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Health and Nutrition

  1. Royal Canin Urinary SO vs. Proplan Urinary Health
  2. Laser pointer - cat with urinary issues
  3. Flea question
  4. Cat fit
  5. Cats and hydroleca
  6. New wet food diet questions
  7. Hello! question about alternatives to Royal Canin
  8. Possible Constipation? Can't go to vet until Tuesday.. :( Advice?
  9. Post-neuter time?
  10. Abscess/Necrotizing Fasciitis in my cat
  11. So frustrating...
  12. to clean the environment?
  13. Clear yellow liquid?
  14. Finicky cats! Just venting.
  15. Using Interceptor to deworm kitten?
  16. Holistics cat food?
  17. help my kitten has a blocked nose
  18. How is this possible
  19. Urinary Tract Infection or Block?
  20. 3rd eyelid showing after surgery
  21. Lucky Luna's Lungs
  22. Best cat shampoo
  23. What to feed my kitten
  24. Watery Eye + Advice on Vet?
  25. Tessie not feeling well
  26. Kitty's tooth fell out!!
  27. Cat Treats.... For Hairballs?
  28. Milk?
  29. Cyberchondriacs....huh??
  30. Balcony, cold, open questions
  31. Urinary Diets
  32. New Member in search of info- Bowel issues
  33. Blood in urine
  34. Need new kitty litter... Input on your favorites appreciated!
  35. Kitten growth charts?
  36. When do u need to bring kitty to vet?
  37. Calculating PFC?
  38. nipple scabbed over?
  39. Tips for cat owners
  40. Strictly Forbidden Pet Items
  41. Canned Food Rotation
  42. Worried: vomit and diarrhea
  43. Hairball vs. Asthma
  44. can a 2 week old kitten have solid food???
  45. Help with 6 week old kitten, eating but losing weight.
  46. Feeding meat leftovers
  47. Two Kittens vs One - feeding question
  48. Cat broke his back nail :(
  49. Newly Adopted Cat - needs help losing weight
  50. cat runny stool agian.
  51. Cat... anal gland issues
  52. Sick cat + lab results
  53. Convenia shot
  54. How much do you feed your cats?
  55. Health Issues, mostly BM problems
  56. Revoltion.. heartgard and immunotherapy
  57. I got a free bag of Wellness!
  58. First Mate Cat Food
  59. My Kitty seems to be poorly.
  60. Help needed with litter
  61. Cat refusing food
  62. Cat Litter
  63. Best Food with Best Value?
  64. Recently sick kitty getting off wet food
  65. needing some advice :) newborn kitten
  66. Viral/Bacterial infection.
  67. brushing a cat's teeth-weird question
  68. Loose Stools
  69. Hi! I'm Mike - questions about sick, depressed, lonely kitty
  70. Purina rep in class today
  71. Help, I found two kittens in the garbage!!
  72. Kitten Feeding Questions
  73. swollen abdomen/possible fip
  74. Cat is not eaten for days
  75. medi cal mobility support?
  76. Kitten with off and on sneezing/runny eyes
  77. Why boiled chicken and rice for bad tums?
  78. Bugs in Fur
  79. Time for a diet
  80. How often to do a complete litter change?
  81. About cat's hair
  82. Hamburger
  83. Canned Food and Diarrhea
  84. Dry to wet now cat's constipated
  85. Kittens and Elimination
  86. Product review
  87. Cat threw up 4 times in a row
  88. Kittens, Fleas, and Baths
  89. Yet ANOTHER feeding post
  90. If not Innova so what? Nutro Natural in my case.
  91. Kobi Update
  92. Feeding Kittens Formula
  93. Freaking out - blood in urine
  94. So how do I feel better about food!
  95. Canned cat food
  96. Best Vet EVER
  97. How much to feed??
  98. Another Food Thread
  99. Three Sick Kitties :'(
  100. How bad are Whiskas and Friskies?
  101. Scabs and infections.
  102. Cat Dandruff
  103. Isa's Poor Claws
  104. My cat's have diarrhea
  105. Blood in kitty's stool?
  106. Evo
  107. How much should I feed my cat?
  108. Black, long haired cats more prone to Asthma?
  109. Water fountains?
  110. Battling with cat poop again - should you mix rice into cat food?
  111. Kitty Getting Spayed Tomorrow - What to Expect?
  112. teaching kittens to drink water
  113. Fighting Giardia
  114. my cat had urethral obstruction!
  115. Evo dry for kitten
  116. Over grooming
  117. possible UTI?
  118. Looking for some reassurance - kidney failure
  119. Hallie broke her toe!
  120. Please help me figure this out - something wrong with stray kitten
  121. Vomiting, when to be concerned?
  122. Argh. Bug in the litter box...
  123. Cat Exercise Wheel?
  124. Switching Food for Geriatric Cat
  125. Lax-aire vs Laxatone for hair balls
  126. Multiple small feedings - Anybody else?
  127. Dry food - going backwards
  128. How to determine a cat's age
  129. Smudge looks like he has a sore eye
  130. Mittens and Me! elevated enzymes
  131. Hello - food question
  132. Cat Vomit Questions
  133. Whiskey is having problems
  134. What is this between Wilson's toe?
  135. Pet Food Stamps
  136. Hi everyone! need help with ear mites
  137. Advice Kitten Broken Bone
  138. Bald patches
  139. Cats will not eat
  140. Orphaned kittens.... one didn't make it
  141. cat has "big" skin
  142. Kitten sneezing
  143. Diarrhea
  144. Cat just licked some fried fish sticks, is she going to be ok?
  145. Best and worst cat foods
  146. My cat has a lump - right where her microchip is
  147. watery eyes in adopted stray kitten
  148. Hard White Lumps In Gums
  149. What can food like Merricks BG canned
  150. Regarding Sammy - need your advice
  151. Stray Feeding Advice
  152. Greenies were making my cat throw up.
  153. Kitten is dewormed - but still has diarrhea?
  154. Hair loss and weird skin coloring/feeling
  155. Microchipping at pound?
  156. Vicryl stitches
  157. nervously awaiting felv fiv results
  158. No hairballs?
  159. 1 cat had diarrhoea.. now another one has
  160. Is it just me or does wet cat food smell bad?
  161. Fleas!!!
  162. New Addition - eating enough?
  163. New Member With Sick Kitty
  164. Warm ears almost a week after surgery
  165. Hello Fellow Kitty Lovers! question about cat food
  166. Kitties losing too much weight on high quality wet food?
  167. Have to find another vet.
  168. AAFP Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel
  169. another food question for my cancer kitty
  170. Buddha slims down on a treadmill!
  171. "Liver" in a canned cat food?
  172. Lamb lung?
  173. 4Health Grain-Free Dry food?
  174. Accidentally Cut Kitty's Skin :-(
  175. Complimentary food
  176. Confessions of a fish addict
  177. Gray poop from medicine?
  178. Devastated - CRF Diagnosis
  179. Questions About Spaying
  180. Hello
  181. Is it time to let go or is there still hope?
  182. When to offer different food?
  183. help plz - sore on cat's mouth
  184. Need help with very young kittens
  185. One cat overweight one underweight
  186. Royal canin Vs Taste of The Wild
  187. Large, swollen teats
  188. Seizures in cats
  189. Cat is vomiting, not sure if I should be concerned or not.
  190. Urine from one cat smells sour
  191. help
  192. Scab on nose, bleeding?
  193. hair balls
  194. Flea/ heart worm for indoor cat
  195. Food amounts
  196. Feeding my kitty
  197. How little is too little?
  198. Auriculotherapy for cats?
  199. Kitty in surgery... need reassurance..
  200. Good thoughts for Bentley, please!
  201. Missy and Zipper and the thyroid medicine saga
  202. Food questions for little Mu.
  203. Kitty with possible liver disease/pancreatitis - update
  204. after spaying my cat
  205. Increase in appetite
  206. Update
  207. Why did my cat throw up?
  208. Red skin at the head help! :(
  209. post surgical collar
  210. Are you happy with your vet?
  211. where do you buy your catnip/grass?
  212. marinade and sauce?
  213. 3 week old kittens orphaned..any help would be great
  214. Confused: so many wet food brands...
  215. Phosphorus % in Merrick
  216. How effective is oral care dry food really?
  217. New merrick pate foods seem to give Boo runny stools.
  218. Small scabs/dried up mucus on cats nose
  219. Pebbles in Denver - question about panting/coughing
  220. best-worst cat food-dr becker
  221. Pets and Sunburn (Skin Damage/Cancer)
  222. Cat Giving Self Abrasions Above Eye
  223. improving my kitties diet.
  224. Hi, Victoria here-registered as I have a cat concern - cystitis and dry food
  225. Kitten with runny eyes
  226. Are There Any High Cheap Quality Cat Foods?
  227. Rescued Kitten.. ADVICE!?
  228. Why do you feed dry?
  229. Weaning Foster Kittens
  230. herpes flare up
  231. Anyone have the link to the wetfood chart?
  232. UT problems in my male cat
  233. Rash ? on My Cat's Neck
  234. How's this food look? Nature's Recipe canned food
  235. Kitten age?
  236. Lexie's blood work said Coronavirus
  237. Frontline flea control, messed up the application
  238. Need help with CKD for my Cat!
  239. EVO Dry Cat Food is back...
  240. When should I pick up little Marshall?
  241. rotating food?
  242. Cat too small?
  243. And my brother brought home a kitten...
  244. Winter coat?
  245. Is walmart cat food bad?
  246. Syndactyly Causing Pain?
  247. Picky eater or is something wrong?
  248. My cat needs a diet
  249. Do you have more than 1 water bowl out for your cats?
  250. RIPPED Out Toe Nail!