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Health and Nutrition

  1. procedure for getting a lump checked out? (felt on side of chest)
  2. Cannot find Wellness Core 12oz cans anywhere :(
  3. Upper Resp. Problems 6 months - Advice? Thoughts?
  4. how long do cats survive seizures?
  5. The kitten needs more food. Give me suggestions!
  6. Fading Kitten Syndrome
  7. Possible stomatitis with teeth extraction
  8. How long would you leave out wet food?
  9. Kidney failure - how to know last stages
  10. Cat mites and Cheyletiella mites
  11. Constipation?
  12. How do you weigh kitties?
  13. Good thoughts needed
  14. Looking for alternative for RX foods
  15. Made a Bad(?) Decision
  16. Strange behavior- please help!
  17. Very Itchy Cat
  18. fiber??
  19. Wet/Dry Combination
  20. Holistic vet for feline asthma?
  21. Should I eventually switch food?
  22. Wet food question
  23. no poop but noyt straining either for 3 1/2 days...
  24. Tips for lime sulfur dipping? Cats with ringworm
  25. Weight Loss driving me NUTS!
  26. Amazing - bladder stones disappeared!
  27. concerned about kittens diahorrea
  28. Question afbout Flagyl
  29. Older cat (15) blood in urine
  30. Kitten Has Worms and I'm Worried
  31. anyone ever manually extracted feces themselves?
  32. Petcurean is removing carrageenan!
  33. I was the coupon queen at Petco today!
  34. Inflammatory bowel disease
  35. Wellness Core food questions/concerns
  36. Which wet food is best for urinary issues?
  37. Food and claw question
  38. Anyone have a cat with helicobacter?
  39. Colon day/chat!
  40. How to Clean a Cat?
  41. Adopting a nursing Mom and her baby
  42. Feliway Diffuser
  43. Thoughts on Earthborn Holistic?
  44. They aren't wanting to eat.....
  45. Cat neutered-how do I know if stitches are ok?
  46. measuring out big cans
  47. Fleas while on Revolution?!
  48. Angry with vet... am I being unfair??
  49. Is adult food okay for kittens?
  50. Kitten with loose stool?
  51. How much to feed a kitten?
  52. Food consumption in nursing mother
  53. Kitty Water Fountains
  54. Energel vs Nutri-Cal
  55. Can I feed this to my cat and just add Taurine? -Merrick 96% B.G. Chicken DOG formula
  56. please help
  57. There is just something about kitten bottle babies!
  58. Food issues. Adult vs. Kitten
  59. Ordering next batch of kitten milk, which brand?
  60. Vomiting from eating part of a toy streamer!
  61. What is it with the pet food industry??
  62. Is this enough food per day for kitten?
  63. Cat keeps licking mouth - seems uncomfortable
  64. Elderly CRF/CKD Cat - Constipation - When To Panic?
  65. Incontinence due to spinal cord injury
  66. Newly adopted & neutered cat has diarrhea
  67. Probitics, how long does it take to "kick in"?
  68. Best wet food quality and taste wise?
  69. Reputable uk food companies? X
  70. Cat litter curious
  71. 2nd visit to vets
  72. A-walk...
  73. Ping Pong Ball urine clump inside the litter box Has this ever happened to you?
  74. Wellness Checks - How often?
  75. Question about canned food
  76. Probiotics-- any good brands?
  77. How to store large bag of kibbles
  78. Health dangers from playing with my icky shoe?
  79. Necessary to have multiple litter boxes?
  80. Constipated Kitten
  81. Feeding Schedule
  82. Post neuter care?
  83. Anal glands
  84. Food advice for 3 cats
  85. Very bad breath and heart murmur
  86. Fat Cat's nether regions... Some clarification would be wonderful.
  87. pet value alternative?
  88. Cat ate Fig Newtons
  89. They don't like the EVO....
  90. Weaning kittens from wet food to dry?
  91. Terrible news...I am so sad & heartbroken.
  92. Pet food barcodes
  93. Adult coat
  94. If you buy EVO Wild Cravings, you're overpaying...
  95. what do you think of BFF brand canned food?
  96. Best bang for your buck foods?
  97. Please help. Syringe feeding my cat.
  98. kitten size + food question
  99. Chronic Upper Resp. Infection? Or something more?
  100. Kitty diarrhea
  101. Meow Mix...
  102. Did they try to spay my male cat???
  103. Small-cell lymphoma diagnosis
  104. Small stray cat, mad and failing to thrive
  105. Got a 2 week old kitten...
  106. Too much of a good thing?
  107. Puked after canned food this morning ???
  108. Friskies or 9 Lives 13oz cans
  109. Feeding 4 cats a mix of dry, canned and water
  110. Fostering nursing mother cat
  111. Vitamins?
  112. Best price for non-chicken or beef food?
  113. My Rudy is sick again.. Or still.. Help?
  114. Urinary Health Diet
  115. Picky kitty doesn't like the treats?
  116. Litter box problems... probably related to CRF
  117. Fat Cat
  118. Fat cats and diets
  119. Feeding schedule question
  120. My cat has cancer...
  121. Blind as a... Cat?
  122. automatic feeder recommendations?
  123. How/where do you buy your canned food?
  124. Greenery for indoor cats
  125. found a cheaper place to buy earthborn
  126. Spaying/neutering a flat-faced breed and small cats
  127. Tiny kitty, HUGE appetite
  128. URI, kidney problems... HELP!
  129. Feline Interstitial Cystitis
  130. Kitten cat vs Cat food
  131. Monthly food costs
  132. Is this cat food any good?
  133. Cat is eating Kitten's food
  134. If you don't want to buy a dehydrator...
  135. Molar fell out - mouth otherwise quite healthy :-(
  136. When to spay?
  137. Been 3 yrs and I still feel sick with guilt. '-(
  138. Kittens Toothpaste?
  139. spaying and neutering
  140. Nature's Variety Instinct - Beef
  141. FVRCP - Kitten
  142. cat and bird
  143. May I make a suggestion?
  144. Pill Pockets?
  145. My cat's serious issues
  146. Expiry Date on cat food?
  147. Nasty Breath
  148. question about leaving water out for the cat
  149. working in a rescue cattery - concern's
  150. How much should I feed my cat?
  151. Scrambled Eggs for kittens?
  152. Hannah taste tests Felidae, Pinnacle, Fromm, and Ziwi Peak
  153. Presciption savings card for Arizona pet meds
  154. Slight limp in cat
  155. fish oil supplements
  156. Learning all I can.
  157. What's the problem with dried food?
  158. Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate
  159. Ramona is very sick. Advice would be appreciated.
  160. Wysong epigen
  161. Things I noticed about the new kitten
  162. Earthborn Holistic¯ Primitive Feline Dry Food
  163. Clipping Nails
  164. First trip to vet... Confused and annoyed?
  165. help reading bloodwork results?
  166. Help for my little teether...
  167. Kidney Disease...What food is good?
  168. Best brand of cat food in uk?
  169. How far is too far during playtime?
  170. kittens-kitten food vs. cat food?
  171. Am I feeding her enough?
  172. FIV positive cat - Need advice
  173. Meet Mishka & Leo -> Mishka's Currently on Prescription Diet for Bowel Issues...
  174. Kibble difficulty - need a grain free, chicken & duck free kibble
  175. Can I treat a pregnant cat for worms?
  176. Heart murmur
  177. CKD To ESRD
  178. early kidney issues - advice
  179. Weruva - prices
  180. Healthy Wet Food Alternatives
  181. How much milk?
  182. What is one of the better cheap wet foods?
  183. Question about hairballs
  184. pain and difficulty in litter box/ please help me figure this out
  185. Last ditch attempt at saving our cat's life
  186. Estimating a cats age
  187. pancake of wet food left on plate
  188. Food rotation frequency
  189. kitten making strange noises
  190. Introducing orphan to nursing momma
  191. More on Jasper and Peppermint
  192. Runny poop and bathroom problems -- Ideas?
  193. To the poster running the cat food taste test - Evo
  194. Hair loss and dirty ears
  195. Found Stray: illness? Strange wheezing/non-hostile hissing?
  196. "Natural Planet" wet food, new organic brand?
  197. Couldn't draw blood for test
  198. do calories matter?
  199. Cat Epilepsy
  200. China refuses FDA sample testing
  201. Indoor Cat Suddenly Sneezing
  202. B-12 Injectable
  203. Ginger's Weight Loss Journey (or, The Most Stubborn 3 Pounds Ever)
  204. Advice needed on 19 yr old cat
  205. Went to the vet Update
  206. Bonito flakes pricing
  207. Both cats have red gum line? :(
  208. Time for an awkward conversation with the vet!
  209. Elderly cat with CRF, other issues - need advice
  210. Two food questions
  211. colitis
  212. Best veterinarians-North Las Vegas
  213. Hannah taste tests EVO, Blue Freedom and HALO Pate
  214. Revolution burned my cat :(
  215. Just Found Out Cat Has Kidney Failure/CRF - What To Do?
  216. if your kitty is on Norvasc (amlodipine)
  217. could he have allergies?
  218. Variety of brands = loose stools??
  219. Prozac effects
  220. UTI symptoms and then nothing???
  221. Kitten with bloody mucus at the end of stool
  222. my cat lost his voice
  223. Anti insect collars/repellant?
  224. swiffer wet cloths affectiing cat' health?
  225. Tuna/Chicken as treat?
  226. Hound & Gatos Wet Food
  227. Vaccinations
  228. Adult vs. Kitten food
  229. not eating like he was
  230. Getting cat to eat fish oil...
  231. Rhinotracheitis... any experiences? guidance needed
  232. Question about a small injury above my Metoo's eye
  233. Going to the vet next tuesday
  234. Caring for a heart murmur in new cat?
  235. How to get Evo if you live in Canada?
  236. Minimum calorie requirements?
  237. Problem with kitten paw
  238. when to lower food % from kitten to cat
  239. Affordable grain free foods?
  240. Help for chubby cat!
  241. Question about Boos health
  242. teeth cleaning
  243. how to hold a cat ex feral to give tick meds
  244. Vaccinations
  245. speaking of ingredients, what about salt?
  246. Carrageenan everywhere
  247. Flea allergies. Help.
  248. RedMoon cat food anyone?
  249. New wellness core formulas (wet)
  250. Help calm my mind?