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Health and Nutrition

  1. Taking kitty outside?
  2. not a big eater
  3. how long should sub Q fluids take to absorb?
  4. Free food?
  5. Scratching Himself Raw - Advice Wanted
  6. sick kitty
  7. New to cats with a senior, formerly outdoor girl, eating and litterbox questions
  8. question about pro plan protein content
  9. Owner of the sweetest cat with a sick heart :(
  10. Cancer in Trachea
  11. New here from PA. cat is gone now
  12. How to administer subcutaneous fluids to your cat
  13. How to pill a cat without restraint
  14. How To Assist Feed Cat By Syringe
  15. New to catforum and first time cat owner! - cat flu
  16. ozeri scales
  17. Uti?
  18. Sheba Canned Food?
  19. Mild Reaction to Frontline Plus
  20. DIY lysine treats?
  21. Strange tongue issues?
  22. Bloated Kitten
  23. Hi, I have two feral cats - one peed blood outside litter box
  24. Topic: Feeding Again!
  25. Hi, in search of Innova Dry replacement for my 13-yr-old!
  26. Swollen lip
  27. Cats overheating?
  28. holistic select or homeopet digestive?
  29. Urinary Issues...again!
  30. Where can I buy DISCOUNTED prescription food?
  31. Is /any/ dry food okay?
  32. What do you all use for flea control??
  33. Does Merrick have a well blended style wet food?
  34. Fromm cat food
  35. Cat's stool changed on wet diet
  36. Black nose could turn pink?
  37. Hello! New Home! And kittens - maybe with FIV
  38. blue buffalo? royal canin?
  39. How long to wait before vet
  40. litter box?
  41. Cooling pads?
  42. Need Advice - Nursing Question
  43. "Best" wet food for CKD + Diabetic Cat
  44. 3 month old kitten FIV Positive
  45. Romy has Stage ll Kidney Disease
  46. Mrsa uti
  47. Cat vomiting
  48. Cat Gingivitis???
  49. Cats eye waters while eating
  50. Complicated UTI or something more?
  51. Great deal for Natures Variety Raw food!!!
  52. Thomas is really ill
  53. What age to neuter?
  54. My cat just nibbles at her food.
  55. Fiv?
  56. Is ANY wet food better?
  57. Quick question about wet food varieties
  58. Missy's Corneal Sequestrum Surgery
  59. Matted Shorthair
  60. Worried about my new kitten?
  61. Which food out of these 3 choices is the best?
  62. eye drops makes my cats hiss at me
  63. I switched my cats diet...
  64. Spay/neuter clinic or regular vet?
  65. Is he over weight?
  66. FeLV - Test just the mother or all the kittens?
  67. has anyone tried the Pinnacle dry food?
  68. Mixing prescription food with high quality food
  69. How Much Food?
  70. Egg Yolk Lecithin
  71. Anyone feed their cats Halo?
  72. Kittens with Diarrhea
  73. DejaVu all over again - Natura Recalls all dry products yet again
  74. Abandoned 4-5 week old kitten
  75. Kitten Sneezing
  76. Grandma Lucy's PurePerformance?
  77. Concerned about my cats bowel movement's(or lack thereof?
  78. Eye Gunk Remedies
  79. Eye problem/Corneal sequestrum?
  80. How much kitten milk replacer, if any, does this kitten need?
  81. Recurring UTIs in my 2 elderly cats
  82. Quick question about kitten.
  83. Cleaner safe for cats?
  84. Commercial food vs special diet? some general chatting
  85. Kitten Food (Europe)
  86. Dog/diarrea/blood
  87. Large scab, anything I can do?
  88. I contacted Merrick....
  89. Adding to dog food?
  90. list of dry cat food that may be good for my cat
  91. Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution
  92. Skinny Diabetic
  93. Stuck Poo?
  94. Help! Urgent! Something is wrong with Mercury's eye :(
  95. drinkwell platinum 168 oz.
  96. Hairball treats
  97. Cat lives with heavy smokers
  98. How Much Proden?
  99. Question: Fecal sample tests every 6 months?
  100. Advice needed for 3 legged cat
  101. Hi - bald spots or pigmentation loss on cat's ears
  102. Hello! My cat Indie has recently lost a leg
  103. Hi..I am not really a cat person... but picked up a tag along tonight and need HELP!!
  104. beef stew
  105. Kinda been bad - hopefully on the way back now ...
  106. Diarrhea
  107. slipper elm?
  108. I think Tessie is loosing her fur
  109. Wet/Dry Food Question
  110. Just a wet food diet?
  111. Kidney Disease and Diet?
  112. Tick medications. Online?
  113. Help Needed! Three Stray Kittens!
  114. FIP Question
  115. cost of feeding a cat?
  116. Will B12 Help my cat?
  117. FeLv+ Joker
  118. Looking for diet additions for thin aged kitty
  119. Hi from france - question about hydrocephalus
  120. Multiple cats...multiple dietary needs
  121. Black kitten getting white hairs???
  122. Feliway for cat with urinary issues
  123. Change in meow
  124. Now I'm a little overwhelmed. . .
  125. Any feedback on my food choice?
  126. Chronic Upper Respiratory Infections
  127. Hello! New and looking for help on food!
  128. Male cat licking
  129. Chemo Treatments
  130. New & need advice
  131. My missing cat is back! Now what.....
  132. Two little adoptions
  133. Fur on paws
  134. Weird coughing sounds?
  135. Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  136. chronic hiccups or something?
  137. New stray taken in!
  138. Hi, I'm New to the Forum - Siamese with food issues
  139. Pipin bolted for the Littlebox today
  140. New here...Food Question
  141. Which would you feed?
  142. White mass on eye...
  143. Older Cat Urinating & Defecating Outside of Litterbox
  144. Fish oil in canned foods
  145. My little kitten is probably not going to make it
  146. Opinions on Friskies "Special" diet
  147. Mr smudge had a fall
  148. Tommy broke her leg
  149. Cracking his head - scaring the he*k out of me
  150. Keeping kittens and momma healthy?
  151. Reccomendation on what kind of Canned Food to feed my cat?
  152. Gel in EVO cans?
  153. Update on Misty's Dental....Bad news
  154. Size of cat
  155. When to get a tag? Should I?
  156. Huge Fancy Feast Sale!
  157. pH testing
  158. Average Life Span
  159. What will make my cat poop?
  160. My 8-year old cat died unexpectedly?
  161. Help with pre-dental labs
  162. Pet insurance... Do any of you have it?
  163. Hello-New cat with several medical issues
  164. FLUTD and diet
  165. balding behind one rear leg
  166. Questions - Blood test results
  167. Cat heart murmur - Your experiences..
  168. Hello - help needed for cat with seizures
  169. Litter question?
  170. 1-month-old Kitten. Advice??
  171. Drontal and methimazole
  172. Stray Cat Question
  173. Cat who can't have wet food?!
  174. Dr. Tim's Chase cat food?
  175. high amylase and CPK
  176. Akuma's seizures and recent blindness
  177. Flea Issue(long read but help would be awesome)
  178. Possible UTI
  179. Am I caring after surgery correctly?
  180. Worms?!
  181. Does cat pee always smell?
  182. What do do when your cats choking ?
  183. Convincing a friend about nutrition
  184. Katerina has developed some skin problems.
  185. Switching to Grain Free
  186. Vaccination discrepancy (too young?)
  187. Good News Today!
  188. Aggressive breathing?
  189. Newbie, looking for FIV cat help
  190. Use MSG to fatten cat?
  191. Food Advice?
  192. Chronic Feline Herpes Virus
  193. Hello! - severely malnourished stray kitty
  194. Can we over-groom our kitty?
  195. Bad gums/teeth at young age
  196. Heart worm prevention
  197. first vet visit w/ us
  198. Foot sprain
  199. 7 week old refuses to try other food
  200. New Food - Wild Calling?
  201. Greetings from New Jersey - blood work results
  202. sore on mouth
  203. Ear Cleanser
  204. Hi from Susie and Ubi, tortie 15 years old CRF
  205. Why can't they eat before being sedated?
  206. Are poisoned rodents harmful to cats
  207. Feline hyperesthesia syndrome?
  208. Hello - question about breeders and kitten's poor health
  209. Fat belly kitten, is this normal? Help!
  210. Are you bothered by the size/shape of kibbles?
  211. Flea prevention- Frontline or Revolution?
  212. Hi all I want to do research on different cat foods.
  213. Conan, hit by and car and FHO surgery
  214. Fleas
  215. A few questions about ear mites
  216. Help with food amount?
  217. Mosquito Allergy...Help !!
  218. Hill's C/D
  219. Is this cavity?
  220. Artie sick; ?Blue Buffalo
  221. Wet food out all day
  222. Opinion wanted on sick cat wanted please.
  223. Panting?, but---
  224. Stressed out or just sick?
  225. Neutering, what to generally expect
  226. Is my cat in pain?
  227. Eating changes due to hot weather .
  228. Wow what a vet visit
  229. Persistent Vomiting in 2 yr old cat
  230. Stray kitten
  231. Hi. New member with heath question.
  232. Hi - Worried about panting kitten
  233. Cat litter
  234. Ugh! We have fleas
  235. Valerian
  236. Very sick cat
  237. Lightbulb moment with food allergy
  238. When is it okay to ignore vet's advice?
  239. Hyperthyroidism in a young cat or something else?
  240. Benifits of Homemade Food
  241. Are kittens' teeth replaced by adult teeth?
  242. Potential cause of itchiness?
  243. stray cat
  244. Favorite NO NO food?
  245. Food for digestive health
  246. Vaccinate An Indoor Cat Before Letting Out?
  247. Nala Vomiting
  248. Cat with crystals in urine
  249. Is innova back on shelves in US?
  250. Environmental allergies and/or stress