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Health and Nutrition

  1. Should a cat shed all the time?
  2. Kittens losing teeth
  3. Can someone help me with L-lysine capsule ingredient
  4. Best Natural Cat Litter??
  5. Weird dry scabs/sores
  6. How long does it take a kitten to get used to new food? Please help!
  7. Haircut
  8. World's Best bag size change
  9. Litterbox suggestions?
  10. new to the forum
  11. He ate my hair ties ....
  12. Sandy's 3 cats
  13. Fancy feast elegant medleys
  14. Supplements
  15. My cat got bit by some animal
  16. Kitty using the toilet
  17. new kitty owner needs help
  18. Hey....My names is Shelly
  19. Checkup time!
  20. Seizures
  21. Cruciate ligament op
  22. Newbie with sick cat
  23. Vomiting and lack of energy
  24. How much is too much?
  25. grrrrrrrrrr cat is obsessed with food. venting.
  26. On and off diarrhea
  27. Bowels
  28. Winter What do you do to keep your pet warm?
  29. cat flu and lysine help
  30. Dandelion root for benign skin lumps
  31. Smokey's sick!
  32. To Vet or not To Vet
  33. Help!
  34. Hello
  35. I'm so worried :( Urinary Tract help!
  36. Poinsettias?
  37. KIDNEY DISEASE UPDATE full recovery!!!!
  38. Soft stool question.
  39. Experiment with treats and allergy?
  40. Cat constantly going to litter box
  41. I can't get ear drops in my cat's ears!
  42. *Wellness Core Indoor vs Blue Buffalo Wilderness Indoor
  43. Sophia's mouth sores
  44. My cat may be ill
  45. Storing canned cat food
  46. UGH!! 8 week old kittens and FLEAS!
  47. Hello from AZ
  48. Cat wipes.
  49. How Often Do You Clean The Litterbox?
  50. Ruthanne
  51. turkey carcass
  52. hello
  53. Figuring out my cat's history...
  54. Electrocuted from biting cord
  55. Cat not cleaning hersel
  56. Wet food questions- Wellness, Merrick
  57. Wet Food Question
  58. Chester is sneezing and coughing(?)
  59. Update on Charlie and Rosie
  60. Need non-pate recommendations for sensitive bellies!
  61. Binky has a bald spot...
  62. Hey! I am new and have questions!
  63. Texture of different cat foods resource
  64. Food Rotations? Many-protein diets? Single-protein diets?
  65. Hello!
  66. Throwing up after eating beef
  67. Rant About Our Vet Visit Today...
  68. O.K it's official:
  69. Good News
  70. Giving into cat pickiness
  71. New Cat Mom- Need Advice on Litter and Food
  72. Mushy Poop
  73. Crystals in urine
  74. picky kitty
  75. Teeth brushing
  76. Ear mites
  77. How do cats react to a change from wet to dry?
  78. What do you all think of this?
  79. How to give a skittish cat eye medicine
  80. Cat has kidney disease. HELP!!
  81. ET's weight
  82. How should I properly treat Fleas
  83. Colds and Flu
  84. Well that was gross
  85. Cat nutrition confussion.. Wet & Dry
  86. Deaf Kitten - issues
  87. My cat is vomiting
  88. How much to feed my growing kittens?
  89. fun/special treats for cats!
  90. Roast Potatoes?
  91. How often to you take your cat to the vet?
  92. Please help.. kitten allergies?
  93. Hairball help
  94. Greens
  95. Cat Asthma? Does anyone have any experience?
  96. Does this brand of food sound OK?
  97. Feline Acne.. A right pain in the...
  98. Spaying Kitten
  99. What Lily eats
  100. Need Advice: My Obese Cat
  101. Treating T. Foetus
  102. Hairball stuck I think?
  103. Vaccinations.. What is your opinion?
  104. Desperately seeking advice
  105. when to let go
  106. Long Hair Cat Maintainence
  107. Stud Tail?
  108. Opinions on Tiki Cat brand food?
  109. Email From Evo Rep
  110. Lazy eye...
  111. Third eyelid showing? Update.
  112. My kittens ear,bald patches and dry spots
  113. licking condensation
  114. 3-year old cat with kidney disease??
  115. New Cats in the Kitchen and BFF foods
  116. the 'P' word
  117. IBD: Atopica and Corn food
  118. Dry food vs Wet food
  119. Drontal
  120. Adult food
  121. Lili's Lab Results
  122. Blood in stool/worms
  123. Is 3 foods enough?
  124. Is this cat fat?
  125. Butt scooting...
  126. Kitten Sniffles
  127. Overweight Cat (12 lb)
  128. New Kitten with Diarrhea Need Advice
  129. diet for hyperthyroid
  130. Cat came home from vets with tube still in paw?
  131. My cat smells
  132. Feline Leukemia - is there hope?
  133. ear mites
  134. Help with meal feedings
  135. kitten getting beefier in rear, but skinny infront
  136. Young Oriental Cat with High ALT Bloodwork Results
  137. Lab results on an 11 year old ex-feral
  138. Persistent diarrhea
  139. Bear Bear is getting the snip snip...
  140. Anesthesia
  141. Hairball Relief digestive aid
  142. Cat W/Seasonal Allergies
  143. Household cleaners
  144. Snappy Tom Anyone?
  145. Cat nip for indigestion!
  146. white flakes behind ear?
  147. Drinking a lot
  148. How much to feed
  149. Sadie has a small lump on the back of her head
  150. Any tips for a small cute kitten with a big smelly problem? (flatulence)
  151. Can cats have allergies?
  152. How many calories for an 8 pound cat?
  153. MowMow's blood test results.
  154. normal stool with small amount of soft green stools?
  155. My cat is being euthanised on Monday. I need some help dealing with these emotions
  156. Greens
  157. Hyperthyroidism
  158. Fleas again!?
  159. FIV test?
  160. Bloodwork at the Back
  161. Coughing Cats
  162. He ate a string...
  163. Fish based foods
  164. a sneezing kitty
  165. Kidney stones?
  166. Youre cats Weight...
  167. Administering Meds Alone?
  168. Vet reccomends vaccines and dental cleaning
  169. UTI or Cystitis?
  170. Vomit
  171. Fleas Now?
  172. Cleaning ears from mites/infection
  173. Smudge has lung worm
  174. New here... Need help!!!
  175. An interesting observation
  176. Lab results from Star's pre-anesthesia blood work
  177. Why is it legal to be this misleading on food?
  178. Worms and cat litter
  179. Can I get some recommendations for dry cat food?
  180. Hope someone knows what I'm talking about
  181. Very sick kitty
  182. Older cat sudden equilibrium problem
  183. Cat laying in litterbox
  184. Dry food or not the best moist food
  185. When do you go to the vet?
  186. Hello. I adopted a male stray kitten.... please advise
  187. Can't tell if she's been spayed?
  188. Vertigo?
  189. Need Help: Lesion?
  190. Help with small underweight kitten!!!
  191. dog treat recall
  192. Please help! Spock's vomit has a little blood...
  193. Cat Diarrhea Issue, Vet Visit, and Medications.
  194. Puke after breakfast this morning
  195. how long open canned food last unrefrigerated?
  196. Odor Control Products?
  197. Still not quite...
  198. Puke, puke, and more puke
  199. poor Ben :-(
  200. Feeding amounts
  201. Need help with a good diet plan
  202. Should I get kitten tested for FIV/FeLV?
  203. Can my kitten get fat?
  204. Smudge came home last night
  205. Graphic Question (itchy cat)
  206. Lack of Grooming (Odor probs)
  207. What anti-hairball remedy do you recommend?
  208. Smudge is being spayed
  209. Bloodwork Results - Startling Surprise!
  210. On The Mend; A Few More Q's for You Fine Folk
  211. Fhs
  212. What is this sound he's making??
  213. Oliver and Water/Wet Food
  214. Color changing kitty?
  215. Why's my cat so hungry?!
  216. Issues with switching wet foods
  217. My Cat has a Serious Food Fetish
  218. My 2 year old just got his boosters should he be tired?
  219. Fleas Fleas Fleas HELP!
  220. Mitzi's just eaten a COOKED rib bone! Help!
  221. Allergies - Something I've been worried about
  222. Should I feed him More?
  223. New Cat and Eating
  224. Problems with deciduous teeth
  225. First Aid Kit for Cats
  226. Choice is between these two foods
  227. Are wisteria and trumpet vines poisonous?
  228. Thoughts on types of canned food.
  229. FeLV & URI
  230. Wellness core help
  231. advice for polly?
  232. Need Help:1 yr. old cat with Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis
  233. Mr. McSmeffrey is vomiting red
  234. Fussy cat losing weight :(
  235. Stopped drinking CET Dental Rinse ? sneezing, lip-licking, pawing...??
  236. Kitten bottom issues
  237. Not sure how frequently and how much to feed
  238. Pellet poops!
  239. So I got a few cans of expired cat food, still safe to feed?
  240. Fancy Feast
  241. New Kitten - FIV issues?
  242. Heartworm preventatives?
  243. I'm having lots of problems switching kitty from kibble to wet food.
  244. Best online stores to buy canned cat food?
  245. How much do you pay for vaccines?
  246. Does Cats fur protect them from bee stings?
  247. Weaning question
  248. Just a couple questions.
  249. What To Feed a Kitty With Hyperthyroidism?
  250. Need Your Experiences! Antibiotics Causing Cat to Fear Litterbox?!