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Health and Nutrition

  1. When is it okay to spay?
  2. How do you administer L-lysine?
  3. Natural Flea Remedies?
  4. New here, worried about my kitten!
  5. FELV, FIV and FIP - how transmitted?
  6. If Metacam is bad, why so used??
  7. Dental Needed
  8. Ash... Is it a big deal?
  9. Don't hate me - no vaccinations
  10. New cat food ideas?
  11. Confused and scared - cat with urinary blockages
  12. Asthma
  13. my 14 week old kitten has runny poop
  14. Lumps on neck
  15. Care for injured cat
  16. Fussie Cat Grain Free Chicken Canned
  17. Noels Mom - cat not eating
  18. Natural Balance Question
  19. New cat coming in to the house
  20. Heartbroken
  21. Cat falling over?
  22. Full blood panel results
  23. FLUTD & Cat Treats
  24. Rabies vaccines...PureVax vs the rest
  25. Looking for advice with finicky eaters and food in general
  26. inflamed gums
  27. Sunscreen for cats
  28. Flea Trap
  29. Balding and pink on chin(Pics)
  30. Cat Stress Causing "UTI"
  31. My poor kitty :(
  32. New member with an odd cat problem
  33. Cat keeps getting wound in same spot
  34. Can cat neuter not work? Kitten still has his testicles?
  35. I think Lacey is deaf
  36. Ridley - vomitting issues
  37. Surgery or not?!
  38. Hello everyone! -nutrition
  39. Runny Eye???
  40. My kitty is having spasms/twitching, please help!
  41. preferred time to give flea treatment?
  42. Help with cat diet (prone to blockage)
  43. Pavement to hot to walk on?
  44. Bathing My Cats
  45. vaccines/carrier to vet questions
  46. Metacam
  47. We took in a stray cat. - nursing cat with worms
  48. New & need help! bottlefed kittens haven't pooped
  49. Multiple cats not eating all of a sudden
  50. Checking cats eye sight?
  51. How to clean cat urine
  52. kittens eating litter
  53. Fergie has one filthy ear
  54. Sale at local store - cat food question
  55. blue wilderness or blue freedom
  56. cat is sick, vet is gone
  57. New Merrick food...Purfect Bistro
  58. May lose my cat? What can I do?
  59. 10 day old kittens are constipated-HELP!!
  60. 10 day old kittens are constipated-HELP!!
  61. How do you keep your cat's teeth clean?
  62. Ants
  63. Change litter after neuter procedure?????
  64. Cat seems sick, vet says he's fine
  65. What should I do?
  66. Cat Vomiting
  67. Grass (legal kind) for indoor cats
  68. Different food flavors
  69. Cat has bald spots on belly and hind legs. Advice?
  70. Now we have a new problem-Kobi is in heart failure
  71. Kahlua's first vet visit...not sure abt vet?
  72. First time poster with questions
  73. Zarek has passed
  74. Finally eating her wet food!
  75. Should I switch foods?
  76. weight of cat food cans
  77. weight of a one year old Siberian Cat
  78. Teething?
  79. First vet Check-up: Io got an A+
  80. Low white blood cell count :(
  81. Cat not eating, but otherwise normal
  82. kitten ROOM temperature?
  83. can cheap food cause Urinary issues?
  84. Urgent help required
  85. Price of Lukeran went way up, now what can we do?
  86. Kittens with little pot bellies ??
  87. toothbrush question
  88. Question on URI ??
  89. More "nuclear option" ideas for constipated kitten?
  90. Starting out and switching to canned diet
  91. How to tell if a cat is too skinny/when to go to the vet?
  92. Hartz 4in1 flea & tick drops plus+
  93. sulfur burps
  94. Vaccine advice for 16 month old cat
  95. Kitten eating adult food?
  96. Epiphora
  97. new mama of a 4-5 week old kitten
  98. My 14 year old has two lumps and I have a lot of questions
  99. Tuna ?
  100. Just watched You Tube on furminator - ??
  101. Cat Bowls: Is it really this complicated?
  102. Veterinary Nurse Worry
  103. Good Nutrition
  104. Interesting Article
  105. Everyone with a picky cat... Need help
  106. Cat constant sneezing, yday the vet diagnoised cat flu but today he is very sick.
  107. Brushing teeth -Poll-
  108. Litter box help
  109. Coccidia in kitten
  110. Teething
  111. kitty with the sniffles??
  112. Hi, everyone - hepatic lipidosis advice needed
  113. Need help with choosing a litter
  114. Litter Dust
  115. Hill's Ideal Balance
  116. Have to add something into the mix.
  117. Litter box help!
  118. Help with eye problem
  119. New cat won't eat
  120. Hello - cat with colon and kidney issues
  121. Is this Normal?!
  122. Back Leg Limp
  123. Really do need some advice here...
  124. What is the preferred flea prevention?
  125. Anyone tried World's Best Forest Cat Litter?
  126. concerned my cat is under-eating
  127. free shipping in canada
  128. new member with questions about FIP
  129. new here looking for help for newborn kitten
  130. nursing mother is vomiting
  131. Siamese cat health question
  132. I nearly poisoned ET?
  133. Food+Feeding Questions
  134. My war with Feline Acne is over!!!
  135. Butt rash¯
  136. Kitten puking
  137. Athritis help?
  138. FIP question
  139. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) and Sneezy Lacey
  140. What to watch for if stung by hornet?
  141. are these safe for litter box odors??
  142. Kitten poop smells awful..
  143. Chicken soup for cat lovers soul
  144. Pet Naturals Cat chews
  145. Leaving skin on?
  146. Pet food that is contrary to popular thought
  147. Help! Constipated kitten
  148. Changing to wet food after PU surgery.
  149. Tessie keeps throwing up :(
  150. New here. Long time cat owner, first time kitten foster momma! weaning question
  151. Cat was eating, started throwing up and now isn't but wont eat
  152. Hello All!! - anal sac issues
  153. Help needed for newborn kitten
  154. Ring worm . Any advice ?
  155. Recall and what food now?
  156. Miss Sadie's first vet visit
  157. Wilson is limping
  158. Eating Grass.
  159. Marley aged 13, Post PU Surgery, UTI that won't go away, can you help?
  160. Litter after PU surgery?
  161. New here - food (and behavior) suggestions needed
  162. My little mouse kittens - question about milk
  163. Cat has slightly swollen lip?
  164. How to tell if Chanel is running fever:(
  165. you cannot leave the table until you eat every single carrot and pea on your plate
  166. tiny kitten with litterbox issues
  167. Flea combs?
  168. Hello. Worried about my cat!
  169. cat bite...quick advice
  170. need some advice
  171. Hairball
  172. Cat came in with a large wound this morning
  173. New! Raw cat treats at Petco!
  174. Hi new here, with pregnant cat
  175. Hello!
  176. How to establish Scheduled Meals?
  177. rant
  178. Food for liver problems?
  179. Looking for a new brand of food
  180. Obsese cat with dandruff.
  181. Natura Recall Expanded Again 4/19/13
  182. How to make cat grass grow slower?
  183. How much do you feed your cat(s)?
  184. Foster parent--exhausted, feeding advice needed
  185. Scratching and biting himself horribly .
  186. Questions About Spaying
  187. Need your input please
  188. Famotidine / Pepcid AC Injectible into Sub-q option
  189. Flab is Fab
  190. Lump on my Kittens Shoulder
  191. CRF nutrition help needed for Aki
  192. Cat in heat for 3 weeks
  193. bonito flake and P-yew!
  194. Gingivitis
  195. couple of questions
  196. How much to feed the champ
  197. How to get kitty to eat wet food
  198. Introducing Jack - Advice on healing wound
  199. Hello 4 day old orphan kitten - Advice on feeding
  200. Help with Feline Acne?
  201. when will my kitten's voice change?
  202. Cat Mange
  203. question about the vet and kittens
  204. Need Some Nutrition Help Again!
  205. Weight
  206. Throwing up everything even water!
  207. Feline Pine question ?
  208. Swollen eye . Any suggestions ?
  209. Sunshine vitamins?
  210. has ANYONE had any success w/Hills Science Diet for kidneys?
  211. Comparing foods
  212. Getting liquid meds into a kitty
  213. Too much food?
  214. Munchie is now eating his litter! :(
  215. Medical Hypoallergenic food -- calories?
  216. Cat with bald spot developing on her nose?
  217. Asthma is acting up again
  218. 5 day IV fluids in hospital for Angel
  219. Castor & Pollux wet food
  220. I'm confused about food
  221. Anti Diarrhea Med
  222. Toxic flowers?
  223. Stomatitis: My experience
  224. Sneezing - to the vet again?
  225. Opinions on dry food choices???
  226. 3 1/2 week old kitten/poop on butt
  227. vomiting and diarrhea - could it be a flea allergy?
  228. rehomed cat but fleas wont go?
  229. Fancy Feast Wet Food
  230. Is this normal?
  231. Hello from Tiger with a question with hypoallergenic food
  232. Cat and Pest Extermination
  233. Lid of eye is red
  234. Grooming a long hair that hates being touched
  235. Help with the food/digestion puzzle
  236. Found a Tooth(Pic)
  237. Help...kitty 8 wks old w/3-4 murmur
  238. Tessie Cancer update
  239. Dry kitten food
  240. Overeating problems
  241. We have ear mites! :(
  242. high quality kitten food?
  243. Cats won't eat!
  244. Orijen Dry Foods?
  245. Megacolon question
  246. Help!! cat won't eat dry food
  247. Food
  248. Cats loved first can of EVO, not second
  249. Please help-cat with urinary issues and 3rd eyelid showing
  250. Food Issues!