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Health and Nutrition

  1. omg she wants to pig out!
  2. The Paws Project
  3. Suzie back from the vets
  4. Warts, Cysts or no difference
  5. Maalox
  6. Kitty seems to have gone to the toilet on himself...
  7. Bald white spot on kitten?
  8. (Help) What human food is safe to feed cats?
  9. Need some help - blood in poop and sleeping a lot
  10. Polydactyl cats
  11. Help- swallowed some string?
  12. shots - all at once?
  13. Kitten treats
  14. Red paw pads
  15. He was at it again...
  16. Jordie is going to the vet tomorrow.
  17. Gender mix up
  18. Sunny's upper lip is swollen on one side! Advice if possible!
  19. Ugh. Cat food.
  20. My cat is 17m - can I still spay her?
  21. Routine blood tests?
  22. My cat is a picky eater, gets diarrhea and constipation.
  23. Is tuna bad for a cat with urinary issues?
  24. When do you consider your cat to be better?
  25. Oliver - weaning and shots questions
  26. Maybe she's an alien (cat doesn't like Tuna or Salmon)
  27. New cat owner with a few questions
  28. Feline Cystitis
  29. Cat can't meow...
  30. I have to vent....Fleas!!!!!
  31. Lexie's seizures
  32. swollen anus + tiny "suprises" + new apartment/roommates + peeing on cushions
  33. How to tell who vomited
  34. Nutrience Grain Free?
  35. did my cat really had ibs?
  36. Tips for drying a semi-long fur cat faster?
  37. Can I use dog poultry toothpaste on my cat?
  38. Homeopet for Anxiety Relief
  39. Vomiting after food
  40. Vastra has herpes
  41. Urgent advice request - 1 month old, won't eat kibble!
  42. How do you keep them longer then 16 yrs?
  43. Hello from Kitty and Joe
  44. Kittens won't eat dry food
  45. wet vs,dry
  46. Feline Herpes
  47. How much litter.....
  48. Stanozolol risks?
  49. We're back from the vet :)
  50. Thomos' neuter is today!
  51. Feeding Amounts
  52. kidney health
  53. I just really had to stop what I was doing!
  54. Cat friendly cleaning products
  55. Hello...
  56. Litter Box Issues
  57. Second kitten panting with play - huh?
  58. Possible herpes virus?
  59. Senior cat, food, and hairball questions!
  60. Female Cat Anal Gland Problem
  61. 5 month old kitten suffering from itchyness
  62. goobers in, eye
  63. Feline Leukemia vaccination - should I risk it?
  64. Hello, drippy cat eye
  65. abscess
  66. Got a diagnois of kidney failure today
  67. cat doesn't chew
  68. - anyone can recommend?
  69. Grass getting stuck. Please help!
  70. therapy cat
  71. my cat is limping
  72. Missy is in surgery today.
  73. Programmable food dispenser
  74. Kitten safe shampoo?
  75. Diarrhea
  76. Can I just use poultry?
  77. Taking Gracie to the vet
  78. Cat brushes
  79. Any point in separating kittens? Looks like some conjunctivitis.
  80. slow feeder....success!
  81. Kittens throwing up. Is this normal?
  82. Upper respiratory infection
  83. Trouble chewing wet food
  84. Cat will only eat tuna flavored?
  85. Canned Dog/Cat Food
  86. this is an odd question...why doesn't my cat have hairballs?
  87. Who is vomiting.. and why??
  88. Instinct Rabbit: Is it a good food for them?
  89. Hairball prevention?
  90. Food for Highly Allergic Cat?
  91. Panicky new mum health questions:
  92. Pot bellied kitten, should I be concerned?
  93. Break out another thousand $$$
  94. I left raw chicken in my car whilst in work, can i cook it up and feed to my cats.
  95. Dirt(?) on kitten's nose bridge...?
  96. Silence isn't golden, cat sick after vacinnations
  97. Where do you place your cats' food bowl?
  98. Hexamite for ear mites?
  99. Are scorpions dangerous to cats?
  100. My cat is just sleeping all day
  101. Deworming
  102. DentaTreat - cheese for teeth?
  103. Best dried food (and other questions)
  104. Urinary issues...
  105. Best Cat Toothbrush and Toothpaste?
  106. Kitty Insurance
  107. Teeth cleaning
  108. Hound & Gatos? Any good?
  109. Both cats walk away from canned food
  110. My cat has severe anemia
  111. Need some good feels..
  112. cat food?
  113. Both cats are at getting their teeth cleaned today...
  114. How to go about switching foods?
  115. Cat Vomiting Daily or More Often
  116. Finally sick of the food! Many questions...
  117. Will I need antibiotics for both cats?
  118. When should a kitten start adult food?
  119. Kitten Teething
  120. Kitten's sensitive stomach?
  121. Sampson and some diarrhea?
  122. I need opinions, please. paralyzed bowel?
  123. Swollen sides on kitten/Vet still figuring it out - **UPDATE **
  124. Kitten vaccines
  125. Best canned foods for weight gain?
  126. Gracie is still stuffy :(
  127. Sorting the confusion of cat food?
  128. Questions about kitten care
  129. Kitten confusion
  130. Low calorie
  131. Need a natural stool softener
  132. Is one can of FF a day enough for a nine pound cat?
  133. Need help for my cat - Broken Spine
  134. Constipated 2 month old kitten
  135. Fast weightloss!!! Help?!
  136. Prescription food causing sickness
  137. Hello Fellow Cat Lovers - sudden deafness after anesthesia
  138. Unable to medicate two sick cats. Looking for advice
  139. vet says try to figure out what attacked
  140. Litter questions brought me here
  141. Spaying aftercare
  142. Merrick's Before Grain - wet turkey
  143. Vomiting all of a sudden? Why?
  144. Water additive for fresh breath!
  145. Kitten showed up.....
  146. Giardia?
  147. Constipation... I think?
  148. P&G Iams cat food kibble recall
  149. Freshpet? Good or bad?
  150. Black dust around chin & mouth??
  151. Foot pad fungus? *Warning: GROSS PICTURES*
  152. FVRCP for boarding
  153. When do cats stop growing bigger?
  154. just wet food? can I use a lil dry
  155. Food grade diatomaceousEarth powder as safe-for-pet pesticide?
  156. Fleas?
  157. Transitioning cats from Fancy Feast to something healthier.....HELP!
  158. Kittens drinking LOTS of water
  159. When will my cat's hair grow back?
  160. He wont eat all of the sudden went to vet and
  161. Rodent ulcers
  162. Emery boards
  163. Fat Cat, Thin Cat
  164. Poorly kitty
  165. Deworming
  166. Kittens vomiting food?
  167. Your cat is fat
  168. Shiver, Quiver, Shake 5 Seconds
  169. Support & Advice please xx
  170. Is my kitten gonna be huge?
  171. long-time megacolon kitty and enemas
  172. Can I add water to slightly dried out wet food?
  173. Marshall has giardia
  174. Disturbed after being spayed.
  175. Do kittens have growth spurts?
  176. Is it normal for poop to smell SO BAD?
  177. Is it normal
  178. Kitty Litter
  179. Hello and Thank you! Fibrosarcoma question
  180. Sheds more when she's happy
  181. Broken palate - experience, advice?
  182. Gums bleeding a bit after brushing?
  183. Strange thing i noticed on my cats arm
  184. Teeth Grinding Cat
  185. Very worried new adult kitty not using litter box!
  186. This is what I wish for every kitty in the world
  187. Wet cat food brands?
  188. Tomorrow is the day
  189. Weruva
  190. Seasonal allergy hope... or is it? trip to the vet today
  191. Why do people think kibble cleans a cat or dogs teeth?
  192. Opinions on cat shaving/grooming?
  193. Autologous serum drops
  194. Diet Suggestion
  195. Wellness, Orijen or Evo?
  196. How to store kitten milk teeth?
  197. World's Best Cat Litter Advanced Formula?
  198. Is it bad if my cat poos in my veggies?
  199. How many meds in wet food?
  200. Compulsive licker
  201. Am I crazy? Or can a diet effect her this fast?
  202. Senior cat vitamins? Preventative for arthritis
  203. Got a bonito addict.. oops (What treats do your kitties love?)
  204. My Fur Babies Are Both Sick!
  205. Bringing Meenu For Dental Surgery This Morning... Need Your Kind Words
  206. Feeding four cats with four different appetites?
  207. New cat! But help needed, she's not eating much..
  208. Help! my stray isn't eating, anus seems irritated
  209. vet pushing a treatment before testing
  210. New Born Kittens & Fleas
  211. Hello all! (I may be adopting an FIV kitty!)
  212. Cat stroke??
  213. Is wet fish cat food good for them?
  214. Roommate's Cat won't drink water...
  215. Could a bug have caused this?
  216. Allergy? Advice Please!
  217. New Member and Health Question!
  218. Cat opens mouth but nothing comes out?
  219. HyperT Treatments
  220. Strange poop
  221. need ideas for giving cats there meds
  222. FHV-1 in Kitten - ? About L-Lysine Treats
  223. Is this a good diet for cats?
  224. Possible leg injury, hopefully can get an answer tonight.
  225. Cat Scratch Disease
  226. How much food?
  227. Please help,odor problem !
  228. Cat safe plants?
  229. How often should I play with my cat?
  230. Hello, new and need advice on possible amputation
  231. Kitten Foaming At Mouth and Running
  232. Vaccination Advice Needed
  233. Newborn Kitten cyst or..?
  234. Anyone here have a PetSafe Dog and Cat Food Station?
  235. Cat urine odor following neutering?
  236. Watery diarrhea
  237. Swollen ear
  238. Pompoms in my bed
  239. Putting weight on one cat but not the other
  240. 3 week old kitten won't latch onto bottle
  241. Catnip eating
  242. Feeding kittens
  243. Worms
  244. Advice plz on a certain shot
  245. Egg Recipes For Kitties?
  246. Kitten Eats EVERYTHING
  247. Cat Avoiding Me?
  248. Jasper's Corneal Sequestrum
  249. Clear eye goop and clear sneezes
  250. Kitten has eye gunk in eye