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Health and Nutrition

  1. Help calm my mind?
  2. Pooping outside of box
  3. Advice for Reoccurring Cystitis
  4. Assurity Topical Flea Treatment
  5. Good wet food for adults and kittens?
  6. urinating..
  7. Highest protein, lowest carb canned?
  8. Seeking advice re: older cats
  9. Anemia and blood parasite: how long before your cat got better?
  10. Fleas! Uggghhh
  11. Cats hyperactive after neutering
  12. Changing between flavors of the same brand?
  13. Probiotic help please
  14. Supplements for recovering cats?
  15. Alternatives to "a/d Prescription Diet"?
  16. Skin problem or is it nothing?
  17. hypertensive cats
  18. Stainless steel bowl recall due to radioactive material: Petco
  19. Flavor enhancer for cat's meals?
  20. Here I Go Again - Sick Kitty
  21. Loss of balance after steroid shot??
  22. running into a serious lack of wet food options
  23. very confused about type of worm?
  24. Gum disease - need nutritious, creamy foods
  25. Very worried!!!
  26. Cat vomiting clear liquid
  27. Fluid Intake/Output
  28. Canned vs raw with constipation/anal gland issues
  29. Ear Mites
  30. Messy eater help please.......
  31. I really don't know how this happened!
  32. How much water should A cat be consuming per day?
  33. Why canned food?
  34. lactose-free milk
  35. Does it matter where you buy Advantage?
  36. What could be wrong with him? Quick help appreciated!
  37. Can cats get a flu or stomach bug?
  38. Putting weight ON a cat?
  39. dry kibble for cats & kittens?
  40. Will his fur ever grow back?
  41. Poor Lickorish, she has asthma
  42. 2nd UTI in 5 months
  43. different pupil sizes
  44. kitten has level 4 heart murmur
  45. Cat Lover from SW Virginia
  46. My Kitten, is this normal?
  47. Older cat loosing weight
  48. Vitakitty treat recall
  49. Fractured tooth urgent advice needed
  50. rutroh. Tutu has a cavity... what to do now?
  51. Cat's got an issue with her dry food
  52. spot under siamese nose
  53. Contagiousness of pink eye in cats
  54. Catswell Treat Recall
  55. How to get rid of flakes?
  56. Sneezing and weezing
  57. Willie's got a lump
  58. Special food for urinary problems
  59. Razzle
  60. My poor Chloe!
  61. Poor Vinnie.
  62. Food allergies & cooking
  63. Project Catsnip, experiences?
  64. How do you clip nails?
  65. Which brand of monthly flea treatment?
  66. Force feeding and how much
  67. Learn from my mistake... string is dangerous!
  68. Cat milk?
  69. 12 year old with diarrhea/loose stool
  70. Help! Cat with fever!
  71. kitten with calici and littermates.
  72. Asthma?
  73. We Almost Lost Sasha this Morning
  74. choosing the right vet
  75. My new kitty has CKD
  76. Kidney food
  77. Diabetes and kidney problems
  78. Allergic to Wellness??
  79. Looking for a small slow bowl feeder
  80. First day of diaresis for Razzle
  81. One Beyond?
  82. Lickorish it cough or hairball?
  83. Different Eating Habits
  84. Keeping a bandage on
  85. Ear Cleaning
  86. nature's variety uses rabbit from China
  87. treats that don't have chicken in them?
  88. My cats hate wet
  89. Kitten With Persistent Loose Stool?
  90. teeth cleaning
  91. Salavating
  92. New and in Need of Help
  93. New Member - hepatic lipidosis issue
  94. Mr. Maxwell's Kitty Acne
  95. My cat got a cut... how do I help her heal?
  96. New kitten owner needs urgent help
  97. Passive, continuous watering system for kitty?
  98. Blood work bad
  99. Breathing in DE Diatomaceous Earth
  100. Lickorish has conjunctivitis
  101. Please Help With Diagnosis
  102. Cat Food Suggestions?
  103. Feeling Helpless - IBD Help
  104. Found a tick!
  105. How much drinking and urinating is considered normal?
  106. Is she crying, or is something wrong with her eye?
  107. Picky Eater Tip
  108. higher protein foods on a budget
  109. eye problem, questionable diagnosis
  110. Cat scratching at her ears more than normal
  111. Can't get cats to take fish oil supplements
  112. Dry Food Ingredient question
  113. How smelly is "too smelly" for cat poop?
  114. Flea and Worm help!!
  115. Fancy Feast
  116. Food Debate [sorry]
  117. Is diarrhea ever just diarrhea? [gross]
  118. Flies all over the feral's food?
  119. Fostering a sick bottle baby... hardest thing ever!
  120. Someone tell me if her gum is normal...?
  121. When to cut back kittens' food?
  122. Canyon Creek Ranch new cat food?
  123. Is it normal for a cat to be this small?
  124. My cat has been scratching himself so much that he bleeds!
  125. Anemia
  126. Fat Cats and Food?
  127. Really irritated with a "veterinarian" right now...
  128. Can I get your opinion on this food?
  129. Checking a "stray" cat for a spay scar
  130. ERRRGH topical flea treatment question...
  131. Ants....
  132. Litter types. Are there ways to "de-dust" clumping brands?
  133. Table scraps
  134. What to expect at euthanasia?
  135. Persistent diarrhea -- how can I help her?
  136. suspicious cat food ad on craig's list
  137. Vetri-Lysine Plus Cat Treats
  138. Thoughts on cat wipes?
  139. Vomiting Frequently after Eating
  140. Are we heading for a Blue Buf Recall?
  141. Pet Insurance?
  142. Fish Flavored Cat foods....
  143. food snob?
  144. Ants & the food dishes
  145. Thoughts on made in Thailand?
  146. My cat hit her face and now her eye looks a bit swollen and red, help?
  147. Still struggling with cat food ingredients?
  148. insulin question
  149. He's not eatting
  150. Getting my cat spayed; what should I expect/be ready for?
  151. My Sneezy Kitten
  152. Have you heard of these symptoms? I'm worried.
  153. Worming my kittens...
  154. Appetite, "junk food", and amount?
  155. Ringworm update
  156. Help! What to feed 4 month old kitten
  157. Cutting Down Food intake advise
  158. Persian acts like he's in pain
  159. How often does your cat scoot?
  160. Need advice on calorie amount for spayed 10 y/o
  161. Licked off 50% of his fur
  162. Teeth need to be pulled... What to expect?
  163. 3 Year Old Cat Has Stopped Eating
  164. FeLV and a new friend
  165. How big will she get?
  166. Appetite Increase
  167. Diabetic supplies
  168. Fur missing on cat's toe, what to do?
  169. Here's a pic of my cat's horned pad - what should I do?
  170. Cheshire had a seizure :(
  171. HELP! I think my cat licked Liquid Plumber
  172. Cat Treats...
  173. How can canned food be left out?
  174. Evo Cat and Kitten...
  175. Peanut Butter
  176. Concern about 9 wk Kitten with Fever
  177. Constipation -
  178. Nature's Guardian?
  179. Canned Cat Food and Pooping
  180. Kitty feeding advice
  181. Kittens and Wet Food amounts?
  182. Cat with Asthma
  183. Ringworm (yuck) advice?
  184. Worried about kitten with URI
  185. Kitty grass??
  186. Should I Be Worried?
  187. Free Fromm dry food
  188. Growth question?
  189. Peanut's Poop has really started to stink....
  190. Something's up with Logan...maybe...
  191. OTC meds
  192. Easy Defense Flea and Tick Tag
  193. ** urgent ** Hi peeps, new to forum with handsome but sick cat.. bad vets in area
  194. veterinary partner
  195. fur was ripped off....
  196. New Siamese kitten, Innova, and runny stools
  197. Teeth cleaning?
  198. Why is Fred fat!?
  199. Kitten Food Help
  200. Feline Leukemia test and vaccines?
  201. now he wont go back to Patte...
  202. The "Get Io off the Friskies" Food adventure
  203. Could this be a stroke or something else?
  204. My Cats poo can clear the apt out.
  205. Cat Food Coupons...
  206. Sick 7 Week Old Kitten! :( Any Advice? Please!
  207. What to feed new kitten?
  208. found 2 stray kittens, worried about FeLV and other diseases for my cats!!
  209. real food for healthy cats
  210. Question About Weaning -
  211. oregano oil for gum disease
  212. does anyone else have a problem with fish weruva?
  213. ? for Mitts & Tess re. "Spirit Essences"
  214. Need your help please.
  215. How much should a kitten eat in a day??
  216. Kitten food -
  217. The nail trimming battle, how to win the war?
  218. Molly -
  219. Addiction cat food
  220. Help with new kitten!!!
  221. Fel-V Vaccine and Pet Insurance
  222. Rabies shot reaction !
  223. Throwing Up Foam
  224. 10 year old cat not eating - tooth related issue
  225. xtreme taxidermy-freeze drying pets
  226. Feral cat loosing weight
  227. ascites in casper
  228. Coughing Cat
  229. what is the deal with blue buffalo?
  230. Fifi is very sick
  231. Liquid Meds
  232. Help/Advice/Hand holding required for rescue baby kitten, please
  233. Lucky Food Find?
  234. Litter woes
  235. Fleas :-(
  236. hoping to bring my poorly baby home today
  237. Had to make a hard choice...
  238. Skinny kitty!
  239. 8 weeks old, drags bum on ground
  240. Mack Meows in the Litter box...
  241. Scabs?
  242. other sources of fiber beside canned pumpkin?
  243. What are some good kitty food brands?
  244. Small stomache?
  245. Peanut doesn't have much of an appetite...
  246. Finally made the switch to grain-free!
  247. Rabies Vaccines or not?
  248. Not so new kitten
  249. Stinky bottoms?
  250. yummy chummies