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Health and Nutrition

  1. Kidney failure-what is most important
  2. cat cold
  3. Natures Variety Instinct and Avo Derm
  4. Cats and bats... help
  5. Question for Experienced Foster Carers
  6. Is There Anything I Can Do For Her?
  7. Older cat with sticky, soft, yellow poop
  8. Over tested at vet?
  9. Blinky eye?
  10. sick kitty-ideas?
  11. New kitten with diarrhea for over a month
  12. Huge feeding issue(PUN intended)(PICS of said fatty as well)
  13. Tricking cats into eating wet food!
  14. How much do i feed my cat?
  15. Banjo has small 'BB' size lump on neck?
  16. I need help, my cat has diarrhea!
  17. Heart failure or FIP
  18. Help with cat food choice
  19. Food games
  20. Hello! From Texas - question about cat's allergies
  21. cat has pink eye? irritated?
  22. New 2-Year Old Cat With Diarrhea
  23. Petway food - distributor of Dave's cat food info
  24. Newly adopted cat/kitten sneezing with some clear discharge
  25. HI, I am ZuZu's mom - grooming question
  26. Cheapest Place to find Weruva (10 oz. cans) Online?
  27. Salmon meal
  28. Desperate for help in Chicago to save my 15 year old cat
  29. Switching to wet -- but having trouble finding cheap good food.
  30. European brand making their debut in the USA
  31. Thoughts on Convenia???
  32. Sneezy cat
  33. Help! My kitten ate a toy mouse?
  34. Pain meds question
  35. Waste disposal with doggy poop bag?
  36. Used Frontline Plus on a stray/feral....
  37. New 9 week old kitten not eaten
  38. Blue's dying. what to do with his asthma meds?
  39. Leaving out wet food
  40. Comforting a cat with a broken leg
  41. Cat food cost
  42. Cat rolled in air freshener - stinky!!!
  43. any liquid flavorings for cats?
  44. Concerned about Bella's bowel movements...
  45. Wet cat food recommendations for male cat
  46. Poop scooping phobia O.o
  47. acute renal failure in 3 year old cat
  48. Kitten doesn't eat much.
  49. Tachypnoea with Coughing
  50. another question about cat with crystals
  51. Kitten Calorie Requirement
  52. Foster Constipated to the EXTREME - Update
  53. Teeth care
  54. Mystery: Cat continues to throw up
  55. Molly's eating on her own!
  56. Newborn Kittens! Help!
  57. Acepromazine for urinating outside the box?
  58. Help with poorly tummy please :(
  59. Ant treatment safe around cats?
  60. Catswell/Dogswell Chicken & Duck Jerky Recall
  61. Bozak's First Checkup...
  62. Potty question for the newest kitten
  63. Very small kitten scratched me.
  64. Probiotic pills or food?
  65. Poor new kitty...
  66. What is the best thing I can do for my cat?
  67. Frequent vomiting
  68. Cat has raspy meow?
  69. Taste of the wild vs felidae?
  70. Sick baby girl
  71. best flea prevention treatment for kittens?
  72. Are raw eggs good for cats?
  73. Prescription diets for bladder issues?
  74. Taste of the wild?
  75. How to determine how much to feed?
  76. Giving liquid meds help!
  77. Is the PetZoom safe for tabby's
  78. Newborn kitten, please help!
  79. Does she look pregnant?
  80. Cat Food for Weak Kidneys
  81. How should I give dry food
  82. Quality feeding information
  83. Stinky Poops?
  84. Paper Mite?
  85. worms?
  86. 5yo Male Urinary Problems
  87. Cat Acne
  88. What is going on with this kitten's coat?
  89. low blood sugar?
  90. What age should I neuter my kitten?
  91. Kitten with prominent genitals
  92. Confused about poisonous lillies
  93. Stray cat to the vet - questions
  94. BUN and UTI question
  95. Question about food.
  96. Safe to use ham as treat for kitten ?
  97. Flea HELP
  98. URGENT ADVICE NEEDED -- Took in a stray.
  99. Not sure this is right spot to post
  100. been on raw and wet diet for a couple days
  101. Feline hyperesthesia (self diagnosis?)
  102. De-Wormer
  103. Funny can food situation...
  104. I'm being told that my cat has fleas, but I doubt it.
  105. chronic UTI's and litter box alternatives
  106. Funny reaction to food
  107. Feline Acne and Gravity Waterers
  108. Fussie Cat and Zignature
  109. Dobby
  110. Red, Swollen Lip
  111. Any experience with Pride?
  112. Abcessed Anal Gland
  113. Cerebellar Hypoplasia and other stuff
  114. Tessie
  115. You know those wipes they make for cats?
  116. Burst vessel in kittens eye? Experience?
  117. New Forum Member from New Mexico - cat going blind from cataracts
  118. Senior Cat frequently vomiting.
  119. feeding a 12 week old
  120. How are you beating the heat?
  121. Kittens eat everything
  122. Reason for sudden soft poop?
  123. Do you use revolution?
  124. Fip
  125. coccidia
  126. microchip for identification question(s)
  127. Smaller-sized pee clumps in litter box?
  128. Sick Cat, anyone know what it is?
  129. My kitten is congested?
  130. How much wet food to give
  131. Worried - kitten with diarrhea
  132. Six week old kitten threw up.
  133. Vet visit - check!
  134. Lots eating too fast and puking
  135. Annamea cat food
  136. different probiotic?
  137. Cats at store
  138. Determining rejection of product
  139. Changing eye colour
  140. 3 Yr Old Cat with Diarreha Issues
  141. Found this site looking for help - scab on nose
  142. Canned cat food, serving sizes
  143. Soft poop on wet food
  144. Coming down sick, is a vet visit needed?
  145. A full house of sick cats.
  146. Hello I own 3 Cats - question about syringe feeding
  147. more than one FIV cat in a household?
  148. Feline Indolent Ulcer/Rodent Ulcer
  149. Hi, I really need guidance
  150. Scabbing?
  151. Roundworms and Giarda
  152. Officially tried Merrick new purrfect bistro pate
  153. Hi from Oregon! cat unable to walk and barely moves
  154. Can vets really access cat's age?
  155. Calories in canned food?
  156. Dinovite for cats?
  157. Easiest way to keep cat teeth clean
  158. Cats weight
  159. Third eyelid
  160. Missy's Corneal Sequestrum Recheck
  161. Cow went to the Vet
  162. Cat dragging his butt on the floor
  163. Can Cats???
  164. Six week old kitten feeding advice please!
  165. besides pumpkin
  166. Bad treats and how many to give?
  167. Hi everyone! help with sick cat
  168. What should I expect when feeding all canned?
  169. Cooked chicken is bad?
  170. Tessie is hardly eating :(
  171. Watery eye/discharge and diarrhea
  172. Eye troubles and strange shedding have us worried...
  173. Weruva Paw Lickin' Chicken?
  174. Earthborn Holistic Vs. Science Diet
  175. Store extra food in zip-lock bags.....
  176. Mystery Maine Coon Illness :-(
  177. non-adjuvant vaccines?
  178. Eating less in Summer?
  179. Eating Basil
  180. Wellness Core Canned Food
  181. Really need help on what to feed my cat. I'm very confused!
  182. Kitty's having some Nasty UTIs
  183. Lucy Isn't Doing Well :-(
  184. Best time of day for wet food?
  185. Human Tuna vs. Cat Tuna
  186. Hello - pet wipes?
  187. Industrial grade bug spray
  188. Cat's ears
  189. Switched foods and diarrhea is worse
  190. Hi - health issues
  191. Help with an adoption dilemma
  192. Cat Peeing too much?
  193. Wet food & Dry food & budget, oh my!
  194. How much do my cats need
  195. Companies that ship food
  196. Getting cheaper vaccinations - not from my vet
  197. Fever Coat?
  198. Difference between wellness complete health formula and wellness core canned food?
  199. Same subject....different day.
  200. Are Males or Females more prone to UTI?
  201. Chewy and Leia - dandruff?
  202. Nuvet Labs supplement?
  203. hello! cat vomiting
  204. Mosquito Repellent
  205. Spay incision question
  206. Natural Balance Platefulls
  207. Preferences?
  208. Is this cat food nutritious and healthy?
  209. Have any of your cats had this odor problem?
  210. Best CHEAP wet food??
  211. First "Check-up": What to expect?
  212. Safe Hotspot remedy
  213. New Wet Food
  214. Why Cats Cannot Resist Kibbles - It is Chemistry
  215. Cystitis for nearly 2 months (!?)
  216. 17 year old cat Kidney was removed...please help with advice!!!
  217. The long awaited poop!
  218. De-worming
  219. MK's got a lump
  220. Cats and milk?
  221. Blood in urine?
  222. BioSuperfood for "super health"??
  223. how many hours a day can a cat go without food?
  224. Sterile Cystitis :(
  225. Help with sick kitty please
  226. Cauterizing cysts in ears
  227. Prayers for my 19 yr old cat please....
  228. manx tail help!
  229. Need help!
  230. Am I fanatical trying to avoid carragoneen??
  231. Should I be worried? - won't drink KMR anymore
  232. Cat got sick after vet visit?
  233. Missy needs surgery again
  234. Is Fish really that bad for cats?
  235. Kitten eyes illness
  236. Help - cat has wart-type thing on pads
  237. Something in cat's eye?
  238. Hot weather tips
  239. Hello from Wisconsin - question about rotation of canned food
  240. Catnip, can your cat have too much?
  241. Chunky food and digestion
  242. Please help! Gastrointestinal food question
  243. Merrick cat food
  244. Food for Kittens?
  245. My Cat's Thumbs are Bleeding
  246. Litter on cat's paws
  247. Custom leggings help disabled cat walk
  248. What should I give to my cat for diarrhea?
  249. Probiotics
  250. ibd cat and fancy feast classic?