter box
  85. pumpkin got spayed today
  86. Got bad news about Lacey today!
  87. FIP research at Cornell
  88. Popantel Overdose?
  89. Need help getting the proper food for my cat please.
  90. Can FIP be Avoided?
  91. Cat loosing fur from his face and getting scabs
  92. AFTER ringworm.....
  93. eye gunk
  94. My cat is vomiting food after surgery
  95. Do cats generally know food has turned bad?
  96. EVO chicken/turkey cat/kitten canned
  97. Stinky cat
  98. Any truth to this? cats and cold weather
  99. So disappointed - another seizure
  100. Kitty Glop
  101. cats & bones - panicking
  102. Merrick dry food
  103. Mixing crystal litter with clumping litter?
  104. Meat by-products and meat meal, meanings?
  105. Taking the boys to the vet
  106. Making sense of reports
  107. new litter? - Dr. Elsey's?
  108. Something wrong? Dilated pupils
  109. Best Litter
  110. Special Kitty Cuisine?
  111. Introducing myself! - cat needs to lose weight
  112. Cats and Claws Living Happily Ever After
  113. FIP info great resource
  114. Pregnant cat over grooming?
  115. Does anyone feed their cats Wysong Epigen? I have a few questions.
  116. Kitten and food issues
  117. I found a lump :(
  118. What could be causing this watery poo?
  119. Clavamox dosage
  120. Cat with sore near mouth
  121. Nose problem
  122. Just wondering about environmental causes for illnesses in pets.
  123. Taurine in Cat Food
  124. Steak bone incident
  125. First Aid/Emergency kit for cats?
  126. My sad little man - hurt tail
  127. Persistent diarrhea! Coccidiosis??
  128. Worms
  129. Cat hacks and is gurgling but nothing comes up
  130. Cat with an allergy to plastic?
  131. Nasal problem
  132. Diarrhea problem AGAIN!
  133. Is he overweight?
  134. Help! Just found an abandoned kitten outside our house
  135. RECALL sub-Q fluid
  136. Kitty is a total refusing fighter about taking meds.
  137. Poop sticks to cats behind. How can I get it off?
  138. She looked healthy - letting stray cat mingle
  139. Is it okay to put Panacur in food?
  140. Supplementing with dry food
  141. Don't know where this belongs but......
  142. Vanilla vomitted twice within the week.
  143. A few feeding questions...
  144. Making kibble more appetizing
  145. Teddy in ER
  146. Question and re introduction!!
  147. Elderly Cat, Diarrhea, Vomiting, won't eat
  148. Food allergies--what's your exp?
  149. Riddled in fleas
  150. Feeding question!
  151. Mommy of two senior cats
  152. Hand Pat Needed: Foster Cat Sick
  153. Kitten underweight breeder gone nuts?
  154. Multiple cats, one with diet restrictions
  155. Leaving on vacation
  156. Greetings :) food allergy special needs kitty
  157. Dave's New Restricted Diets (kidney related)
  158. Raising a kitten
  159. Which Merrick formula?
  160. Need advice for a freind
  161. Pilling order advice please
  162. Maxie has an Enlarged heart.
  163. Online Pet Stores Shipping To CANADA
  164. Supplements on a canned diet
  165. Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome
  166. Free feeding
  167. My Baby Boy has a Brain Tumor
  168. Third eyelid showing
  169. throwing up but still eating and drinking water
  170. Heart attack and blood clot
  171. First timer - FIV kitty
  172. Scout Post Extraction Tummy Issues
  173. Pneumo's diet, how does it sound?
  174. Amoxicilin for 21 days???
  175. Tips regarding new kitten 2
  176. How Often to bath Tesla and Indie?
  177. Inexpensive grain free canned food
  178. Kittens aren't wanting to eat much?
  179. Kitty ear problem?
  180. Chronic Urinary Problems
  181. First Vaccines
  182. Am I feeding too much?
  183. zap
  184. Urinary crystals & food
  185. How much litter do you use a month?
  186. Teeth shedding discomfort
  187. Kitten in a house with a herpes cat.
  188. Wet Can Food Confusion: FIC Cat Nutrition Needs
  189. Vaccines
  190. Lucy keeps vomiting
  191. How to tell if cat has worms?
  192. Cat needs 11 oz of food a day...
  193. Daily food measurement question.
  194. Finally found a large cat food mat!
  195. Cat Injury
  196. Best and worst foods?
  197. Need advice on how to handle two difficult eaters
  198. Older cat with diarrhea
  199. Which dry food is best?
  200. New cat owner - stray cat - not doing well
  201. Reliable online pet pharmacy?
  202. Poor Penny Has Pancreatitis!
  203. How to administer Slippery Elm?
  204. Hi! I am Karina. cat won't eat or drink
  205. Cat had bloody Poop...
  206. High calcium levels in blood
  207. EVO causing stinky poo
  208. Do Cats Get Gray Fur
  209. Vaccines issue
  210. Fynn Went To The Vets... Having Trouble Peeing :(
  211. The Neuter of Buster Bluth
  212. False Pregnancy after Spay?
  213. Who likes tuna? Me loves tuna! - cat with itching issues
  214. lover had a seizure :(
  215. Hound&gatos
  216. Add water to food
  217. What to Expect with Kidney Disease?
  218. Would 6days of kibbles do any harm?
  219. Cat relocate poop?
  220. Vomitting
  221. Taurine supplementation - a cautionary tail
  222. New food to rich to keep down?
  223. Dangerous to lick the can
  224. How Often Do You Weigh Your Cat?
  225. Dental surgery for asia tomorrow
  226. Hello - soft stools, nothing's working
  227. Wet food samples
  228. Tips regarding new kitten
  229. sick cat - advice on vet visit
  230. Cat expressing her anal glands outside litter box.
  231. Calici Virus??
  232. Advice on food rotation
  233. Loving mom to Tommy - questions about hyperthyroidism
  234. Vaccinating cat tomorrow
  235. How long before giardia meds kick in?
  236. Stressed about medicating
  237. Vet recommends putting cats on dry food due to weight gain??
  238. Hi - cat with blockage issues
  239. Daisy and mange
  240. Introduction (and ringworm help, please)
  241. Tick repellant/killer
  242. How do I let go?
  243. Rawhide for cats?
  244. Best Way to 'Vet' a Vet
  245. Kittens won't eat wet food
  246. Has anyone tried Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat litter?
  247. When do kittens become cats?
  248. The constant battle with Canned food
  249. ear infection and lots of wax
  250. Jerky: how-to's (no jerky from CHINA!!)