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Health and Nutrition

  1. Left cat alone for 36 hours for Thanksgiving...
  2. When NOT to treat a cat with hepatic lipidosis?
  3. Thinking of Putting Fynn on 100% Wet Food Diet
  4. Omega Alpha Probiotic 8 Plus?
  5. Tail Vaccination in Cats:
  6. Hospice care for terminally ill pets
  7. Primal dog
  8. Roundworm and Revolution
  9. Is he eating too much or am I feeding him tooo little?
  10. Does anyone give their kittos turkey?
  11. Stuffy nose
  12. Need advice, very sick cat
  13. Merrick
  14. Ellie is sneezing... should I take her to the vet?
  15. When did your kitten start to eat less
  16. Cheap Cat Food Help
  17. Licking jelly off food and leaving most of the meat
  18. Ear mites...
  19. L-lysine side effects
  20. Myth or Fact? Dry Food Worse For Male Cats?
  21. Cat food changes and diarrhea
  22. So, tell me about FECV and FIP
  23. Picky cat who barfs a lot and doesn't eat enough
  24. Diabetes diagnosis
  25. Five month old Jack and flea bites
  26. My cat vomiting dry food
  27. Diarrhea all of a sudden
  28. Cat Is insane about food texture
  29. Constipation?
  30. What are the chances? - rapid weght loss in kittens
  31. hurshy with CRF AND lymphoma cat - now constipated
  32. My Ellie is dry heaving :(
  33. 2 cats 1 food
  34. Foster Kitty Throwing Up
  35. Dislocated nail/paw?
  36. Food
  37. Diagnosed with CRF
  38. Adverse reaction to rabies vaccine
  39. The dreaded Goop
  40. Anything I can do for a irritated tooth.
  41. Belly issues
  42. Banfield pet hospital- Spay/Neuter question
  43. Hello :-) liver cirrhosis in cats
  44. possible urethral obstruction
  45. Kittens not eating much
  46. Where can you buy actual dried catnip plant?
  47. My cat is sick - need some advice
  48. What is this stuff around the eyes? Allergies?
  49. Asia lost a pound in a month
  50. Panleuk?
  51. My cat is sick, need advice
  52. using the litter box way to much
  53. Bulge from kittys butt??
  54. Seizure or am I crazy?
  55. Cats Throwing Up
  56. Please help! Cat has scabs/bleeding
  57. Vet Says Cat Cannot Have a Cold Without Sneezing
  58. Timing for First Vet Visit?
  59. Flea Treatment
  60. Brown/black gunk around eyes and nose.
  61. Kittens in store - frustrating
  62. Narrow Pet Stairs
  63. Can cats drink a lot of water and not have health problems?
  64. I need your opinion about Royal Canin HA Cat Food
  65. special food
  66. Kitten has a tad bit of blood in runny stool?
  67. Sodium bentonite
  68. Wild Calling Nutritional analysis
  69. Is my cat still hungry?
  70. Earthborn vs Blue Buffalo
  71. Sensitivity in cat
  72. Extremely stinky poop...?
  73. Brushing your kitties teeth?
  74. Cosequin for bladder health
  75. Explain Kitty Hyper/Hypo Thyroid Issues to me
  76. Will a cat starve to death?
  77. Early kidney issues - Hills K/D?
  78. Hello from South Africa - food question
  79. Hello from Madras - questions about renal failure
  80. Something wrong with spay incision almost 1 month after?
  81. how do you deal with a finicky cat?
  82. Leukemia vaccine
  83. Poorly Lenny :(
  84. How cold can I let my house get?
  85. Cone Of Shame not working! (help!)
  86. Halo
  87. Prescription ID Dry Cat Food
  88. Kitten won't stop eating?
  89. new here - cat has bald spots
  90. Any "home" treatments for diarrhea?
  91. My cat has a twitch
  92. Eye infection or?
  93. Lump above eye
  94. Goji berries
  95. Holistic Approach to Bladder Stone??
  96. When wet food goes dry...
  97. Kitten Health Questions
  98. How much should a 17 month old weigh?
  99. I'm concerned about Blue Buffalo...
  100. Purebites freeze dried cheddar?
  101. cat vaccinations how often?
  102. How much should kitten eat?
  103. Isabel is sick
  104. Disneyfurmommy introdcution
  105. Fleas/Worms
  106. Cats breath stanks!
  107. Upper Respiratory Infection??
  108. Wet food and controlling eating amount
  109. Acute Constipation
  110. Diarrhea frustration!
  111. A blossomed kitten and a sick one
  112. Meenu's Meds Have Been Increased
  113. Baked chicken treats
  114. Nubi's tail bones are not normal
  115. Litterbox availibility for 4week olds.
  116. Grain Free Limited Ingredient Cat Food
  117. Newmans Own 95%
  118. Blue Buffalo Kibble~
  119. Flea treatment or not?
  120. Flea treatment and water
  121. My Nubi is neutered~
  122. overweight kitty with hunger problems!
  123. Something stuck in claw bed
  124. Seizures, Dreams, Sleep Apnea?
  125. Kitty food advice
  126. Red, inflamed gums (aka Stomatitis)
  127. Elevated Feeders? Yes or No
  128. Kitten refuses to eat kibble
  129. Pet food safety
  130. Young cat going grey
  131. Lots of questions from a newbie :D
  132. Is EVO bad?
  133. Kitten kibbles
  134. Yogurt for weaning diarrhea and farting cats?
  135. Wellness Healthy Indulgence - Anyone try it?
  136. Renal Failure Suggestions?
  137. Confused about calories
  138. Lotus brand Cat Food, anyone tried it?
  139. Possible Asthma (and a random topic...)
  140. Hello - cat's declining health issues
  141. Abdomenal exploratory surgery
  142. Ziwi peak?
  143. Pilling our sick little girl
  144. I know this has been discussed ad nauseum - how much water cats drink/need
  145. I guess I¯m stuck being hostage to RX Cat Food
  146. i-131 Thyroid radiation injections
  147. Making sure kittens eat enough?
  148. New member Kerby - question about Horners Syndrome
  149. How to use 3 doses really needed?
  150. Feline Colitis
  151. Level 4 heart murmur
  152. Are claw covers necessary? How to apply if so?
  153. Do you use Lysol?
  154. Comfortable indoor temperature for cats
  155. desperate for advice please from a worried newbie - diarrhea
  156. Peeing and pooping around the house
  157. Cat food mat recommendations?
  158. Hello! kitty with sensitive tummy
  159. Vaccines again
  160. Fine With Dry - Pukes on Wet
  161. Going out of my mind :'(
  162. Litter recomendations for declawed cat?
  163. PSA: carnations ARE toxic to cats
  164. Cat wheezes when she breathes; sounds like snoring
  165. Introduction and Request - blind kitty
  166. Kitten leaving sticky secretions
  167. list of safe to use probiotic for cats?
  168. Lysine capsules ok for kittens?
  169. Cat drooling.
  170. Help!! Muscle Spasm & Twitching in Cat
  171. Cartophen
  172. Nervous for Maisy
  173. Cat bed for winter?
  174. Do you replace litter box?
  175. Stephano has me worried
  176. Why do cats shed so much when afraid?
  177. How do you store your open cans?
  178. is this a good cat food? Applaws
  179. What's your favorite cat food?
  180. please help 1 month old kitten or less dropped on door step
  181. Arthritis and ear mites
  182. I'll just say it, stinky poop
  183. Dry food idea?
  184. Dr. Elsey Precious cat litter on sale at Amazon
  185. Pine Litter
  186. Freeze drying chicken
  187. Cats won't eat from those large economical cans.
  188. Addictive cat treats?
  189. Vaccine Recommendations for Mostly Indoor Kitty?
  190. Need some advice about bumps on Lamb Chop's head?
  191. Neutered male helping with orphans!
  192. New here - sick kitty
  193. Cat with Third Eyelid Showing
  194. To clump or not to clump, that is the question...
  195. Citrus Magic is toxic to cats?!
  196. So confused about canned food
  197. Kitten doesn't stop eating
  198. Bones
  199. Dewormer question
  200. Jerky Treat Mystery - Nearly 600 animals dead
  201. Hello - missing fur - obsessive licking issues
  202. How to ask for record from Vet
  203. Thyroid Problems
  204. How much C/D to feed
  205. Questions on feeding new cat/kitten
  206. Stage 2 CKD--help me understand...
  207. projectile vomit from marshall
  208. ivermectin and selamectin for cats
  209. Candle Covers
  210. Poop Sample? How??
  211. 11 week old sneezing! Help!
  212. Hi I'm new - question about feeding
  213. Few questions for new kittens
  214. Hello all - helped needed with newborn kittens
  215. Hairballs
  216. Kings Teeth
  217. Just got kitten spayed. I have some questions?
  218. Cat with discharge in only one eye?
  219. Seizures
  220. lump on cat's back
  221. Sources of taurine?
  222. BLUE Wilderness¯ Chicken & Turkey Cat Treat
  223. Robin's bell-bell
  224. Is tuna cat food really bad for cats?
  225. Delilah at vet for not eating - what to do when she comes home?
  226. Kittens have diarrhea
  227. Malnourished Outdoor Cat
  228. Food
  229. Kittens and Worms
  230. Ibd
  231. Could loose stools be a result of an all-can diet?
  232. Drontal has made my cats ill!!!
  233. Could my TV hurt my cat's ears?
  234. Feline Colitis
  235. Do I need a new food?
  236. Hi all, concerned about my spayed cat
  237. Hello! Help need with new foods for cat with allergies
  238. Kitten's fur is permanently dirty?
  239. Radioactive Iodine Treatment
  240. Terramyacin
  241. Roundworm
  242. Do you really insist on non-adjuvanted vaccines?
  243. Kitten isnt full weaned!
  244. Finally!
  245. Tear Stains
  246. kitten and adult food
  247. Pate style wet cat food, comparable to the old merric "classic" line?
  248. Hey Y'all! - cat with allergies
  249. Our Cat's Story
  250. does this look like ring worm