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Health and Nutrition

  1. Seafood?
  2. Those with outdoor cats - if there are any here
  3. Vaccinating
  4. Buprenex Liquid Medicine Question
  5. Opinions / advice on taking unvaccinated cats out on a harness / leash
  6. New Person with a Heavily Matted Kitty
  7. Best omega-3 supplement? Ultra EFA by RX Vitamins? Nordic Naturals?
  8. Worried about Spartan.
  9. cruciate ligament rupture
  10. Kitten swollen lip and scab (pic)
  11. Cat Dialysis or Kidney Transplant - Would You?
  12. palate form cat food that is good for cats?
  13. Cat attacking tail??
  14. can you tell if a kitten has them?
  15. At a loss on what food to feed
  16. Giardia and liquid meds...
  17. Treat dispensing ball?
  18. Noticing some health issues with Muffin
  19. Kobi has IBD...
  20. Vet thinks grain-free is a fad
  21. Food allergy/IBD kitty
  22. Back to the vet we go
  23. Was this possibly a kitty in heat??
  24. Ringworm? Flea allergy? HELP
  25. Do cats need wet food?
  26. Gazoo burned his paw
  27. Hello! BioSuperfood question
  28. Stinky poop.
  29. kitty dental food
  30. Purina Maintenance
  31. Please help... Cat with white bald spot!
  32. Litter Problem?
  33. Hi there...potential new kitten owner
  34. Hello All
  35. Best dust free litter
  36. heartworm/fleas...advantage multi??
  37. Picky eaters >.>
  38. My cats tail has gone limp
  39. Very worried about my diabetic cat
  40. Hello!
  41. Normal stool but soft at the end
  42. Feeding pork?
  43. My cat was really woried about temp food change
  44. Sensitive Stomach - Food Advice.
  45. Feeling Unlucky
  46. cat got eye scratched.
  47. 15 year old cat and weight loss
  48. Advice On "Royal Canin Vetinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response HF Cat Food" ?
  49. Favorite Food
  50. Flea prevention
  51. Bloodwork from neuter not so good.
  52. I Love My Feed Store
  53. Question about food rotation
  54. Non pĚtĚ, quality wet foods:
  55. Sudden Change in Eating Habits
  56. How long does wet cat food keep in the fridge?
  57. What medications, if any, do you give to your cat?
  58. Recovery time
  59. They didn't mention
  60. Best canned food out there
  61. Water Fountain...Worth it?
  62. How do you people stand it? shedding
  63. What's in catfood.
  64. Figuring our canned food
  65. Tips on how to clean the water tank for the Drinkwell Platinum?
  66. Can cats catch colds/the flu from you?
  67. Food for my outdoor kitty?
  68. Treatment for crystals- advise
  69. Squeek threw up this morning
  70. Teeth Cleaning
  71. Long story - need some advice
  72. How much kibble to feed if your feeding canned as well? Also a weight question
  73. Need Help with a recently spayed kitten!!
  74. Metacam
  75. are all can cat food (best ones) made by different ingredents?
  76. Very Very Worried
  77. How often should I brush my cat's teeth?
  78. Dental and Pain Meds
  79. Essential Oils
  80. Tuna juice
  81. Anybody live in the Cape Cod area?
  82. Trying Honest Kitchen food
  83. Third Eyelid
  84. Vaccines and indoor cats.
  85. how to preserve a stool sample?
  86. How long to give a new food?
  87. Any tricks for getting her to eat dry
  88. Teeth cleaning!
  89. Butter - yes, no, how much?
  90. best dry food?
  91. cat going blind
  92. I don't know who's ill!
  93. My ziggy is having bowel motility problems
  94. Looking for your thoughts....
  95. Poor, brave Caffrey
  96. Struvite Crystals
  97. new food for cat with loose stool
  98. Where to find lids for 13.2 oz cans?
  99. Cat Food Nutrition Calculator
  100. How much exercise?
  101. Is there an advantage to feeding a variety of canned foods?
  102. Worms!!!
  103. Help- Just diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  104. When is the right time for castration?
  105. Wheat grass
  106. Wysong food?
  107. careful w/your furminator-don't make my mistake
  108. Abdominal Distension
  109. Prescription food for UTI's
  110. Robin's not eating!
  111. Carb & Calorie
  112. Natural Balance Question
  113. Potassium
  114. 5,000 mile tune-up
  115. dental issues
  116. Help Me Find a Food?
  117. anyone who feeds lotus
  118. Are these good foods?
  119. Slight limp...
  120. Revolution Flea Medication
  121. Litter Robot - Does anyone have one?
  122. Hi and thank you for this forum - question about vaccines
  123. Catnip for hairball control?
  124. regular vs indoor cat food
  125. Sniffles
  126. Two Sick Kitties! :(
  127. Alternative treatments for Giardia - Do they exist?
  128. Is your cat eating healthier than you are??
  129. Best store bought food?
  130. Haws Syndrome
  131. recently diagnosed with kidney dysfunction
  132. Cat Litter - What kind do you use?
  133. Wow the largest kitty shelter I knew existed!
  134. Again with the puking
  135. Is only eating dry food a problem?
  136. Panic Eating
  137. Cat Baths
  138. Diarreah When Eating Canned
  139. Change in eating
  140. When is litter dirty?
  141. Which flea product has less side effects?
  142. Loose Stool...still
  143. Hello, everybody!
  144. How much should I feed my 9 month old kitten?
  145. Periodic dumping of litter?
  146. Need help finding a food
  147. Hello
  148. Opinions on these foods?
  149. help with nail trimming
  150. Nail Trimming?
  151. Cat litter?
  152. My kitten is getting huge!
  153. Do your cats ever eat fish flavoured wet food?
  154. Do cat whiskers fall out?
  155. cat with food allergy please advise
  156. Dramatic weight loss...?
  157. need suggestions and answers to whose cat has uti/bladder infection
  158. Introducing wet food
  159. Hello from Simi and I, please help.
  160. Cat flu?
  161. New to forum
  162. NOCal-Confirmed cat rabies after biting a human
  163. Calorie count and weight control
  164. Pet Insurance
  165. Sharkie's Gone Back To The Vet
  166. Fur hasn't grown back yet!
  167. Room Exposure to Feline Distemper
  168. Complementary wet foods with complete dry food?
  169. Hello! In need of help.
  170. My cat has an open sore on his back
  171. Still deliberating the expensive cat foods
  172. Temporary Home
  173. Tricks for the all the fur?
  174. Hi there!
  175. Didn't know Kittens had Baby Teeth
  176. ? about cat bowls/saucers
  177. Not Jumping Anymore
  178. Powdered Cellulose and Hairball Control?
  179. Leukeran from Canadian pharmacies?
  180. Performatrin Ultra
  181. Holly still has cold and diarrhea
  182. Gagging
  183. Cat has horrible back leg limp.
  184. Voice box damage
  185. Feeding multiple cats with different needs
  186. how much to feed
  187. Cat's nose is a little damp
  188. Hey everyone! Need a little help
  189. FIV Cats
  190. Is Abigail eating too much.
  191. pull top canned wet food
  192. feeding schedule ?'s
  193. freeze-dried treats?
  194. Sudden diarrhea problems
  195. Sharkie - Good News
  196. warm ears and head, no fever
  197. Good food in 3 oz can?
  198. Still Sneezing 10 days later
  199. Hairball food formula
  200. Minnie had a reaction to Frontline
  201. Force Feeding
  202. Feline immunodeficiency virus
  203. Taste of the Wild success
  204. no carrageenan, guar gum or xanthan gum.
  205. Lacey won't eat
  206. New kitty with Diarrhea
  207. Help with food pickiness
  208. Blood Filled Lump..
  209. Best cat litter you have found?
  210. Late with antibiotics dose?
  211. Food quirk
  212. We don't do cat food well
  213. Barnaby has a lump
  214. Gadget is officially a mouser
  215. Cat First Aid & CPR
  216. diet and supplements
  217. Lumpy the cat at 16lbs...
  218. My cat swallowed an earplug..
  219. Pia is vomiting
  220. New Microchip doesn't scan
  221. Help/tips for calming a stressed-out kitty?
  222. Leg wound from fight
  223. Repeat blockages
  224. Cat vomiting after every meal
  225. Cat with chronic stomatitis
  226. Chester's eye is watery and squinty
  227. Confused about grain free cat food
  228. Cat with breathing problems..advice..
  229. Hello from New York
  230. Poor little Shadow has surgery today...
  231. cat farts and they stink!!
  232. Blood in stool, Reading lower GI X-Rays
  233. Giardia :-(
  234. How long can canned food sit out?
  235. more wet food brands
  236. new kitty is obese
  237. Cat's nose has dried wet to clean?
  238. Tutu has a lump :(
  239. Fleas?!
  240. Hemolytic anemia, not responding to meds
  241. Honest Kitchen Prowl Cat Food
  242. Won't Eat
  243. Introducing myself
  244. 8 year old cat peeing everywhere PLEASE HELP!! :(
  245. Heart Disease & Hyperthyroid
  246. Long travel moving trip help?
  247. FDA pet food recalls
  248. Satisfaction...
  249. Sick kitties
  250. Chronic Pancreatitis