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Health and Nutrition

  1. need advice for possibly blind and deaf cat
  2. Ringworm treatement
  3. Bad antibiotics or antibiotic reactions
  4. Can too much water be bad?
  5. Foods with similar texture to Instinct?
  6. Ebony's been to the vet
  7. Meowing while pooping
  8. Deworming question
  9. Cats and Essential Oils
  10. litter questions
  11. How much wet food does your cat eat?
  12. Water fountain for better hydration?
  13. blood in urine
  14. excess saliva, tooth resorption issues
  15. EVO and California Natural Discontinued
  16. Small Cell GI Lymphoma, or IBD + Polycystic Kidney Disease?
  17. Chin sore
  18. getting small cat to eat more
  19. Oral hygiene cat chews
  20. cheese and treats to get kitty eating and taking meds
  21. lump on shoulder, can't afford vet
  22. Kitten won't eat
  23. Recommended dental food
  24. cat won't eat
  25. adverse reaction to mirtazapine
  26. Kitten Growth?
  27. Cat Swallowing Long Tongue
  28. Experiences with S. Boulardii?
  29. Replacement for EVO 95
  30. Pedigree cat advice - healthier than moggies?
  31. Tapeworm - ?
  32. not a tick? What is it?
  33. What is a healthy weight for a domestic long hair?
  34. changing over to wet food - amount conversion
  35. Charlie goes to the vet
  36. What Food Should I Get?
  37. Cat had a seizure while on Metronidazole
  38. Kali is sick
  39. Kitty wobbly after long-term prescription diet
  40. Kitten not drinking water
  41. Urolithiasis and foods that discourage future crystal build up
  42. New member looking for answers (pancreatitis?)
  43. New cat not pooping
  44. Unexplained Symptoms
  45. Kitten- reddish brown gunk around eyes, pink tears
  46. Senior cat is urinating... oddly
  47. Cats and fish
  48. What shots do you give your indoor cats
  49. Got my kitten spayed last week, does this look normal
  50. kitten health crisis
  51. possible brain damage
  52. Royal Canin Urinary SO Moderate Calorie Morsels in Gravy
  53. Loose Stools
  54. I need some advice with my cat's cough
  55. Cat not liking wet food anymore
  56. cat with infection
  57. poor appetite and constipation
  58. Baytril, Anemia and Jaundice
  59. 2 males stopped using litter boxes
  60. A fungus among us
  61. Food Advice
  62. Best Commercial Treats
  63. FLEAS! To flea bomb the house or not?
  64. Change in Eating Habits
  65. Wattage size to heat emited.
  66. cats eating too fast and throwing up
  67. recommended dosage of Vitamin E?
  68. Crave Cat food?
  69. Constipation!
  70. inappropriate peeing
  71. kitten not back to normal after vet visit and meds
  72. Dental Advice
  73. Feeding Senior Cat
  74. vet says no hope, need suggestions
  75. uti?
  76. Cat Ate Silicone Spatula
  77. Dog with flea and tick medicine around cats?
  78. crystals i think
  79. Cat with struvite crystals
  80. The truth about ear tipping
  81. tumor advice needed
  82. Weighing reluctant growly girl called Ebony
  83. Greasy Cat
  84. Need advice to entice cat to eat T/D dental food
  85. Need to lower food cost - ideas?
  86. ear hematoma
  87. New kitten won't eat
  88. Kitten wobbly after vaccination
  89. Cholangioheptitis
  90. I have 8 or 13 yrs cat recently treated with I 131
  91. Low energy cat - high white blood cell count
  92. Non stop loose stools? Food allergies?
  93. Elderly boy -- urinating in the carpet
  94. Hurricane Irma and My Guys
  95. Accidentally Brought Home a Kitten- Some Questions
  96. decreasing steroids to lessen symptoms of diabetes
  97. My Cat May Have FIP
  98. Searching food advice
  99. Eating very little
  100. questions about taking care of abandoned kittens
  101. Hi all! unexplained blood
  102. Brand new looking for advice and support
  103. Cat acting out of sorts
  104. Losing weight, diahrea, vomiting, no parasites
  105. Meow from Belgrade, cat with eye issue
  106. Excessive lip licking and head twitching after eating
  107. James wellbeloved
  108. Anyone give their cat B12 shots themselves?
  109. Food & Feeding options
  110. Heartworm/Flea and Tick Preventatives?
  111. Question about slightly elevated CRE
  112. Sweet pregnant stray
  113. possible stomatitis
  114. Typical emergency protocol at vet's?
  115. Color change on cat nose bridge
  116. Kitten Shedding? Help!
  117. medication allergy??
  118. New accidental kitten owner, need advice
  119. Cat Kitten with ringworm that wont go away !
  120. Dry Food Addict and other food issues...
  121. List of Wet Food Brands with Partially Full Cans?
  122. interferon - pricing
  123. Kitten not eating much
  124. Does my cat need to go the ER tonight or can it wait?
  125. HyperT Behavior Issues
  126. Best food for kitten?
  127. Cat quit using the litter box?
  128. Thinning hair over eye
  129. Tracking the culprit
  130. Strange body language (tail)
  131. Help please with over grooming and biting/scratching
  132. 12 week kitten with loose stool
  133. High quality dry & wet food vs. All low quality wet food?
  134. Probiotics?
  135. Azithromycin
  136. Is this ring worm?
  137. Pemphigus Foliaceus (autoimmune disorder)
  138. Tips and tricks to shampooing a cat.
  139. Feline asthma
  140. Clavamox, URI
  141. Ibd? Cancer? Something else?
  142. 4 year old Black Polydactyl kitty issues.
  143. cleaning a room after coccidia
  144. Is this normal after two days going to vet?
  145. Little lump/node on my cat's chin
  146. Older cat, recommended senior food and I'm a bit overwhelmed with options
  147. Serious Tick Problem, Help!!!
  148. Hoping for the best
  149. Affordable canned food Australia (does it exist?)
  150. Flea pills versus skin application
  151. Healthy remedy/maintenance to prevent hair balls
  152. questions about fleas, food, etc.
  153. Between a few foods, hairball issues
  154. Advice on food trial and error!
  155. Hair loss, issue with nose
  156. HELP! 3 Teeth pulled yesterday - hasn't eaten or drank Vet or normal?
  157. Cleaning cat's teeth?
  158. Switching New and Old Cat to Canned
  159. Incessant Itching and Corn Cobbing...
  160. Swollen belly in kitten?
  161. Hurt Leg
  162. Giving vet treatment consent for a cat that isn't yours?
  163. ear mites
  164. Green / yellow vomit
  165. Cat broke his toenail!
  166. Sick feral cat
  167. New to with pancreatitis
  168. People Food
  169. I adopted a 12 year old cat - He pukes
  170. food aggression
  171. Canned Cat Food - I'm overwhelmed, please help!
  172. dehydration
  173. Food Recommendations for Extremely Sensitive Stomach
  174. Cat went in for surgery, vet saw enlarged lymph nodes - possible lymphoma/FeLV?
  175. Pregnant cat
  176. Cat Size and Life Expectancy?
  177. how to choose food?
  178. cat with eating issues
  179. chronic upper respiratory issues
  180. Cat Lymphoma, Dietary Help Please
  181. Hair Loss
  182. Should I switch food or wait?
  183. Is nail clipping required for cats?
  184. Vaccines
  185. Cat behavior after neuter
  186. Recommended Wet food for my kitten
  187. new here. hello. EPI cat wont eat
  188. Worried about my guy, mouth issues
  189. Cat diarrhea
  190. Injury last night
  191. cat eye worry
  192. Supplementing Fish Oil = Smelly Cat?
  193. Do cats get hoarse?
  194. Looking for cheap safe food for rotation
  195. Hello from GA! Desperate for CKD Cat Support
  196. Cholangiohepatitis diagnosis
  197. Interstitial cystitis
  198. How to treat open sore on cat's neck?
  199. Hi~ new person here with questions about nutrition, shots
  200. Cat Asthma
  201. Me and Basri - cat not eating much, lethargic
  202. PA cat Mom with questions about kidney disease
  203. How many times did you do dishwasher bath?
  204. One of my kittens has crooked "hands". It can barely move in cardboard box.
  205. Found injured kitten outside Walmart
  206. My cat is sick and need advice
  207. After Effects Of a Feline Enema
  208. Was given a box of these cans, how many of these and at what intervals to feed?
  209. Best weight control food that's also okay for sensitive tummy?
  210. Worms?
  211. cat food and health
  212. Securing a food puzzle?
  213. Possible Eye Issues... Thoughts?
  214. When to take to vet?
  215. Vomit. Lots of vomit.
  216. Suggestions/thoughts on putting cat on urinary diet?
  217. What are the cons / downsides of getting a lion cut for a Persian cat?
  218. Cat Only Eats Wet Food Now, Concerned
  219. Prayers for my Dootie girl please
  220. Black cat with bad dandruff
  221. Picture of insects on my kittens. Not fleas, not lice!
  222. Early Renal Failure
  223. Please help.just put our cat down
  224. Please Help - Weight Loss Only Symptom...
  225. sharp protrusion from anus???
  226. Need help/advice for cat w/ URI and CKD
  227. Bathing After Neuter
  228. Best/Safest Way to Help Cat Lose Weight
  229. Need Info About Dealing with a Tumor
  230. 13 year old cat not eating
  231. Best Flea Preventative for Indoor Cats?
  232. cat with urine issues
  233. new feeding schedule
  234. raw and kittens
  235. food trial
  236. New diabetic needs help with regulation
  237. Cats and Asthma
  238. Hi - ? sick cat
  239. My cat just got back from a bit absess treatment and I have questions?
  240. Pill poppers
  241. Feeding low weight seniors versus overweight younger cat
  242. Could my cat have been saved?
  243. Picky Cat allergic to ALL food??
  244. Warts?
  245. Can't Get Constipated
  246. Mass In Throat - Has anyone dealt with this?
  247. What to do about broken pelvis in stray cat
  248. Help, injured 16 year old cat
  249. I have a diabetic cat :(
  250. Food for "senior" cat, what to look for?